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Elder Meng carefully helped Chu Liuyue up.

He saw that her eyes were tightly shut, her face was pale, and there was blood on the corner of her lips.

She looked very miserable and weak.

“Chu Yue Chu Yue! How are you” Elder Meng asked worriedly and anxiously, as he pressed Chu Liuyues wrist, and his old hands were placed on her pulse.

He wanted to separate out some force to see what was going on in her body when he suddenly felt a terrifying aura crazily rush out of Chu Liuyues body!

Elder Meng was stunned and immediately let go of Chu Liuyues hand.

Chu Liuyues wrist dropped down weakly.

Elder Meng panicked. This kid met with a mishap when he was about to break through.

All the force in his body has become chaotic and is barging around crazily! In such a short amount of time, it has caused quite a lot of damage to his body.

If he cant control it in time, Im afraid—

It is a small matter if he is injured.

The key is that if this matter isnt handled well, it will very possibly hinder Chu Yues future cultivation! That causes an even bigger headache! 

The force in Chu Liuyues body had already lost control.

As an outsider, Elder Meng didnt dare to take action randomly, terrified that he would accidentally make matters worse. In the current situation, I might cause secondary damage if I do it by force.

The best way is to get Chu Yue to wake up as soon as possible and tidy his own aura! In this way, the damage will be lowered to the minimum! 

But no matter how he yelled, that young man was still unconscious and showed no signs of awakening.

As time passed, Chu Liuyues surrounding force became crazier, and her aura was weakened yet again.

Just when Elder Meng was worried, an intense energy vortex was suddenly felt outside! He was shocked and looked up.

Even though he was within the pagoda, his consciousness wrapped around the entire Fengmin Mountain.

Hence, he would instantly know whatever happened outside clearly.

After focusing for a moment, he widened his eyes slightly.

“Rong Xiu Why is he here!”

Does he know that Chu Yue is in trouble This thought quickly flashed across Elder Mengs mind.

Then, he hurriedly raised his hand and wanted to open Fengmin Mountains barrier.

A loud sound was heard—Fengmin Mountains barrier was directly slashed open by Rong Xiu!

Shock flashed across Elder Mengs eyes. Since when did Rong Xiu become so strong that he could directly slash open Fengmin Mountains barrier 

Without waiting for him to figure it out, the pagodas door was forcefully opened from the outside!

A tall and large white figure walked in from outside with big steps—it was Rong Xiu!

The warm smile on his face had already disappeared without a trace, leaving behind harsh, cold intentions! It was as if a layer of ice was frozen, and it was chilling to the bone!

With just one glance, it made ones heart instinctively turn cold.

His speed was very fast, and he reached the hall in the blink of an eye.

The messy wind rolled up the corner of his sleeves, and they flew in the air.

Wherever he passed, there seemed to be cold wind hurling over!

“Rong Xiu—” Elder Meng opened his mouth and didnt know what to say at that moment.

“The situation is urgent, and I was forced to barge into Fengmin Mountain.

Elder Meng, please forgive me.” Rong Xius voice was low and cold.

Even though he was talking to Elder Meng, his pair of deep, phoenix-like eyes were staring at Chu Liuyue.

There seemed to be ripples in the bottom of his eyes that could flip through everything at any moment!

Elder Meng was stumped and didnt know what to say. It is really rare to see Rong Xiu in this manner.

Is he… worried about Chu Yue 

Just when he was thinking, Rong Xiu had already walked over.

He rolled up his sleeves and kneeled down on one knee as he naturally stretched his hand over.

Elder Meng was dazed for a moment and instinctively passed Chu Yue over.

Rong Xiu carefully hugged her, with one hand on her back and the other encircling her waist, holding her hand tightly.

“Dont—” Elder Meng wanted to remind Rong Xiu that Chu Yues current situation was extremely terrible and that one couldnt forcefully do it from outside.

But the next moment, he shockingly realized that the unreasonable force around Chu Yue started to retract themselves rapidly after they met Rong Xiu.

The few rays of faint golden light escaped from the duos tightly interlocked hands—bright, gentle, and strong!

Rong Xiu silently absorbed this force and later chose an opportune time to insert his own.

The violent and unreasonable force in Chu Liuyues body was originally wavering, but once it met Rong Xiu, it didnt retaliate intensely and instead obediently accepted his aura.

In this manner, Rong Xiu helped to tidy Chu Liuyues force bit by bit until her breathing became stable.

At the side, Elder Meng watched as his mouth became agape. T-this… What kind of situation is this! Why did I meet so many obstacles when I wanted to help, but it was this successful when Rong Xiu helped! 

But seeing that Chu Liuyues face looked better, he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. He was cultivating in seclusion in my place.

If something happened, how should I explain it when I go out I have guarded Fengmin Mountain for so many years, but I havent seen such a situation. 

The chaotic aura in Chu Liuyues body finally calmed down.

Only the blood on her body and the corner of her mouth reminded them that she had just been in a perilous situation.

Rong Xiu carried her up and looked at Elder Meng.

“Elder Meng, she needs to recuperate now.

May I know if we can go up”

In the entire pagoda, every floor had a different meaning, and the requirements to go in varied greatly.

The key was other than the first floor, each floor had its respective barriers, and they wouldnt easily open.

Only Elder Meng controlled all the barriers, and he was the only one who had the right to open the barriers to let people up.

The first floor was now filled with chaotic force, and there was debris everywhere, so it was really not suitable to stay there any longer.

They had to find another place.

Elder Meng was dazed for a moment and immediately said, “Okay, okay! Theres a thousand-year cold jade bed on the second floor that can help him heal his body.”

At this point, he didnt care if he could do it.

It was more important to save the person.

Rong Xiu nodded.

“Thank you, Elder Meng.”

Elder Meng glanced at the person in his arms, shook his head, and sighed.

“Whats going on…”

As he spoke, he turned around and hastened his steps to go up the stairs.

He lightly flicked the ashes on his hand.

The barrier to the second floor was opened!

“Quickly come up! Elder Meng stood upstairs and waved toward Rong Xiu.

Rong Xiu hugged Chu Liuyue even tighter and walked up.

The space on the second floor seemed much smaller than the first, but it was probably because Elder Meng didnt open up some of the areas.

However, all of this wasnt important to Rong Xiu now.

He followed Elder Meng and went to the thousand-year cold jade bed.

It was a dark-green jade bed and was crystal clear.

A strange symbol was even engraved on it mysteriously.

Rong Xiu carefully placed the person down, and his actions were overly gentle.

He then took out a pill bottle and gave it to Chu Liuyue before taking the jade pillow over to support her head so that she could maintain her stable breathing.

Finally, he even took out a snow-white handkerchief to carefully wipe away the bloodstains on the corner of her mouth.

Elder Meng watched on from the side and increasingly felt something amiss. Hiss—why does Rong Xiu look like he has taken care of Chu Yue meticulously many times 

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