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Chapter 141: Surrender!

Chu Liuyue ran to the path alone.

The closer she was to the outside, the clearer she could feel the strength of the attack.

One could just imagine what the scene outside was like.

Rocks kept falling from the mountain and landed beside her.

However, Chu Liuyue did not stop and determinedly ran outside.

She had to go forward, even if there was danger.

Besides, she really wanted to know why the fiends in Wan Ling Mountain had targeted her…

She felt that her neck was itchy, so she looked down and saw the blood ferret on her shoulders.

“Its very dangerous outside.

You shouldnt follow me.”

The little fellow shook its head. No! I want to follow you!

Chu Liuyue laughed softly and tapped its head.

“Arent you very scared When we met with danger previously, you ran faster than anyone else.

Why must you follow me this time Im not joking with you.

You clearly must know what the situation outside is like.

You really dont have to follow me.”

However, the little fellow seemed to be hurt by her words.

It puffed up its cheeks and glared at her.

It decisively turned around and faced her with its bottom. I said Im not leaving so I wont! Im not a coward! Do I seem like that in your eyes I want to be with you!

Chu Liuyue was caught between laughter and tears, but her heart was warm.

“You can follow me out, but just run for your life by yourself if theres danger, okay”

The little fellow shook its tail and covered its ears.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in and continued walking outside.

At the same time.

On another side of Wan Ling Mountain, Elder Sun and the rest were helpless as they stared at the black flying python that suddenly appeared in the sky.

“Whats happening Why did the black flying python suddenly appear here” Elder Sun was stunned.

The other teachers looked at each other awkwardly.

“Elder Sun, did you know that a black flying python was here”

Elder Sun grimly nodded.

“Wan Ling Mountain is its territory.

The so-called Fiend Tidal actually started because of it.

A black flying pythons cultivation requires it to swallow large amounts of energy, and this includes low-level fiends.

Due to the fiends power, the low-level fiends could not help but gather together and let it do whatever it wants.”

“Three years ago, Uncle-Master and I met it here coincidentally.

However, it was still in the sixth-grade then.

I didnt expect it to break through to the seventh-grade after a mere seven years.”

Everyone was shocked.

Elder Sun tightly knitted his brows.

“The center mountain in Wan Ling Mountain is the black flying pythons nest.

It never left it before, but it has appeared at the borders for some reason… Qingye, how many more students are there in the mountains”

A teacher beside him counted in his heart and immediately said, “Quite a few fiends with extreme attacking power appeared a few days ago, which caused quite a number of students to be injured and withdraw.

There should only be less than one-third of the original number left inside.”

As he stared at the frighteningly large body, Elder Sun muttered, “No wonder its so weird this time.

It was because of this fellow…”

Even though he was a distance away, Elder Sun could clearly feel the ferocious murderous intent in the black flying python.

What exactly did it want Suppressing his uneasiness, he commanded, “Lets work on our own and bring the remaining students back.

Remember, you must be careful not to trigger the black flying python.”


Chu Liuyue reached the cave very quickly.

Here, she could clearly feel the ferocious aura getting increasingly closer.

She took a deep breath and walked outside.

When her figure appeared at the cave entrance, coldness flashed across the black flying pythons eyes as it snarled in mid-air.

All the running fiends stopped in their tracks in unison when they heard the command.

However, they had already occupied half the mountain, and the golden-eyed demons in front were staring straight at Chu Liuyue.

No, Chu Liuyue was already completely surrounded.

Following the snarl, Chu Liuyue looked up and was shocked when she saw the gigantic figure. Seventh-grade black flying python It is no wonder these fiends are so obedient.

This fellow was here.

The human and the fiend had a staredown.

Chu Liuyue could clearly see the harsh murderous intent in its vertical eyes.

It really did come for me! It wants to take my life! Chu Liuyues heart gradually sank.

The sun was high up in the air, but her body was cold.

If she were in her previous lifes body, she would not care about a seventh-grade fiend.

However… how could she be its match now, let alone talk about the numerous stern fiends surrounding her

Chu Liuyue undoubtedly knew that the fiends would immediately rush towards her and shred her to pieces as long as the black flying python gave the command.

In the frozen atmosphere, the black flying python moved and flew to Chu Liuyue.

When it got nearer, the golden-eyed demons all bent their bodies.

The fiends above this half of the mountain were all fearful as well.

The black flying python looked down at Chu Liuyue from above.

It was just one look, but an invisible suppression overwhelmed her.

This was the frightening power that only an advanced fiend would have.

Chu Liuyue felt something harshly slam against her body, and she felt excruciating pain.

Her face immediately turned pale as sweat covered her forehead.

The little fellow resting on her shoulders also felt the impact and let out a painful moan.

The blood ferret was a fiend and naturally wouldnt feel well after suffering the black flying pythons scary suppression.

Chu Liuyue glanced at it and saw that it was terribly trembling in obvious fear and anger.

However, its claws tightly clutched onto her clothes as it refused to let go.

She forced herself to continue as she turned around to look at the black flying python.

She enunciated each word clearly as she said, “You can have my life, but you should first tell me why and let me die a peaceful death at the very least.”

The black flying python looked at her nonchalantly and did not say anything.

However, it increased the strength of the force acting on them.


The ground underneath Chu Liuyues feet immediately split open.

Excruciating pain spread throughout Chu Liuyues body, causing her to see black.

She clenched her teeth and stood up straight, but a light flashed across her mind.

It is very easy for this fiend to kill me, but the black flying python didnt directly attack me.

Rather than wanting my life, it seems… like it wants me to surrender even more!


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