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Chapter 130: Continue

Since things had already ended like this, everyone decided to rest in their spot.

Mu Hongyu went to start a fire, while the others sat around it and waited for the teacher to come.

Chu Liuyue found some herbs and helped Liao Zhongshu bandage his wound to staunch the blood temporarily.

The others were also hurt, so she distributed the herbs and let them handle their injuries themselves.

In the end, she applied the remaining herbs on her arm, which triggered the previously weakened pain, causing her to knit her brows.

A person walked over, and Chu Liuyue raised her head to take a look.

It was Gu Mingfeng.

“Thanks… for just now.” The bopping fire reflected on Gu Mingfengs face, causing his expression to look more ambiguous.

Chu Liuyue shook her head.

“Its nothing much.

That wolf leader was very strong, and neither you and I were its match alone.

We could only win if we worked together.

Were lucky that our luck was not bad.”

Gu Mingfeng looked at her, and many thoughts flashed across his mind. Even though Chu Liuyue said it casually, it was a life-and-death battle previously.

She wouldve lost her life if she was not careful.

However, Chu Liuyue did not hesitate at all.

Especially when I think about how I was going to die under the wolf leaders fangs… If Chu Liuyue did not appear in time, I probably would be worse off than Liao Zhongshu at this point.

She saved me, but she doesnt seem to care.

Is there really such a selfless person in the world

Chu Liuyue detected that Gu Mingfeng had not left, so she raised her head and looked at him.

She coincidentally saw his touched eyes.

Gu Mingfeng knitted his brows and immediately avoided her gaze.

Chu Liuyue smiled in her heart.

She had seen too many people who overthought in her previous life, so she could immediately tell what Gu Mingfeng was thinking.

Perhaps it was because of his family background that he had a sensitive nature, and instinctively did not believe the people around him.

Even if they were on a team, Chu Liuyue believed that Gu Mingfeng actually did not care about the few peoples survival.

The main reason why he decided to lead and go against the wolf leader was that he wanted to survive.

“I conveniently saved you.

You dont have to take it to heart.

In such a situation, Ill save whoever it is,” said Chu Liuyue lightly.

Gu Mingfeng was shocked since he realized that Chu Liuyue had seen through his thoughts.

He knitted his brows and felt a little discomfort.

He planned to turn around and walk away.

He took one step and still stopped moving.

“No matter what, I owe you a favor.” He then walked to a place far away to sit and closed his eyes to rest.

Chu Liuyue looked at him in deep thought and had a better impression of him. This Gu Mingfeng is much better than his step-sister—Gu Mingzhu—who shares the same father.

After waiting for around an hour or so, Mr.

Wen Yan, who led the teams, finally arrived.

He looked exhausted, and his body was stained with spots of blood as if he had just been in battle.

Upon seeing the bandages on Chu Liuyue and the others, he hurriedly went forward and asked, “You were attacked by fiends too”

Too Chu Liuyues interest was piqued.

“How did you know, Mr.

Wen Yan”

Wen Yan knitted his brows tightly.

“Lu Feiyan and the others also met with such a scenario earlier.

Three of them had serious injuries while the other two had minor ones.

I received their call for help two hours ago, and I rushed over after sending them out.”

Mu Hongyu and the rest were shocked.

“Their condition is so serious”


Wen Yan looked serious and nodded.


According to them, they met with an attack from cloud-reaching leopards.”

Cloud-reaching leopards were also third-grade fiends, and they were very strong and ferocious.

It was no wonder that Lu Feiyan and the rest were so wounded.

“Then… Did they all leave and withdraw from the hunt”


The three deeply wounded did not have any attacking power any longer.

Lu Feiyan and the other person were also badly affected by the battle and did not dare to carry on,” said Wen Yan as he walked to Liao Zhongshu.

After thoroughly checking his wound, Wen Yan heaved a sigh of relief.

“Luckily, you treated your injuries in time.

Though your injuries are serious, you can still make it if you go back now.”

Liao Zhongshu knew himself that he would only be everyones burden if he stayed.

Thus, he said, “Sorry for the trouble, Mr.

Wen Yan.”

Wen Yan sighed.

“Zhongshu, you are capable and couldve hunted a suitable fiend this time…” Its a pity that he has to forget about it due to his current state.

Liao Zhongshus pale lips moved as he weakly smiled.


Wen Yan, you dont have to worry.

I know that my life is more important.”

“Its good that you can think this way.

There will be plenty of chances after you recuperate.

Its really not worth a moment of impulsiveness.”

Wen Yan felt comforted.

He then looked at Chu Liuyue and the rest.

“Then, what about the four of you”

Cen Hu roughly said, “Of course, were going to continue!”

Itll be very cowardly of them to retreat now.

Liao Zhongshu almost lost his life fighting against the wolves.

What would be the point if they retreated together

“Are you sure” Mr.

Wen Yan sighed.

“Wan Ling Mountain is pretty weird this time.

Some of the fiends that usually only walk around in the inner areas have actually appeared in the outer areas.

Theyre very strong.

I contacted the other teachers just now, and quite a few teams have met with similar situations.

Itll be dangerous if you continue to go deeper into the forest.”

Cen Hu was taken aback.

He scratched his head and looked at Chu Liuyue subconsciously.

Mu Hongyu and Gu Mingfeng looked over at the same time.

“… Liuyue, what do you think” asked Mu Hongyu.


Wen Yan was a little surprised. Isnt their team leader Mu Hongyu Why does it seem like Chu Liuyue is the core

After thinking for a moment, Chu Liuyue calmly looked at the rest.

“I… choose to continue!”


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