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“B*tch! What a b*tch!” Chu Xianmin stormed back into her room angrily, and her mind kept replaying the words that Chu Liuyue had said before, which made her grit her teeth in anger.

What engagement She was clearly doing it on purpose! Chu Xianmin felt a fireball growing in her chest when she thought of Chu Liuyues nonchalant expression.


She slammed her door shut.

“What are you doing” A womans voice suddenly came from within the house.

Chu Xianmin looked up and after seeing who the person was, and instantly ran over with grievances.

“Mother! You must stand up for me this time! Your daughter is being bullied so badly by that b*tch!”

This woman was Chu Xianmins real mother—Lu Yao.

Although she was well past her thirties, she had maintained her looks very well and still looked beautiful as ever; her every move was very coquettish.


Lu Yao normally doted on her only daughter very much, but this time, her face did not look like she cared about Chu Xianmins cries at all.

She even looked quite displeased.

“Ive only not been home for a few days, and youve already caused so much trouble You really disappoint me.

That Chu Liuyue is just a good-for-nothing that cant even present herself properly.

What tricks can she have up her sleeves How can you be played by her”

Chu Xianmin rarely saw her mothers stern expression, and she could not help but stand straight.

However, her heart felt even worse.

“Mother, you have no idea.

Its as if this Chu Liuyue has changed into someone completely different; her recent actions are extremely weird.

Its not that I cant win against her, shes just too cunning!”

Once Chu Xianmin thought of her losses in front of Chu Liuyue these few days, she could not help but clench her teeth.

“Not talking about the 200,000 silver taels she took from me.

Today, she even used her wedding agreement with the Crown Prince to pressure me.”

Lu Yao knitted her brows and was quite unhappy.

“Speaking of this, I didnt even have the chance to talk to you about it.

What exactly happened to those 200,000 silver taels Even though the Lu family has money, Im no longer a part of them, let alone to ask for so much in one shot.”

Chu Xianmin was pretty guilty, and she tried to explain the incident tactfully.

Looking at Lu Yaos increasingly contorted expression, Chu Xianmins eyes turned, and she hurriedly whined, “Mother, dont grandfather and the rest like me a lot They will help me, right”

“But this is still too much!” Lu Yao looked away; she was very frustrated.

Even though she was part of the Lu family, she was a concubines daughter and did not have a high status.

The Chu family she married into was also becoming increasingly desolated.

All these years, the mother-daughter duo could only raise their heads in the Lu family because Chu Xianmin was outstanding enough.

However, the Lu family would definitely treat her as a laughingstock if she asked for 200,000 silver taels in one go.


Lu Yao looked at her own daughter from the corner of her eye and saw that she was not looking too well either.

She stretched out her hand and patted Chu Xianmins head.

“You, sigh… You should think about why people like you! Its because youre very talented and you have the Crown Princes favor.

If not, who would care about you Let me ask you, can you be at the top of your level at school in a month”

Chu Xianmin said nonchalantly, “Of course!” Her talent was one of the best in the entire Country Yao Chen.

“But, the problem now is the marriage agreement between the Crown Prince and that b*tch.”

Lu Yao did not care much about that, and she smiled with deeper meaning.

“Silly kid, what are you worried about The one who doesnt want this marriage agreement to come true the most isnt you, but the Crown Prince! You can let her tease you these few days, but at that time, shell have her own retribution.”

Chu Liuyue talking about her marriage agreement with the Crown Prince had indeed shocked everyone and successfully stumped First Elder and the rest, causing those people who wanted to see her farce leave in anger.

When the yard was quiet once again, she finally brought all the herbs into the house and found a big black pot to start cooking.

If she had the ability, she would not have to spend so much effort.

Instead, she could directly use her force to churn up a fireball to boil the herbs.

It was a pity that her cultivation was limited, and she could only use the most traditional method.

Although this caused the herbs effectiveness to be reduced, she had ordered ten sets of these herbs from Zhen Bao Pavilion, so it would probably be enough in the end.

She put the herbs in one by one when the water started to boil.

Very quickly, a fresh herbal smell started to permeate the air.

Since each herb had different natures, the boiling times required to refine them were also different.

She calculated the timing seriously; she carefully took out the herbs that had already been refined, and poured the remaining herbs in bit by bit.

The color of the soup kept changing thereafter.

The smell of the herbs had also become stronger.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath and instantly felt a warm air rushing throughout her body, making her much more relaxed than before.

“It doesnt look bad,” she muttered to herself.

As the princess of the Tianling Dynasty and having the cultivation talent to become an imperial doctor, Chu Liuyue had read all the medical books she could get her hands on in her previous life.

As long as she had sufficient herbs, repairing her Yuan meridian posed no difficulty to her.

“Yueer!” Chu Nings nervous shout could be heard from the door.

Chu Liuyue walked over to open the door strangely and saw Chu Ning walking over at top speed.

As he was in a hurry, he did not even care about his injured leg as he wobbled over in a staggering manner.

“Father, why did you come back so early today” Chu Liuyue asked curiously.

Ever since Chu Ning was injured, he was sent to one of the Chu familys stores to work; he usually would not return home until late at night.

“Yueer! A-are you okay”

Chu Liuyue suddenly realized what happened.

It seemed like Chu Ning had found out about the incident earlier.

If not, he would definitely not have such a reaction.

She smiled brightly.

“Father, youre too worried about me.

Its only been half a day.

What could possibly happen Quickly, come in and rest.” As she spoke, she went over to hold him.

However, Chu Ning grabbed her hand and stared at her sternly as he hesitated to speak.

He had heard that something happened to Yueer earlier when he was working at the shop, so he hurriedly asked for leave and rushed back.

The moment he entered the yard, he saw the scary pool of blood on the ground.

Looking at his daughters relaxed look, Chu Ning was even more solemn and subconsciously used even more strength to grip Chu Liuyues wrist.

“Yueer, d-did you really cut off Chu Lianshengs arm”

Chu Liuyue calmly nodded her head without a change in expression.


He wanted to steal my things.

I cant let anyone bully me.

Cutting off his arm was just a warning to the rest.”

Chu Ning took a really long time to open his mouth with much difficulty.

“H-hes Chu Xianmins servant… Your actions are clearly pitting yourself against her.

She…” She is not someone that is easy to deal with!

Chu Liuyues hand started to hurt from Chu Nings grip, so she patted his arm and comforted him.

“Father, whats the point of thinking so much If I didnt do that, would she really treat me as her elder sister”

Chu Ning was stumped.

Yes, Chu Xianmin was the one who wanted to destroy Yueer the most because of her marriage agreement with the Crown Prince.


“Theres nobut. Father, dont worry.

I know what Im doing,” said Chu Liuyue as she lifted her chin towards the inside of the house and smiled.

“Oh, yes.

Ive recently come across a folk prescription that is said to be good for body recovery.

Do you want to try it”

When she was boiling the herbs for herself, she did not forget about Chu Nings injury.

She had secretly taken his pulse before.

If he was treated properly, he could recover completely in less than half a month.

While talking, she pulled Chu Ning into the house.

Chu Ning did not budge.

He was very familiar with the face of the young girl in front of him, but why did he feel so unfamiliar with her at this very moment The next moment, he finally asked with trembling lips, “Youre not Yueer, are you”



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