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On the top floor of the pagoda, Elder Meng—who heard this question—fell silent for a moment.

He looked at the door floating quietly and said after some time, “Its fine.”

Outside the barrier, Elder Bo Yan then heaved a sigh of relief.

“With you around, there naturally wont be a problem.

Ill go back now.”

Then, Elder Bo Yan cupped his fists, bowed politely, and turned around to leave.

Silence resumed in the surroundings as if nothing had happened.

After some time, Elder Meng sighed lightly.

“I wonder when the girl will come back… Does she not want her item anymore”

After such a long time, she didnt even send a letter back.

I wonder what shes busy with… 

Elder Meng shook his head, and thinking of the two below, he couldnt help but shake his head again. It seems like if I have the time, I need to ask Rong Xiu about it.

Perhaps I can find something out from him. 

On the second floor, Chu Liuyue lay on the thousand-year cold jade bed.

Rong Xiu sat beside her and held her hand.

The duos fingers were interlocked, and a faint golden light shone.

A warm strength entered Chu Liuyues body and carefully rejuvenated it.

Her organs, including a portion of her Yuan meridian, were injured in the previous accident.

Even though her recovery power was great, Rong Xiu still insisted on using his force to help heal her injuries every once in a while.

Chu Liuyues condition was indeed much better now.

A hint of red dyed her pale and frail face, and her aura was much stabler than before.

Perhaps it was because Rong Xiu was around, and the familiar faint cold fragrance lingered, but she felt more at ease.

She didnt have a nightmare again, and she slept with a peaceful appearance.

When Elder Wen Xi brought Mu Hongyu into the academy, it attracted quite a few peoples attention.

In the past half-month, not many people came to the academy.

Now that one suddenly came, she naturally became everyones focal point.

As he liked Mu Hongyu very much, Elder Wen Xi directly arranged her residence personally.

“Originally, I wanted to arrange for you to stay with Chu Yue on the same mountain.

But as Chu Yue has moved, I can only try my best to let you stay closer to him.” Elder Wen Xi and Mu Hongyu stood at the middle of a mountain, and the former pointed in a certain direction.

“This is Hutou Mountain.

In the southeastern direction, that mountain is Jiuheng Peak.

Thats Rong Xius residence, and Chu Yue has also moved there as well.”

“His Highness” Mu Hongyu was rather confused.

Elder Wen Xi was dazed for a moment and recovered his senses. Since Mu Hongyu is good friends with Chu Yue, it was normal for her to know Rong Xiu.

Hearing this address, she seems to be one of the people from the 28 divisions under the Sky-Cloud Empire 


After Rong Xiu came into the academy, he has been living there alone.

Chu Yue was the first one who was allowed to stay with him.

I must say that Rong Xiu treats him extremely well!”

Even we elders cant casually approach Jiuheng Peak, and only Chu Yue can.

Doesnt this state something 

“Isnt it normal for His Highness to treat him well!” Mu Hongyu chuckled. The two of them have a marriage agreement and only lack an official wedding.

Others naturally cant compare to such a relationship. 

Hearing this, Elder Wen Xi was curious.

“Oh Why do you say that”

“Of course, its because—” Mu Hongyu had spoken halfway when she suddenly recalled that Chu Liuyue came here under the aliasChu Yue, so she hurriedly stopped talking.

Her almond-like eyes turned, and she smiled playfully.

“Of course, its because they naturally have a good relationship!”

Without waiting for Elder Wen Xi to ask further, she immediately changed the topic.

“Oh right, Elder… Since theyre all living at Jiuheng Peak, can I directly go over to see them”

Elder Wen Xis expression stiffened, and he laughed hoarsely.

“Hehe, thats… a long story…”

“Mentor!” At this moment, a gentle voice sounded.

Elder Wen Xi looked over.

“Shishi, what brings you here”

Luo Shishis figure flashed, and she quickly arrived before the duo.

She respectfully bent her knees and bowed to Elder Wen Xi before smiling delightfully and saying, “Elder Hua Feng came over to look for you.

He heard that you were helping the new student to ease in and left.

He said that if you have the time, you should drop by his place as he wants to talk to you about something.”

Elder Wen Xi lightly grunted.

“What things cant be said directly The older he is, the more troublesome he gets.”

Even though he said this, he still had a smile on his face and was just clearly teasing him.

Luo Shishi was used to the way these two elders interacted and didnt really mind it.

Her gaze turned, and she saw Mu Hongyu at the side.

Curiosity filled her eyes.

“This is the new junior sister that came in, right”

She had already been here for a few months, so she naturally addressed herself as senior sister.

Elder Wen Xi laughed out loud.

“Thats right! This is Mu Hongyu, a new student I recruited today.

Hongyu, this is Luo Shishi, and shes my student.”

Mu Hongyu smiled and said, “Hello, Senior Sister!”

Luo Shishi saw that the lady wasnt old and that her face was malt-colored, but it didnt hide her beauty at all.

This was especially so for her round and bright almond-like eyes that were energetic, active, carefree, and cute.

She smiled and nodded.

“Junior Sister Hongyu, you dont have to stand on ceremony.

Since youve come to the academy, were all one big family.

Especially since you were also personally assessed by Mentor, we have even more fate.

In the future, if you dont understand anything in the academy, you can just ask me about it.”

“Haha! Thats not where your fate ends!” Elder Wen Xi smiled and stroked his beard.

“Hongyu, did you know that when Shishi came into the academy, she was assessed together with Chu Yue! And the few of them are quite close even now!”

Theyre so close that they got into trouble at Million Wine Mountain together… However, he naturally couldnt say this.

Once she heard that the other party was also Chu Liuyues good friend, Mu Hongyu instantly felt closer to her.

However, Luo Shishi found it strange. Hearing what Elder Wen Xi said… It seems like Mu Hongyu and Chu Yue know each other 

As if seeing through her thoughts, Elder Wen Xi smiled and said, “Oh, I forgot to mention.

Shishi, Hongyu is Chu Yues good old friend! Look, she came to the academy looking for Chu Yue!”

Luo Shishi was dazed. Oh, so shes… 

Mu Hongyu blinked.

“Elder, you havent said where Chu Yue is now.

My f-father and mother told me to ask about her.”

In actual fact, she hadnt gone home in a long time.

During the period of time she was in the Red Moon Desert, she also didnt correspond with her family through letters.

However, her father and mother indeed were grateful to Chu Liuyue, and they sometimes missed her even more than they missed Mu Hongyu.

Hence, it wasnt wrong to say this.

Luo Shishi found it strange.

“It seems like Junior Sister Hongyu and Chu Yue are really close…”

If they are normal friends, why would a young ladys parents care about him so much And seeing Mu Hongyus appearance, it does seem like she isnt ordinarily close to Chu Yue… An unknown sadness crept into Luo Shishis heart.

She pressed her lips against each other and said, “Chu Yue isnt at Jiuheng Peak now.

Shes at Fengmin Mountain.”

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