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That person was Chu Ning, who had disappeared for a long time.

He struggled to get up, but it was a pity that his strength seemed to be exhausted.

He only managed to get up forcefully after trying a few times.

His hands and knees were covered in quite a bit of soil, but with his currently disheveled appearance, this did not count for much.

A slight breeze attacked her and blew her hair, causing it to stick to her face and tickle her slightly.

Mu Hongyu pushed the loose strands of hair behind her ear and looked up.

A large and magnificent city lake was not far away! It was like a gigantic fiend with a shocking aura!

That should be Fangzhou City, right Mu Hongyu took a deep breath in and clenched her fists to give herself courage before walking over.

Fangzhou City had no door, so everyone came in and out very freely.

Mu Hongyu walked over curiously, but after walking on the streets for a while, she realized that the situation seemed slightly different from what she had expected.

There didnt seem to be as many people as she had predicted here.

There were only a few pockets of people on the road, and it definitely was not considered crowded.

Didnt they say that one has to pass by Fangzhou City to get into Ling Xiao Academy As the top academy in the God Residence Realm, there should be countless cultivators rushing toward this place in hopes of getting a chance to cultivate, right But now, why… 

Mu Hongyu walked for a while and asked a passerby.

Before she came, Diwu Zhangze had already told her many things.

Hence, she knew that after she came, she just had to find Ling Xiao Academys assessment venue directly and go through with the assessment.

Hearing that she was asking about Ling Xiao Academy, the other party guided her rather heartily.

However, he looked at Mu Hongyu with a slightly strange gaze.

Mu Hongyu found it weird and touched her own face.

“Big Brother, is there something wrong with me”

The other party shook his head.


Miss, its your first time here, right”

“Do you know what has happened to Ling Xiao Academy lately”

Mu Hongyu shook her head.

“That explains it…” That man raised his chin and lowered his voice.

“You dont know, but previously, quite a few top-tier aristocratic families came to Fangzhou City together to go against Ling Xiao Academy! Even though the two parties didnt fight in the end… there must be something that caused them to do such a thing publicly! Now, many people want to silently observe the situation just in case they get into trouble.

It has been more than half a month since anyone went to participate in Ling Xiao Academys admission examination in Fangzhou City!”

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