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Chapter 128: Her Sword

“T-this is a third-grade demonic beast, red wolf! There has to be ten of them at least! How can the five of us be their match” Mu Hongyus face was a little pale.

They were so unlucky to have run into this kind of danger the instant they entered Wan Ling Mountain! They had a chance of winning if only one or two came, but there was no way they could win with this many red wolves surrounding them!

Liao Zhongshu knitted his brows together as he muttered, “Thats not right… Even though red wolves are highly aggressive social animals, they are rather aloof as well.

They usually will not go after humans for no reason… Why are they after us We have not done anything.”

Chu Liuyues heart skipped a beat.

She thought about how the livid horse from before seemed to be targeting her as well.

Were the red wolves here for her as well

Both sides were at an impasse, and the air seemed to be frozen!

“What do you all want” After a short, brief silence, a cold voice broke the eerie atmosphere.

It was Chu Liuyue.

As she spoke, she stood in front of the others.

Mu Hongyu grabbed her sleeve tightly. She is insane! Red wolves are highly aggressive.

If she goes over now, she is asking for death!

Chu Liuyue patted her hand gently to reassure her, but Mu Hongyu refused to let go, afraid that Chu Liuyue would go over recklessly.

“Liuyue, were not their match.

We have to find a way to escape! Ill send a message to the teachers and elders now to ask for reinforcements!”

As she spoke, Mu Hongyu took out the signal bottle.

Chu Liuyues heart sank, and she tried to stop her.


Before she could finish, Mu Hongyu had already brought out the signal bottle.

“Awoo!” A loud howl echoed in the forest.

The sudden noise startled Mu Hongyu, making her tremble.

She was unable to pull the signal bottles strings in time.

A group of wolves closed in! The other wolves followed suit, howling.


Under the moonlight, the howls were eerie and terrifying.

Chu Liuyue felt her organs tremble as she frowned.

Given the sheer number of wolves, even if each one took a bite out of them, it was more than enough for them to suffer.

“They seem to be angry!” A nervous sweat broke out on Cen Hus face.

Chu Liuyue held a longsword in her hands, her muscles tensing as she mustered her strength.

“Red wolves are highly intelligent.

They knew we were calling for help when Hongyu took out the signal bottle.

To them, it was a challenge.”

It was because of me Mu Hongyu began to panic.

“Im sorry…”

“Now isnt the time for this.” Chu Liuyue interrupted her, her voice powerful and calming.

“Since they have their eyes on us, they wont leave easily.

Its only a matter of time before they attack us.”

Even so, Mu Hongyus face was full of self-reproach.

The pack of wolves suddenly divided and formed a path in the middle.

A white, strong red wolf walked out from behind the pack.

Its fur was smooth and reflective.

The moonlight reflected on its fur as it walked out from the dark, making it look extra majestic.

The most important thing was the murderous look coming from its eyes.

Chu Liuyue saw it clearly, so she knew that they had no chance of negotiating.

She softly reminded the others, “Thats the leader of the pack!”

The others increased their wariness.

“According to books, every pack has a leader.

If the leader is killed, the pack will be badly affected and will disperse…” Liao Zhongshus voice was barely audible, but the others immediately understood what he was trying to say.

To defeat the pack, they must take down its leader! They had no chance of winning if they fought all the wolves.

Their only hope was to kill the leader! Their only chance of survival was if the pack ran off after killing their leading!

Gu Mingfeng suddenly said, “Ill handle the leader.

You guys watch and strike at the right moment.”

Chu Liuyue looked back at him in astonishment.

Gu Mingfengs face was expressionless.

The only thing giving away his nervousness was his clenched jaw.

Gu Mingfeng made this choice because he knew that the situation was really dangerous.

If they were not careful, all of them would die here today!

He was the strongest out of all of them.

Naturally, he had to take the lead.

Mu Hongyu and the others looked at each other.

They knew it was the most dangerous moment, but if anything happened to Gu Mingfeng…

“The strongest body parts of a red wolf are its claws and teeth.

If you get hit, you might not even survive! Remember, dont attack head-on.

Ill support you,” said Chu Liuyue softly as she told the others to try their best to distract the other wolves.

If they bought enough time, they had a chance at winning!

Mu Hongyu bit her lips.

“Please be careful.

Its really dangerous.”

“You all must be careful as well.” After Chu Liuyue spoke, she quietly held the dagger in her other hand.

The next instant, the leader of the wolf pack moved.

It moved really quickly.

A snow-white silhouette could be seen in the air, and it arrived before them the next instant.

Gu Mingfeng stood on the tip of his toes as he rushed forward.

He waved his sword towards the leader of the wolf pack!

Chu Liuyue closely followed behind him.

The three of them formed a triangle.

On the other side, the wolf pack rushed in.

Mu Hongyu and the others fended them off back to back!

Just as Gu Mingfengs sword was about to hit, the wolf pack leader leaped onto the trunk of a nearby tree! It crouched and used its hind legs to propel itself forward! It landed right in front of Gu Mingfeng!

Gu Mingfeng was stunned and immediately used his sword to shield his torso!


The wolfs claws clashed with the sword, making a shrill noise.

Gu Mingfeng felt a heavy weight on his body, and he took a few steps back uncontrollably.

When he managed to stabilize himself, he looked down and saw claw marks on his sword! They were left behind by the wolf pack leader! Its claws were even more dangerous than swords and knives!

Gu Mingfengs eyes darkened. The wolf pack leader is almost a fourth-grade fiend! I wont be able to defeat it alone!

As this thought flashed across his mind, he felt a force coming towards his face.

The wolf pack leader was attacking again!

Gu Mingfeng drew out his force to imbue it to his sword, but the wolf pack leader had forced him to the ground!

Gu Mingfeng could not resist and fell to the ground! He wanted to get up and run, but he could not move at all!

The wolf pack leader opened its mouth, its sharp teeth reflecting in the light as it went for Gu Mingfengs neck.

Gu Mingfeng could feel its teeth on his skin! All the blood in his body seemed to freeze suddenly.

However, just as he thought he was about to die, another aura suddenly surged.

Chu Liuyues sword came from behind the wolf pack leader!


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