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Everyone was dumbfounded.

Has Chu Liuyue… unraveled the first Xuan formation It looks a little too easy for her.

If they remembered correctly, only one hour had passed since she came in, yet she had actually cracked the first formation right after Gu Mingzhu!

No, she had obviously cracked it already, but she was waiting for Gu Mingzhu!

Gu Mingzhus smug smile froze on her face.

Her eyes widened slowly, and she glared at the chessboard in front of Chu Liuyue.

“Y-You have unraveled the first level too”

Chu Liuyue was nonchalant.

“Isnt it obvious”

Gu Mingzhu felt her mind going blank.

She became confused as she looked at the indifference on Chu Liuyues face.

How is this possible This is a complicated Xuan formation.

One wont be able to unravel it so easily if one isnt capable!

When Gu Mingzhu said that it was a simple formation, it was a deliberate exaggeration on her part to mock Chu Liuyue.

If it really were that easy, the dozen students in the room wouldnt have to rack their brains for so long and think so hard about it!

However, this Xuan formation didnt seem to be a problem to Chu Liuyue at all…

“Chu Liuyue is too good, isnt she She had already unlocked the formation! Didnt she come in not too long ago”

“Although Gu Mingzhu was one step before her, upon careful calculation, Chu Liuyue clearly solved it in a much shorter time!”

“Hey, cant you guys see that Chu Liuyue had already thought of an answer to the Xuan formation and was apparently waiting for Gu Mingzhu I think Gu Mingzhu is going to be slower in cracking the second formation.”

“Tsk tsk.

Rumor has it that she used to be a loser.

How did she turn out to be this good in the blink of an eye Compared to Si Ting, her talent may even be on par with his!”

The whispers from the surrounding students reached Gu Mingzhus ears.

Her face paled.

“Carry on!” She was used to being proud as the Second Gu Missy.

How could she admit defeat now

Chu Liuyue remained unconcerned as she directed her focus back to the chessboard.

Once the first Xuan formation had been unraveled, the chess pieces automatically shifted into the second formation.

Gu Mingzhu withdrew her gaze in exasperation, but a trace of unease was beginning to surface from within. Chu Liuyue… how is she so strong She has only just embarked on the path of a Xuan Master.

She apparently also didnt have the means to hire a master to guide her.

So how is she so much better than me

Gu Mingzhu originally thought her results at the mid-term assessment was a coincidence.

However, it now seems like she had been careless!

Gu Mingzhu took a deep breath in and tried to focus all her attention on the second Xuan formation in order to crack it as soon as possible and win against Chu Liuyue.

However, her mind was so distracted that her head felt like a jumbled pile of mess.

She simply couldnt calm down.

The more she tried to calm down, the more agitated she became.

The more she stared at the Xuan formation on her chessboard, the more complicated she found it.

Before she knew it, little beads of sweat covered her forehead, and her eyes turned red.

Dongfang Qing, who stood at the front of the class, knew her expression well.

He couldnt help but shake his head.

Indeed, Gu Mingzhu has considerably good talent.

She certainly can afford to feel proud.

However, being overly proud is arrogance.

She hasnt thought about the fact that Elder Sun and the others personally constructed the mid-term assessments Xuan formation in the forest.

How can it be possible for Chu Liuyue to pass by coincidence

It will be tough for Gu Mingzhu to win against Chu Liuyue.

Time always passed by quickly when one was deep in their thoughts.

The light outside the window gradually went from bright to warm, then to dark.

Chu Liuyue looked up from her chessboard and realized that it was already evening. Ive wasted three hours of my time by staying here.

At this thought, she shifted her gaze, and it landed on Si Ting—who was sitting beside her.

His back was straight, and his appearance was cool while he concentrated on the Xuan formation before him.

The light reflected on his face drew a clear and sharp outline of his face.

This young man resembled a sharp blade, ready to be unsheathed at any moment.

He always had an air of aloofness about him.

Although he seemed to be noble, restrained, and polite, Chu Liuyue could feel that this person was, by no means, as simple as he appeared to be.

When Si Ting sensed Chu Liuyues gaze on him, his entire body tensed.

Even his hand that was holding a chess piece froze for a moment.

What is she so anxious about Si Ting couldnt help himself from thinking this.

Then, a strange emotion arose inside him. Her talent is indeed stronger than I thought!

If Im right, then she unraveled the second Xuan formation a long time ago.

Despite that, she never took that last step for some unknown reason.

She seems to be waiting for me.

Si Ting pursed his lips and stared at the formation eye.

Then, he turned his wrist gently.

The chess piece changed direction and landed in a position that he hadnt planned to place it in earlier.


The second formation had been unraveled!

The pieces on the chessboard in front of him suddenly flew up, divided into black and white ones, and automatically landed in the box beside him.

Dongfang Qing looked at Si Ting with surprise.

“I thought you would need four hours to crack this, but I didnt expect… Si Ting, you seem to be progressing very fast lately!”

Si Ting nodded gently.

“I happened to see a similar Xuan formation a few days ago.

That helped me to unravel todays formation faster.”

Dongfang Qing stroked his beard, impressed.


I heard youve been borrowing a lot of books on Xuan formation diagrams from the library lately.

It does seem to be quite useful to you today! Since youve passed the two levels today, you can be dismissed from class early!”

As soon as he said that, countless students looked at Si Ting enviously.

Things really are different when one comes in first.

Not only is he able to go out in the middle of the class, but he is also dismissed early!

They didnt know how long they would have to stay to unravel the formations!

Si Yang couldnt help but hold his head, mourning.

“Brother, why do I feel that you are even better than before How do you expect any of us to live with it”

Si Ting stood up and gave him a look.

“Be more diligent.

You can do it as well.”

Si Yang murmured to himself, “You seriously think that everyone is like you and are able to unravel the formation just by looking at something similar If that was true, we would all be geniuses.”

Those accepted into Tian Lu Academy naturally had the talent.

However, there was always someone better.

When many geniuses gathered in the same place, there would definitely be some with an advantage and others with a disadvantage.

Si Ting, without a doubt, was one of the best!

“Where in the world are all these perverts—”


Before Si Yang could finish, another crisp sound could be heard reverberating throughout the room!

This made everyone perk up. Someone has unraveled the second formation again!

They turned in unison and looked in the direction where the sound had come from.

Once again, they were all taken aback because that sound actually came from the chessboard in front of Chu Liuyue!

This actually happened right after Si Ting finished.

Chu Liuyue was the second person to unravel the second Xuan formation.

Even Dongfang Qing was shocked.

His arms, which had been folded at his chest, lowered unconsciously as he quickly strode toward Chu Liuyue.

Almost at the same time, the chess pieces on Chu Liuyues chessboard flew up, split themselves into their respective colors, and landed in her box!

Everyone had no more doubts about her after witnessing this scene.

Chu Liuyue had indeed unraveled two Xuan formations in succession!

Chu Liuyue dusted her hands and stood up while she moved her sore shoulders.

“Its finally over…”

Si Ting could see the relief on her face.

The look in his eyes softened.

However, it disappeared in a flash like lightning before anyone noticed it.

Si Yang stared at her, dumbfounded.

Finally, he couldnt hold back any longer and cursed softly, “Damn pervert!”

Chu Liuyue gave him a look that made him shudder and cower.

For some reason, he always felt an indescribable aura from Chu Liuyue that made others think twice about provoking her.

In reality, Chu Liuyue didnt care.

She turned around, looked at Gu Mingzhu, and said with a smile, “Second Gu Missy, those two Xuan formations that you promised earlier are now mine, right”

Gu Mingzhus face went pale.

Those two formations were also rare treasures to the Gu family.

She dared to use them as a wager because she was impulsive and certain that she would win against Chu Liuyue.

What should I do now that Ive lost the wager Must I really give them to Chu Liuyue Gu Mingzhus expression changed.

Suddenly, she thought of something and glared at Chu Liuyue.

“You unraveled the formation immediately after Si Ting.

Is it possible for such a coincidence to occur in the world Chu Liuyue, you must have cheated!”


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