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Even though the house that the academy arranged for Chu Liuyue was not big, there were extra empty rooms.

Chu Liuyue no longer got angry when Rong Xiu stole her bed once again; she had even faintly adjusted to it.

She went to the neighboring room and closed the door.

After listening intently, she was reassured when she did not notice any commotion in the other room.

Since Rong Xiu could quietly enter Tian Lu Academy, he definitely would not be discovered so easily.

She was not worried about this.

Even though it was already late at night, Chu Liuyue did not go to sleep directly and meditated instead.

She focused on her breathing and absorbed the Heaven and Earth Force.

Invisible streaks of energy gradually entered her body and circulated throughout her limbs and bones before silently flowing towards the water droplet in her dantian.

Ever since she created this special pearl of essence and formally stepped back onto the path of cultivation, Chu Liuyue had never relaxed for a day.

She would insist on cultivating no matter how tired she was, not wasting any time.

Even if nobody forced her, there would always be a voice in her heart that kept reminding her that she had many things to do.

Being born again was an enormous work of destiny, so she had to strengthen herself.

After some time, Chu Liuyue finally opened her eyes slowly and breathed out foul air.

She could feel the aura in her body gradually strengthening day by day.

After all, this body had a Dijing Yuan meridian, so she cultivated much quicker than an average person.

However, this was not enough.

In her previous life, she had a Tianjing Yuan meridian, and her talents were outstanding—which were not something that a Dijing Yuan meridian could compare to.

However, Chu Liuyue knew that she could not rush this.

Her enemys status was also much higher than her current self, so she could only work hard on strengthening herself.

Si Yang previously said that the top scholars in the mid-term assessments have the chance to meet Tianling Dynastys envoys.

Calculating the time, it should be soon…

Chu Liuyue finally completed a Xuan formation drawing in her mind and stopped cultivating.

The next day, Chu Liuyue woke up early in the morning.

After arranging her items, she remembered the sleeping Rong Xiu in the neighboring room and went over to knock on the door.

Nobody answered her.

She pushed open the door and saw that the person had indeed disappeared.

Chu Liuyue touched her forehead and was caught between laughter and tears.

The high and mighty Prince Li really seems to treat my place as an inn.

However, it would be a little troublesome if he was still here at this time.

Chu Liuyue did not care about it and turned around to leave.

“Hey, did you hear Gu Mingzhu failed in her challenge with Chu Liuyue during the meditation class yesterday and lost two scrolls of fifth-level Xuan formation drawings!”

“Are you for real Isnt Gu Mingzhu quite strong too How did she lose to Chu Liuyue”

“Of course, its true! This incident has spread all over the academy.

Gu Mingzhu is talented, but dont you know that Chu Liuyue came in second in the mid-term assessments on her first day However, she is pretty gutsy since she was so merciless, even with Gu Mingzhus status…”

“She doesnt even care about the Crown Prince, let alone the rest.”

“It seems like this Chu Liuyue isnt someone to be trifled with…”

Chu Liuyue heard all this chatter when she came to Jiuyou Tower.

Upon seeing her appear, these voices quickly disappeared, and everyone looked at her with uncomfortable gazes.

Perhaps many people in the Xuan Masters side had not seen Chu Liuyue before, but she was pretty famous on the warriors side.

All the warriors were there when she battled against Chu Xianmin.

Chu Liuyue did not care about all of these as she headed straight for Jiuyou Tower.

“Hold on!”

A teasing voice sounded, and Chu Liuyue looked over.

The person who blocked her was none other than Lu Feiyan.

“Whats the matter” asked Chu Liuyue lightly.

Lu Feiyans brows knitted tightly, and her shrill voice became even louder and harsher to the ears.

“Of course, I have something to tell you! Chu Liuyue, what are you doing here”

Chu Liuyue righteously said, “Of course, I came here to cultivate.”

“This is warrior territory.

Why has a Xuan Master like you come here” Lu Feiyan had had enough of Chu Liuyue from the previous day and did not have a good nights sleep.

The more she thought about it, the more indignant she felt.

Just as she was thinking about how to handle her, Chu Liuyue offered herself up.

Many warriors would back her up here, so she was not afraid of Chu Liuyue.

When Chu Liuyue heard this, a ripple appeared in her calm eyes.

She raised her brows and asked, “Why cant I—someone who took first place in the warrior assessment—come to warrior territory”

Lu Feiyan was dazed.

She only then remembered that Chu Liuyue did indeed take first place in the warrior assessment, even though Chu Liuyue went to cultivate as a Xuan Master.

She clearly had more rights than anyone else here.

Lu Feiyan froze.

“My time is precious.

If you continue to block my way, I wont guarantee that I wont do anything to you.” Chu Liuyue was calm, and her tone was cold as if she was talking about something unimportant.

However, this particular look of hers made Lu Feiyan even more fearful for some reason.

She almost instinctively moved a step backward, but she became increasingly indignant with so many people watching her.

When Chu Liuyue walked past her, she could not help but curse.

“Whats there to be proud of Youre just a dog without a home.” What can Chu Liuyue, someone without a family to depend on, do

Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue did not stop in her tracks but smiled slightly.

It was not the first time she heard such a thing, but she did not care at all.

To the public, the Chu family had a lot of businesses and was a stable support.

However, they were just a dirty cage to Chu Ning and her.

The earlier they left the family, the earlier she would be happy.

As for people who did not know how to talk, such as Lu Feiyan… She would handle them another day.

Lu Feiyan even thought that Chu Liuyue was scared of her as she ignored Lu Feiyan, so Lu Feiyan became even more confident and turned to the people behind her.

Lu Feiyan said, “Did you see Chu Liuyue is just glorious on the outside.

Shes going to have a tough life ahead after offending the Chu family and the Crown Prince.”

However, her sentence did not garner the agreement she expected.

The few girls looked at each other awkwardly and hesitated for a while before saying, “Yaner, I heard that the Chu familys situation isnt very good.

They say that the Crown Prince will become in-laws with the Chu family soon, but Minmin is only a concubine…”

In the past, everyone thought that Chu Xianmin would definitely be the Crown Princess, so they thought highly of the Chu family.

However, everything was different now.

Chu Xianmin did marry the Crown Prince, but her status was akin to slapping the Chu family.

It was just adding salt to the Chu familys wounds.

However, Chu Liuyue had a smooth road ahead of her after leaving the Chu family.

Lu Feiyans gaze suddenly changed as she purposely sighed, looking sorrowful “Minmin is already disfigured.

Of course, the position of Crown Princess will be left for someone else… When will the ceremony be held Lets go and show her some support.”

She would not miss any rare chances of seeing the Crown Prince.

On the other hand, Chu Liuyue had already arrived at the bottom of Jiuyou Tower.

An elder wearing a white robe sat in front of the door and was pretending to be asleep.

Every student had to pause in front of the elder before they went in.

Chu Liuyue saw that the students took off their nameplates from their left chest and placed it on the square piece of black jade in front of the elder before picking it up again.

When she walked in closer, she could see that a few lines of words would appear on the jade after a nameplate was placed on it.

It was her turn soon.

When she placed her nameplate on the piece of jade, the elder suddenly opened his eyes.

“Are you Chu Liuyue—the girl who came in first during the mid-term assessment He pouted.

“Why havent you registered your Yuan meridian level”


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