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Elder Ye is the director of Tian Lu Academy! Chu Liuyue stared at him in shock.

This old and unkempt wore man tattered cotton clothes all year round.

She wouldnt believe his true identity if she didnt see this with her own eyes!

Chu Liuyue couldnt help but recall their previous few meetings.

Elder Ye had clung to her, pestered her, and begged her to let him watch her brew the medicine.

Her emotions became more complicated. The most powerful person in Tian Lu Academy was right in front of me this whole time!

Elder Ye looked serious, which was unlike his usual demeanor.

His finger continued to move along the page, and another name appeared on the page—Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue realized that her name was in red, the same color as the academys teachers.

After that, a small line of words appeared below her name.

Cultivation discipline—heavenly doctor, Xuan Master, warrior!

Most students chose to focus on only one discipline due to the limitations of their talent, but Chu Liuyue was different.

Elder Ye knew very well that her talent might be stronger than he thought, so he simply wrote down all three disciplines for her.

This would also make things easier in the future.

After he wrote the last word, a golden ray of light shot out from Elder Yes name and merged with the nameplate on Chu Liuyues left chest.

“Each students nameplate contains their teachers power, which can be used to identify themselves.

In times of distress, this power can also be used as a trump card!” explained Elder Ye as he let go.

The pages turned slowly and closed automatically.

Then, he returned it to the teacher, who had given him the book earlier.

“Alright! We have registered your name.

From now on, you will truly be known as my disciple, and I as your master!” Elder Ye felt emotional as he glanced at Chu Liuyue.

He was unable to contain his excitement.

Although Chu Liuyue had already offered him tea, the formality had taken place between the two of them only.

Nobody else had knowledge of their relationship.

With both of our names now written on the academys roster, everything will be different! In the future, everyone will know that Chu Liuyue is my disciple! Elder Yes heart filled with joy at this thought.

He has lived most of his life.

Many had advised him to take on a disciple, but he found it troublesome.

Thus, he refused.

He finally found one that caught his eye.

On top of that, she was a once-in-a-century rare genius that put the rest of the teachers disciples to shame! How could he not be happy

“Come, come! I havent seen you for so long.

There is much I have to say to you!” Once the official business had been concluded, Elder Ye immediately left with Chu Liuyue, leaving behind Sun Zhongyan and the others to stare at each other.

There was a long silence in Peach Garden before a helpless laugh erupted.

“To think that we have been vying for so long.

In the end, it turns out that she has been the directors disciple all along!”

Elder Ye originally wanted to bring her back to his quarters.

However, he suddenly remembered it probably hadnt been cleaned because he had been away from the academy for a long time.

Finally, he followed Chu Liuyue back to her lodgings.

Fortunately, most of the students in the academy had already started their classes or cultivation at this time.

Thus, they didnt run into anyone on their way back.

As soon as they entered the house, Elder Ye promptly opened his mouth and asked, “Girl, if you wanted to come to the academy, why didnt you tell me sooner I could have saved you the trouble of taking three different examinations! I also heard that you participated in the mid-term assessments a few days ago.

Did anyone give you a hard time You can tell me.

Ill definitely help you out!”

He talked profusely without pausing for a breath.

On the other hand, Chu Liuyue took her time to pour him a cup of tea.

“Please, slow down; theres no rush.”

Elder Ye finally took a break and stopped to drink his tea.

Chu Liuyue then briefly told him about the events that had occurred during his period of absence.

Elder Ye had already sporadically heard some rumors before, but he only completely understood what had happened after hearing Chu Liuyues account.

“… So much has happened during this period of time! Girl, didnt you say that youll come to me if you get into trouble As your master, I didnt even help a bit…” Elder Ye was filled with guilt.

In his opinion, Chu Liuyue was still a child.

He wondered how many hurdles she had to overcome when she went against the Chu family and the Crown Prince.

Chu Liuyue didnt seem to mind at all.

She laughed and jokingly said, “I didnt know your true identity at that time.

I would have looked for you if I did.”

Her words only embarrassed Elder Ye even more.

“It was negligence on my part as your master…” He was a free-spirited man, and he never liked to deal with the academys matters.

He usually left the mundane stuff to Sun Zhongyan and the others.

Although he was the designated director, he had been running around all these years, so not many people had actually met him.

He, too, would forget his identity very often.

“However, you need not worry.

Everything is fine now, isnt it” said Chu Liuyue.

Elder Yes expression became serious as he shook his head.

“Girl, you have no idea.

The Crown Prince can be excessively mean and narrow-minded.

Your achievements to date have caused him to lose face.

He definitely wont let this go…”


Before Elder Ye could finish, they heard a buzzing sound coming from outside.

The two of them looked out in unison but saw nothing.

Nevertheless, Elder Ye didnt seem to relax.

Instead, his frown deepened.

He stood up immediately.

“Girl, theres something I need to attend to.

Im leaving.

Ill see you next time!” With that, he shifted his feet and quickly disappeared.

Chu Liuyue looked in the direction he left in and shifted her gaze slightly.

Not far away, the magnificent and majestic Jiuyou Tower stood in silence.

That strange noise earlier… seems to be coming from there! However, it is a very faint fluctuation.

An ordinary person wont notice it.

She was able to detect it because she was very sensitive to the Heaven and Earth Forces transformations.

Although she hadnt fully recovered her strength from her last life, her strong perception still remained. If I remember correctly, Jiuyou Tower is the Tian Lu Academys…

Knock, knock…

A knock on the door interrupted Chu Liuyues thoughts.

“Who is it” she asked as she went to open the door.

A familiar face stood outside the doorway.

Chu Liuyue was puzzled.

“Si Ting What are you doing here”

Si Ting was stunned.

He didnt expect her to come so fast.

Nevertheless, he quickly came to his senses.

“Youve already chosen your teacher”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

Si Ting paused but didnt ask which teacher she had chosen.

“There is a meditation class this morning.


Dongfang wants me to see how you are doing.”

“Meditation class” Chu Liuyue was confused.

Si Ting explained, “While most of a Xuan Masters training is done independently, we do have to attend a shared class, which is taught by Mr.


It finally dawned on Chu Liuyue that Si Ting was here to bring her to class.

She scrutinized him and couldnt help herself from messing with him.

“The teacher actually sent you here for such a trivial matter”

Si Ting shifted his gaze away.

The expression on his handsome and smart face remained neutral.

“Its just that I was the only one available because I had cracked the first level.

If youre done unpacking, please come with me.”

Chu Liuyue followed him to their class without asking further questions.


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