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The corners of Elder Wen Xis eyes twitched. Aiyo! Why did this kid say it directly! I had been thinking for so long, and I didnt know how to speak! 

“Fengmin Mountain What place is that” Mu Hongyu looked confused.

She had just come to the academy, so she naturally didnt know what Fengmin Mountain meant.

Since she said it… Itll be better to say it upfront. Elder Wen Xi silently advised himself in his heart and explained, “This incident has to be explained starting from when all of us went to the Flood-Desert Northern Region…”

Elder Wen Xi used about ten minutes to explain the entire incident to Mu Hongyu once.

Actually, much of this incident had been spread far and wide outside, so it was fine if they talked about it.

He just saw that Mu Hongyu didnt seem to know much about it, so he didnt know where to start.

But upon deeper thought, these things had to be said sooner or later, so he decided to say it directly.

“…Thats roughly what happened.

During this period of time, Chu Yue has been locked up at Fengmin Mountain.

Bo Yan hasnt said when he can come out, so Im not sure either.”

Mu Hongyu widened her eyes slightly and digested this after some time.

After reacting, she hurriedly asked, “How is Chu Yue now”

Elder Wen Xi comforted, “Dont worry about this.

He went to Fengmin Mountain after he woke up, and he seems to have pretty much recovered.

Logically speaking, nothing much will happen to him.”

Mu Hongyu was still worried.

“But didnt you just say that Fengmin Mountain is very dangerous She—”

“Um… I think that you dont have to be too worried about this.

He has gone to Fengmin Mountain twice previously, and he seemed to be fine…” Elder Wen Xi was rather open-minded about this.

After witnessing that kids ability to get into trouble, he actually felt that he didnt need to be too worried.

Under such circumstances in the Flood-Desert Northern Region, he could still have a twist of fate and directly break through to become a stage-nine warrior from an intermediate stage-eight one.

There was no need to be worried about such a person.

Mu Hongyu then felt slightly more at ease. Thats true.

Liuyue can always convert dangers into benefits, and this is just a punishment in the academy, so it should be fine. 

“Then, Ill cultivate first and wait for him to come out!” Mu Hongyu quickly adjusted her mindset and smiled.

Luo Shishi was stunned by this dazzling smile and couldnt help but ask, “Hongyu, are you… really not worried at all”

During this period of time, Luo Shishi actually couldnt sleep well as her mind kept recalling Chu Yues bloody and disheveled appearance.

Additionally, many people were still waiting to cause trouble for him outside…

This was really worrying.

However, it seemed like Mu Hongyu didnt have this consideration.

“Of course, Im worried!” Mu Hongyu nodded, and she changed her tone.

“However, I believe in her!”

The life and death experiences they had experienced together in the past made her always believe in Chu Liuyue unconditionally.

Luo Shishi was slightly dazed.

“Shishi, bring Hongyu around first.

Ill go to Hua Fengs to take a look.”

“Hm Oh, okay.” Luo Shishi recovered her senses and hurriedly agreed.

Elder Wen Xi handed Mu Hongyu to Luo Shishi assuringly and quickly left.

Luo Shishi thought for a while and said, “Shall we go to Qing Ming Square to check it out first Chu Yue got onto the Qing Yun Ranking not long after he came to the academy.

When we get there, Ill tell you about it in detail.”

Mu Hongyu nodded excitedly and gratefully.

“Thank you, Senior Sister!”

Luo Shishi smiled.

“Youre Chu Yues friend, so youre naturally my friend.

Lets go!”

“Hua Feng, why are you looking for me” Elder Wen Xi quickly rushed to Elder Hua Feng and asked this question as he walked into the house.

Elder Wen Xi looked inside and realized that his friend was sitting behind the study table and staring at an item dazedly.

“What are you looking at” Elder Wen Xi walked over and was about to reach out to take it.

Elder Hua Feng hurriedly stopped him.

“Hey! Dont touch it!”

Elder Wen Xi wasnt angry, but he became even more curious as he leaned in and looked toward that item.

“What item are you hiding so preciously…”

Elder Hua Feng looked up, and his expression was solemn.

Elder Wen Xi suddenly felt that something was amiss, and his heart slightly skipped a beat.

Elder Hua Feng closed the door outside.

At the same time, a barrier appeared in the surroundings.

Elder Wen Xi felt even more uneasy. According to my understanding of Hua Feng, something mustve happened for him to behave in this manner. 

His teasing smile froze slightly.

“Whats the matter”

Elder Hua Feng paused and looked very conflicted.

After a while, he moved his fingers.

The item on the table flew up and quietly floated in the air under his control.

It was a squarish piece of paper with one thin layer, but its material was very good and even glowed with a faint jade light—holy and pure.

On it, countless rays of light intersected and formed a very complicated Xuan formation.

Elder Wen Xi stared at it for quite a while and felt dizzy before he hurriedly averted his gaze.

“What Xuan formation is this How is it so strong!”

Although he wasnt a Xuan Master, he had been in the academy for so many years, and there was a powerful Xuan Master like Elder Hua Feng beside him.

Hence, he had some understanding of Xuan formations.

He had seen quite a few advanced Xuan formations, but the Xuan formation here couldnt be considered the most complicated one he had seen.

Yet, it exuded a strong aura.

He only stared at it, and he could already feel the harsh combative and murderous intent that seemed to want to break the paper and directly rush out!

Elder Hua Feng waved his hands, and that piece of paper flew back again.

He then picked up a paperweight and placed it in the middle.

The shocking ripples then gradually appeased.

“You can also feel how strong this Xuan formation is” Elder Hua Feng knitted his brows.

“But this isnt even a complete Xuan formation.”

“What” Elder Wen Xi was taken aback. An incomplete Xuan formation is this formidable.

If it is complete… It is hard to imagine just how shocking it would be!

“Where did you get this Xuan formation from” According to my understanding of Hua Feng, he shouldnt be able to execute such a terrifying Xuan formation, right 

“Do you remember me previously telling you we had met with quite a few troubles on the road after we reached the Flood-Desert Northern Region And that there was one time we were even trapped by a Xuan formation”

Elder Wen Xi nodded.

“Yeah, I do.

Hiss… Could this be that…”

“This isnt that Xuan formation.” Elder Hua Feng rubbed his temple and smiled helplessly.

“Even I cant execute that Xuan formation now.

This… is the Xuan formation that Chu Yue drew.

He only recalled a part of it, so during this time, Ive been trying to replicate that Xuan formation.

Even now, I cant do it completely and only finished a part of it, but… Youve also seen its strength.”

Elder Wen Xi knew that Chu Yue had contributed to them escaping back then, but he didnt know many details.


Elder Hua Feng took a deep breath in and said every word carefully after some time.

“This Xuan formation is extremely similar to the one the first director left behind!”

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