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The Pit of Heavenly Origins was located beneath Jiuyou Tower.

This was precisely why the Heaven and Earth Force within the tower was exceptionally abundant.

For a cultivator, Jiuyou Tower was the most desirable place because it quickened ones cultivation speed.

However, it was the exact opposite for a fiend.

The Pit of Heavenly Origins was a natural vault for force.

It contained an extremely dense amount of Heaven and Earth Force, but it was also mixed with many impurities.

Inhaling an excess amount would harm the cultivators body, damaging their Yuan meridian in mild cases.

For the more severe cases, it could be life-threatening.

A cultivator could discharge these impurities in their bodies through various means, but fiends couldnt.

Besides, most fiends were cruel and fierce by nature.

The Pit of Heavenly Origins had a great impact on them.

If they stayed too long, they might lose their minds and eventually go berserk or even self-implode and die.

Jiuyou Tower is built above the Pit of Heavenly Origins.

How is it possible to keep a fiend here

The words on the water droplet quickly dissipated without further explanation.

Chu Liuyue frowned.

It was a ridiculous statement, but she believed it for some reason. Earlier, when that eagle opened its eyes, it had the scent of a fiend! I am absolutely sure of it.

Why… would the academy do this

It is a great lurking danger for both the fiend and the students training in the tower! As the director of the academy, does Master know about this

Prince Li Mansion…

The prince had disappeared for the night.

Upon seeing his master return, Yu Mo greeted him in a hurry.

“Master, youre back.”

Rong Xiu nodded, looking well-rested.

Yu Mo was surprised when he saw the hidden smile on his masters lips. As long as he stays with that person for a while, Masters mood will always be good.

Im immensely impressed!

“Master, it looks like youve had a good nights rest.”

Rong Xiu raised his saber-like eyebrows.

“Was the house still lively yesterday”

Yu Mo bowed.


They sent another group of men.

However, we caught them when they were about to break into your bedroom.”

“Are they also doomed warriors”

“Yes, my lord.

Just like the ones who came two days ago, these men were willing to sacrifice themselves.

When their break-in attempt failed, they consumed poison and killed themselves.

All but one died.

We have locked him up.

Yan Qing interrogated him all night and used many different methods.

Finally, he gave up and talked.”

Rong Xiu stopped walking.


Yu Mo whispered, “The Crown Prince sent them.”

Rong Xiu smiled.

“Its still the same old trick after all these years.

He may not be tired, but Im sick of it.”

Yu Mo asked hesitantly, “Master, do you think this man…”

“Is Third Brother still in the Imperial City” Rong Xiu asked abruptly.


His Majesty said its been tough on His Highness, the Third Prince, who has been fighting at the border for many years.

Now that there is no war and the Third Prince is of marriageable age, His Majesty… wants him to remain in the Imperial City.”

Rong Xiu chuckled.

Rong Jius reputation was on the crest of a wave from his outstanding achievements in the Northwest Army.

Would his father feel at ease to let him go back

The safest option was to keep him in the Imperial City.

“I have been back for some time now, but I have yet to pay a visit to Third Brother.

Tell Yan Qing to bring a few men with him.

Im sending my brother a big gift.”


Rong Jiu joined the army when he was young and was away for many years.

In the past, he always stayed in the palace for a few days before leaving.

However, this time, Emperor Jiawen said he was too old to stay in the palace anymore.

As such, he specially arranged a residence for the prince outside the palace.

The size of his residence was similar to Rong Xius Prince Li Mansion.

Even so, the emperors decree to bestow him a title never came.

Initially, Rong Jiu had held out some hope.

He waited day after day.

However, Emperor Jiawen refused to let him leave each time.

Deep down, Rong Jiu understood his intentions.

A title bestowment was a small matter.

However, keeping him trapped in the Imperial City was not! The Northwest Army had been asking him to return, but Rong Jiu knew in his heart that it would be difficult this time.

Once he figured this out, he calmed down and continued to stay in the Imperial City as though he hadnt noticed the emperors fears at all.

Rong Jiu and Rong Feng were sparring in the backyard.

The glint from their blades resembled lightning during their friendly exchange!

Rong Feng was quite gifted, and he had been cultivating diligently with his master in the palace.

Although he was only 15 years old, he was already a stage three warrior.

Nevertheless, he was still a bit young when compared to the experienced Rong Jiu.

After ten rounds, Rong Jiu found the right moment.

He thrust his spear and disarmed Rong Feng easily, causing the latters sword to fly out of his hand.

Rong Feng watched his sword fall and smiled bitterly.

“Third Brother, cant you give in to me Its so boring every time!”

Rong Jiu waved his spear around with ease.

“Who would give in to you on the battlefield”

Speechless, Rong Feng shrugged his shoulders and gave him a smug smile.

“I know you mean well! Those people in the palace are always worried about hurting me.

Its no fun at all!”

The corners of Rong Jius mouth twitched.

“Why dont you go to Tian Lu Academy The teachers there dont do that.”

“Im not going when the Crown Prince is there!” Rong Feng rolled his eyes.

“Ive been compared to him since I was a kid.

Im sick of it.”


Rong Jiu simply stared at him.

“Thats why youve been hiding your strength from everyone, pretending that youre inferior to him”

“Who dares to be better than the Crown Prince Wouldnt that be asking for trouble Its not like I have nothing better to do!” Rong Feng threw himself onto the wooden rattan chair at the side.

“Look at Seventh Brother.

He hasnt been back to the Imperial City for ten years, and he got himself into trouble just because Father bestowed a title on him.

Third Brother, I think you being here is a thorn in his eye!”

Rong Jiu was about to say more, but he saw his trusted aide approaching quickly.

“Your Highness, someone from Prince Li Mansion is here.

He said His Highness, Prince Li, has a gift for you.

Its been placed outside the door.”

“Gift Bring it in.”

Rong Feng was right behind him, looking all curious.

“Ah Third Brother, what gift did Seventh Brother send you Isnt your birthday still early yet”

Rong Jiu didnt speak, but he was thinking to himself.

Soon, a wooden box was carried in.

Rong Jiu narrowed his eyes.

He stretched his arm out, turned his wrist, and thrust the spear at the box.

It opened!

His face was hit by a strong scent of blood!

A man covered in bruises and blood was lying in the box!

His body was twisted into a bizarre position and stuffed into the box.

The sight sent chills down ones spine just by looking at him!

Rong Feng exclaimed.

Almost immediately, he turned pale and started to retch.

He had never seen anything like this before.

Rong Jiu looked at the box with furrowing brows.

“T-Third Brother! Is this a d-dead man” Rong Feng struggled to speak.

“Why did Seventh Brother send you this”

Someone beside them reminded, “Your Highness, this man is still alive.

He just lost a lot of blood and passed out.”

Rong Jiu stepped forward.

“Brother, dont go!”

Rong Jiu thrust his spear, and an object flew out from the box.

It was a small seal.

Rong Jiu picked it up and studied it.

His expression then changed.

After a moments thought, he said, “Lock this man up and keep him alive.

He must not die!”

With that, he turned and walked away.

Rong Feng hurried and followed him.

“Brother, where are you going”

Rong Jiu didnt look back.

Since Rong Xiu had sent him such a big gift, he obviously had to accept it.


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