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Chapter 132: Chase and Kill

Even though this voice was very shrill, Chu Liuyue was more than familiar with it.

Gu Mingfengs brows undetectably moved, but he did not say anything.

“Why does this voice… sound so familiar”

Mu Hongyu wanted to turn around and take a look, but Chu Liuyue stopped her.

“Lets go! If not, well be the ones calling for help!”

Mu Hongyu was shocked and hurriedly followed after them.

The few of them hurriedly retreated using the same path, but the shrills were ear-piercing and were getting nearer!

“Save me!” Hurried footsteps accompanied the shrills.

It was obvious that someone was running for their lives.

Gu Mingzhu wanted to take this opportunity to hunt for an appropriate fiend at Wan Ling Mountain.

Her family had previously suggested picking a fiend for her, but she was too prideful and refused their help since she wanted to hunt for one personally.

Thus, she had anticipated this Fiend Tidal for a very long time.

However, she did not expect to be in a perilous situation after coming to Wan Ling Mountain for only a single day.

She hurriedly ran forward without caring about the direction.

Her heart pumped wildly as if it were about to jump out from her mouth.

Actually, she was pretty exhausted.

However, she did not dare to stop and could only run forward relentlessly.

She did not even dare to turn back.

In a blur, she seemed to have seen a few figures far away.

Even though she could not clearly see their faces, their clothes belonged to Tian Lu Academy.

She was elated and hurriedly called for help, but those few people did not walk toward her.

They had retreated after hearing her cries instead.

Gu Mingzhu instantly became anxious and used the last bit of her strength to chase them.

“Help me! Im also from Tian Lu Academy! H-help me!”

When Cen Hu heard the voice, he could not help but turn around to take a look.

His eyes immediately widened when he saw the person.

“Gu Mingzhu”

Cen Hu knew Gu Mingzhu, but she did not recognize him.

After all, she looked down on warriors all along.

Therefore, she didnt even care about warriors, other than the most famous ones.

When she realized that Cen Hu knew her, she immediately became happier.

“Im Gu Mingzhu! If you help me, Ill definitely repay you for your help when I go back!”

Chu Liuyue suddenly stopped and looked in front with a serious expression.

Mu Hongyu and the rest felt that something was amiss, so they stopped in their tracks.

Gu Mingzhu then carefully looked at the people in front.

Other than Cen Hu, the other threes backs were facing her.

However, their backs looked familiar to her…

She stared at one particular back for quite a while before knitting her brows and suspiciously saying, “Gu Mingfeng”

Gu Mingfeng turned around and looked at her expressionlessly.

Gu Mingzhu showed a disgusted look.

“It really is you! Im so unlucky to have met you today!”

Her words and facial expressions seemed like she did not see a family member, but something dirty instead.

Coldness flashed across Gu Mingfengs eyes.

“Liuyue, is there a problem” asked Mu Hongyu softly.

Once Gu Mingzhu heard Mu Hongyu utter Chu Liuyues name, her eyes widened in shock. Hang on! No wonder I found their backs familiar.

Isnt this back view Chu Liuyues

Her face darkened even more.

“Its bad enough that I met Gu Mingfeng.

I didnt expect there to be another one!”

Cen Hu scolded her.

“Be nicer with your words!”

Gu Mingzhu was frightened by his thunder-like holler and became even more annoyed. Warriors are so rough! Birds of the same feather flock together.

These few people really are getting increasingly annoying.

Chu Liuyue turned around and looked at Gu Mingzhu with an icy cold gaze.

“Its our bad luck to have met you.”

Gu Mingzhu felt chills travel down her spine because of Chu Liuyues gaze.

“What do you mean by that You clearly heard my cries for help, but you pretended not to hear me! You are—”

“I heard them.” Chu Liuyue interrupted Gu Mingzhu with brutal and honest words.

“I just miss you.

Do you have a problem with that”

Gu Mingzhu was so angry that her face turned white.

“You! You! Chu Liuyue, even if you dont like me, were still from the same academy! How can you ignore me when I need help Youre too selfish!”

Chu Liuyue sneered.

“I have no relations with you at all.

Why should I help you You think too highly of yourself! However, you have caused trouble for us.

Ill remember this for sure!”

Gu Mingzhu instantly felt guilty.

“W-what nonsense are you saying What trouble have I caused I j-just…” She stuttered for half a day but could not say anything.

Mu Hongyu and the rest started to become anxious when they saw her behavior.


A howl sounded from the woods, and the ground even seemed to shake!




It sounded as if something heavy had landed on the floor, which made people anxious.

The few of them turned around in unison and saw a gigantic shadow closing in on them from the woods.

The thick trees in its path were easily broken.

Finally, the gigantic brown bear—which looked like a hill—appeared in front of them.

Its entire body was brown, and only its neck was golden—which was dazzling under the sunlight.

The most frightening thing was the shocking suppressive aura coming from its body.

Cen Hu opened his mouth.

“This… is a fourth-grade golden mane bear”

Gu Mingfeng immediately recovered his senses and looked at Gu Mingzhu.

His voice was cold as he asked, “Did you offend it”

Gu Mingzhu avoided his gaze and forcefully said, “I-I just thought that golden mane bears are pretty strong and theyre of a high grade, so I wanted to try…”

“Dumb!” Mu Hongyu really wanted to slap Gu Mingzhu twice immediately.

“Who do you think you are How dare you anger a golden mane bear Where are the others on your team”

Gu Mingzhus face instantly became as white as a sheet.

Everyone immediately understood what happened from the eerie silence.

“Are they all dead” asked Cen Hu in shock.

“No! No! Two of them separated from me.

I-I dont know where they went…” Gu Mingzhu tried to defend herself, but she sounded even guiltier.

That means two have died.

The people who grouped with Gu Mingzhu are all Xuan Masters.

This is too much of a loss!

“So, you also want to drag us down after you caused the death of two Xuan Masters” Chu Liuyues voice was icy cold.

Gu Mingzhus lips moved, and she turned around.

“You guys ran over here yourselves! I didnt force you to come over.

Anyway, were all surviving on the same stick, so no one can escape! You should decide for yourselves!”

Mu Hongyu was stunned by her shamelessness, but she was still very clear-minded.

Thus, she knew that this was not the time to fight with Gu Mingzhu.

“Liuyue, this is a fourth-grade golden mane bear.

Do you think we can win against it if we work together”

Chu Liuyue was so angry that she laughed instead.

“Golden mane bears are too formidable and powerful! Its not easy to deal with them.

The key point is that its a mother bear!”

The few of them were shocked.

“Do you mean…”

Chu Liuyue walked forward and stared straight at Gu Mingzhu.

“What exactly did you do Why is the mother bear chasing after you to kill you”

Gu Mingzhu was forced to a corner and irritatedly said, “I just wanted to carry the small golden mane bear away when it went out to look for food.

However, I was discovered once I stepped out.

I didnt even carry that small golden mane bear away!”

Mature golden mane bears were not easy to discipline, and the infant ones were the easiest to deal with, so she decided to take the risk.

“The others all agreed to go together! You cant blame it on me if they died.” I just didnt expect to be discovered in the end.

Chu Liuyue just wanted to strangle her to death! “Dont you know that golden mane bears especially care for their young ones If you touch their cubs, they will go after you and wont stop until you die! It doesnt matter if you die, but can you afford to pay for it if you dragged us down”


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