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Rong Jin was instantly relieved when he heard this.

“Y-You can go to bed first! Ill come back and see you another time!” Instead of waiting for Chu Xianmin to respond, he turned and strode out of the room.

“Your Highness…” In her panic, Chu Xianmin tried to catch up with him to explain.

However, Rong Jin turned back abruptly and said with a frown, “By the way, its better if you stay at home as much as possible instead of going out unnecessarily.

You can still go to the academy, but your face… It would be good if you wear your veil!”

After saying that, he left in a hurry as if some beasts were chasing him.

He felt his stomach churn whenever he thought of that horrifying face! Its disgusting! It is a wonder I even thought she was beautiful just a few minutes ago!

Rong Jin vanished like the wind, leaving Chu Xianmin alone in the room.

She stood there in a daze for a long time before erupting into a laugh filled with hostility and resentment!

Rong Jin strode out of Ting Feng Court as he asked Song Yuan, “What happened to make Father summon me so urgently at this hour”

“Im not sure either, Your Highness.

Eunuch Min came personally.

It looks serious.”

True enough, Rong Jin looked up and saw Eunuch Min.

He became more confused. What could have happened that Eunuch Min personally had to come this late at night

Eunuch Min was pacing anxiously while he waited.

He promptly stepped forward when he saw Rong Jin from afar.

“Oh gosh, Your Highness.

Youve come out! We have to hurry.

His Majesty is expecting you!”

Rong Jin frowned.

“Whats the hurry, Eunuch Min Whats going on”

“I have no idea either, Your Highness! This afternoon, the Third Prince came into the palace to see His Majesty.

They talked for a long time in the Imperial Study.

After he left, His Majesty ordered you to come and see him as soon as possible!”

Eunuch Min put his hand against his chest and hesitated.

“Erm… Your Highness, theres something you should know.

His Majesty is fuming at the moment.

You should be careful when you arrive…”

Angry Rong Jin frowned even more. Did Rong Jiu have anything to do with this I have had no dealings with Rong Jiu all this time, so why would he be involved

“Thank you, Eunuch Min.” Rong Jin asked no more and went with the eunuch.

It was an extremely hot summer night.

Rong Jin was covered in sweat by the time he rushed to the Imperial Study.

When he entered, he felt despair once he saw his fathers icy glare.


Emperor Jiawen suddenly picked up the inkstone from the table and hurled it at Rong Jin!

Rong Jin dared not dodge.

He took the blow and suffered a wound on his forehead.

Blood began to flow like a river! He knew the situation was against him and immediately fell on his knees.

“Father, if you want to teach me a lesson, Ill gladly accept it.

However, can you tell me why…”

“You know very well what youve done!” Emperor Jiawen was livid as he interrupted the Crown Prince.

This was the first time Rong Jin had seen his father like this.

His heart continued to sink. What… the hell is going on

“Rong Jin, you are already the Crown Prince! Is there a need for you to make a move against your own brother Is his presence that intolerable for you” Emperor Jiawen rebuked angrily.

Rong Jin came to his senses.

He was terrified. Does Father know that I sent someone to spy on Rong Xiu

“I know that Rong Jiu has made a lot of military achievements and that he can fight with you in court to a certain extent, so you dislike him.

However, hes your younger brother after all.

Youre also the Crown Prince already, so how can you be so petty”

Rong Jin was dazed. Rong Jiu Thats not right! I clearly sent people to…

“Father, kindly investigate.

I didnt—”

“How dare you deny it Your man has already been detained by Rong Jiu!”

Rong Jins remaining words got stuck in his throat, and he could not say anything else.

“If it werent for him being in the military for so many years and was alert enough, he might have already died!” Emperor Jiawen took in a deep breath.

“Youve greatly disappointed me!”

As if struck by lightning, Rong Jins heart felt like the stormy sea. Thats not right! My man went to investigate Rong Xiu, and I did not do anything to Rong Jiu.

There must be a problem here! I am indeed fearful of Rong Jiu, but I did not do anything to him.

He very clearly knew that Rong Jiu had a lot of achievements and that his father had already noticed this; it was the very reason why his father made Rong Jiu stay in the Imperial City for so long.

Emperor Jiawen wanted to strip Rong Jiu of his control over the Northwest Army.

He could just sit this one out and reap the spoils later, so why would he cause trouble for nothing

Could it be… Rong Xiu and Rong Jiu have joined hands When Rong Jin thought of this, his face darkened even more.

In Emperor Jiawens eyes, Rong Jins changing face naturally made it look like he had admitted to his wrongdoings.

“Harming your own brother… Youve really grown up!”

Rong Jin could not argue back and did not say a single word. Since Rong Jiu dared to lodge a complaint with Father, he must have solid evidence.

If I denied it and the investigation continued, I would just cause trouble for myself.

Besides, I cant say that I was going for Rong Xiu.

The consequences would be even worse!

After much thinking, Rong Jin could only clench his teeth and admit it.

“I… know Im wrong! I just wanted to test Rong Jius abilities.

I didnt intend to kill him.

Father, kindly rethink your decision! I was just too impulsive and made a huge mistake.

Father, please punish me!”

Emperor Jiawen stared at him with a deadly gaze.

Cultivation time always passed very quickly.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Liuyue had already stayed in the academy for five days.

In these few days, she had gradually familiarized herself with all the classes in the academy and had begun adjusting to life at the academy.

Actually, the students could choose the majority of their classes; their teachers would not force them.

As Chu Liuyue had chosen only a few lessons, she had more freedom with her time.

Other than going to Jiuyou Tower to cultivate for two hours a day and occasionally attending lessons, Chu Liuyue spent most of her time cultivating in her own residence.

After the first day, the weird scenario did not occur in Jiuyou Tower again, but Chu Liuyue still felt that a pair of eyes seemed to be staring at her in the dark.

After some serious consideration, she did not ask Elder Ye about this.

She felt that this was related to the mysterious water droplet in her body.

Rong Xiu did not come back again.

Chu Liuyue finally returned to her own bed, but she could still smell the faint, cold peach blossom fragrance, which caused her to think about that person from time to time.

Chu Liuyue wanted to move into the neighboring room, but she decided against it in the end after she thought of the faint fragrance in that room and how she always slept especially well.

Today, Chu Liuyue went to Jiuyou Tower to cultivate as usual and left after two hours.

When she came out, she coincidentally met Mu Hongyu.

Chu Liuyue nodded to greet her, but she did not expect Mu Hongyu to follow her.

“I heard that you come here to cultivate every day.”

Chu Liuyue slightly smiled.

“Youve heard quite a bit.”

“Really How can you be so willing to use your cultivation time quota” Mu Hongyu gasped, and her eyes were filled with unconcealable envy.

“Thats right… You have 38 hours.

Even if you come every day, you can cultivate here for half a month at least.

Unlike me… I spent all that effort and only earned four hours of cultivation time at Jiuyou Tower.

Thus, I have to use the time frugally.”

Chu Liuyues interest was piqued.

“How do you earn the hours”

“You dont know That seems right.

Youve just arrived at the academy, so you shouldnt know much about it.

There are many ways to earn cultivation time.

Ill slowly tell you about them in the future.

However, let me ask you this first: Who will you group with in the upcoming Fiend Tidal”


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