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Elder Meng found it strange.

Actually, it was normal for him to have such doubts.

Who was Rong Xiu The Sky-Cloud Empires His Grace!

He was above tens of thousands of people and held great power.

He was extremely distinguished!

Even in the God Residence Realm, where many top-tier aristocratic families were strongly established and where strong warriors were like the clouds, he was also a top elite.

Such a person could determine ones life and death with a word.

If he stomped his feet, the entire God Residence Realm would shake.

Previously, he was rather restrained in the academy.

At most, his personality was cold, and it was hard for normal people to approach him as they felt distant from him.

But after leaving the academy, he changed at a shocking speed.

He controlled the entire Sky-Cloud Empire and unified its factions.

He held great power and was extremely strong and domineering!

All these years, many people had died in his hands.

His famous reputation was mostly built on the blood and corpses of his previous enemies!

Such a person could rule the world and control the weather.

He was basked in a holy light that made people admire him.

And not, and not… Elder Meng looked at the scene before him and couldnt find a suitable phrase to describe it. How should I put it Rong Xiu seems to have become another person in front of Chu Yue.

He has great patience and gentleness, completely different from the rumored violent, harsh, and decisive ruler. 

Elder Meng recalled how Rong Xiu previously barged in and held Chu Yue in his arms. It was so natural and smooth.

He didnt even care that he had to get down on one knee.

In this world, who could make Rong Xiu kneel without any consideration and hesitation And he did this just so that he could take better care of Chu Yue and not tear his wound.

The more Elder Meng thought about it, the more shocked he was.

His heart rapidly beat, and countless thoughts flashed across his mind.

He knew that the two of them had a good relationship, and from what Rong Xiu said, Chu Yue was most likely his younger brother.

However… he never expected Rong Xiu to do so much for Chu Yue.

The even more shocking thing was that Rong Xius behavior looked rather strange on its own.

But when the scene was both of them leaning together, it was weirdly harmonious.

There seemed to be natural chemistry between them.

Invisibly, there seemed to be a magical current that surrounded the duo and separated them from the rest.

In that special realm, there were only the two of them.

Nobody else could enter, and getting close was extremely hard.

Such a feeling was difficult to describe, but it was very strong.

Elder Meng watched for a while longer and couldnt help but mutter in his heart. It isnt that Ive never seen biological brothers before, but there dont seem to be many who are on such good terms… 

At this point, Rong Xiu had already put away the handkerchief stained with blood and switched to a new one as he carefully wiped the blood on Chu Liuyues finger.

Previously, the force in her body barged around too ferociously, causing quite a few wounds on her body.

Luckily, most of these were tiny wounds and werent serious.

She could quickly recover after resting for a period of time.

The corner of Elder Mengs eyes harshly twitched as he hurriedly averted his gaze.

Even though he had already mentally prepared himself, he still couldnt accept seeing how Rong Xiu focused on taking care of Chu Yue seriously.

“Rong Xiu, how is Chu Yues condition” Elder Meng was previously afraid that forcefully helping would harm Chu Yue again, so he didnt even take the latters pulse properly.

As Rong Xiu cleaned the wound on Chu Liuyues hand, he said, “You dont have to be too worried.

Even though shes injured, its not fatal.

As long as she recuperates properly, she can recover back to normal.”

Elder Meng then heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats great; thats great…”

Suddenly, he seemed to have recalled something and asked rather worriedly, “Oh right, even though this thousand-year cold jade bed can nourish her body, this isnt the best recuperation spot.

Do you want to—”

Fengmin Mountain had a special status.

To most students, this was a place of punishment.

No matter the density and purity of the force or other aspects, it actually paled in comparison to many other places outside.

Rong Xiu paused.

“Thank you for your care, Elder Meng.

However… this place is great.

Besides, she has just been injured, and the situation is urgent, so she should just rest nearby.

If she goes out now, someone might see her, and unnecessary trouble will be caused again.”

Elder Meng thought deeply and felt that it made sense, so he nodded.

“Then, you can stay here and take good care of him.

I—ahem, Ill go fix the door and the barrier.”

Previously, Rong Xiu barged in directly, so the door and the barrier probably had to be fixed.

Rong Xius thin lips moved.

“Sorry for the trouble, Elder Meng.”

“Its nothing, nothing.

I was also taken aback by what happened to Chu Yue back then…” As Elder Meng spoke, he glanced at Chu Liuyue lying on the bed again.

Seeing that color had returned to her face slightly and that she wasnt as pale and disheveled as before, his heart eased slowly.

After saying a few sentences, Elder Meng turned around to leave.

Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue were quickly left behind.

Rong Xiu looked down, and pain quickly flashed across his eyes.

Once I detected that something was amiss, I hurriedly rushed over.

However, I didnt expect that I was still a step too late.

Judging from her previous pulse, it should be because her mind was suddenly messed up when she tried breaking through to become an intermediate stage-nine warrior, which caused her force to smash against each other and fail. Additionally, the uncontrolled force crazily swarmed around and caused quite severe damage to her body.

However, she has always been determined.

I wonder what exactly happened that caused her to be in this situation, especially at such a crucial juncture… It is a small matter to fail her breakthrough, but if it affects her cultivation… 

Intense murderous intentions gathered in his eyes! Someone mustve used some tricks behind this! 

“Father…” Right at this moment, a soft moan filled with pain and struggle escaped from Chu Liuyues mouth.

Her brows were still tightly shut, and her eyes were closed as her expression was anxious and worried.

It was as though a ray of white light flashed across Rong Xius heart! It was because of Chu Ning! 

Thousands of miles away, in a black deserted land without boundaries.

The pencil-gray sky was gloomy.

Weed filled the deserted land, and a stream curved around on the cold ground.

A few black crows occasionally flew across the sky, letting out creepy shrieks.

A figure was walking on this deserted land.

His clothes were torn and tattered, and he had a disheveled appearance.

When he walked, one could see quite a few badly mangled wounds on his body.

He lowered his head slightly and quietly walked on step by step.

His hands and legs were locked up with black chains as they severely locked his freedom.

At some point, he suddenly stepped on something sharp, and intense, excruciating pain attacked him.

He stumbled backward and fell onto the ground.

Sharp pain enveloped him.

He breathed heavily, and his dried and cracked lips trembled slightly as he spat out a few words with much difficulty.


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