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The first director that only existed in distant rumors was one that even Elder Hua Feng and the rest couldnt be compared to.

Back then, that person created Ling Xiao Academy on his own and left behind many of his precious items, which were all kept and treasured in the academys secret library.

Over the past thousands of years, only the directors and specific elders could enter.

Elder Hua Feng was coincidentally one of them.

That was also the reason why he could personally witness the Xuan formation the first director had left behind.

However, it was a pity that this Xuan formation contained too much strength, and it was too hard for Elder Hua Feng—who wasnt capable enough—to remember it thoroughly.

But even if he only recalled a portion of it, it would be extremely beneficial for him.

Back at Flood-Desert Northern Region, he already felt that it was faintly familiar when he was trapped in the gigantic barrier, but he wasnt too sure.

After he came back, he recalled the Xuan formation Chu Yue drew for him in detail and slowly repaired it bit by bit.

Now, he had already solved more than half of this Xuan formation, and he could finally confirm that this Xuan formation was indeed extremely similar to the one left behind by the first director.

Of course, he didnt dare to confirm that it was the same Xuan formation.

After all, if these things were the slightest bit different, the effects would be vastly different.

However, he could basically confirm that this Xuan formation did have some relation to the first director!

Upon hearing this, Elder Wen Xi was also stunned and couldnt recover his senses for a long time.

“D-do you know what youre saying” Elder Wen Xi spoke with much difficulty.

He felt his throat tighten and become hoarse.

His first reaction wasimpossible, but rationality told him that nothing was impossible.

Even though Elder Hua Feng liked to joke normally, he was definitely serious about this type of issue.

He could even confirm that Elder Hua Feng mustve compared it repeatedly on his own and basically confirmed the situation before he found him.

Elder Hua Feng bitterly laughed.

“I dont know what to say now either.

Perhaps… we should tell Bo Yan about this.”

Elder Wen Xi fell silent for a moment.

“Lets not be so anxious.

Recently, there have been many matters in the academy that he has to handle.

I think hes quite busy as well, so why dont we discuss this first… You said that Chu Yue told you about this Xuan formation Even though he is talented as a Xuan Master, he shouldnt know such an advanced and complicated Xuan formation, right”

Elder Hua Feng calmed down for a while before telling Elder Wen Xi about that days incident in detail.

The room was completely silent.

After a while, Elder Wen Xi then asked, “So this means that Chu Yue accidentally saw this Xuan formation”

Elder Hua Feng nodded and said, “Thats what he said, but I dont know the authenticity of his words.”

This matter was serious, and one had to maintain a doubtful attitude toward every aspect of it.

“I think this Xuan formation is very likely to be related to the first director.

As for whether Chu Yue knows about this, we have to ask him.” Elder Wen Xis gaze landed on that piece of paper again.

This type of paper was specifically used by Xuan Masters to carve their advanced Xuan formations and was very precious.

However, one could clearly write their Xuan formations down on it, so it was widely loved by the Xuan Masters.

The rays of light glowed iridescently, but who wouldve expected that the Xuan formation hid such a big mystery

“…Actually, I think that Chu Yue might not know about it.

If he did, why would he directly tell you about the Xuan formation” said Elder Wen Xi hesitantly.

Elder Hua Feng couldnt deny it.

“Since this has already happened, we have to solve it first.

Youre right—Bo Yan has been pretty tired recently.

We should talk about this after Chu Yue comes out of Fengmin Mountain.”

For the past few days, he had felt unsettled by this matter.

In the end, he had no choice but to call Elder Wen Xi over and discuss with him.

Now that he had confirmed his train of thought, he felt a slight sense of relief.

Elder Wen Xi nodded as well.

“This matter has great implications.

Before we have any concrete evidence, we must be discreet.”

Chu Liuyue was unconscious for two days and nights before she slowly woke up.

She tried her best to open her eyes, and it was blurry.

Before she could see that persons face, a familiar cold fragrance wafted toward her nose.

That was the smell that allowed her to sleep peacefully during this period.

Her originally uneasy heart settled down suddenly.

“Rong Xiu” Her vision became clearer bit by bit.

With Rong Xius help, she sat up and surveyed her surroundings.

It was empty, and there was a jade bed below her.

“This is the second floor of Fengmin Mountain,” explained Rong Xiu.

“You previously met with an accident when you tried to break through to become an intermediate stage-nine warrior, and the forces clashed, so you fainted.

For the past two days, you have been recovering here.”

Rong Xiu explained the entire incident to her in a few sentences.

Chu Liuyue rubbed her temples and felt her entire body ache. Previously… 

Suddenly, she stopped in her actions and wanted to get down from the bed! Father! 

But as she had been lying down for two whole days… Now that she suddenly got up, her vision instantly turned black, and her legs became weak as she almost collapsed onto the ground.

Rong Xiu held her up by the waist and slightly furrowed his sharp brows.

“You havent fully recovered yet, so you cant run around for now.”

During the past two days, he kept using his own force to heal her body, and about 50% of it had recovered with much difficulty.

But for the next few days, she had to recuperate properly to return to normal.

After all, failing to break through was not a small matter.

Besides, it was a breakthrough to become an intermediate stage-nine warrior.

It was only because her body was strong that she could endure the impact of the force.

If it were someone else, their situation would be more severe, and they might not even be able to continue cultivating.

Chu Liuyue was very worried and grabbed Rong Xius sleeves tightly.

“B-but Father is very dangerous now!”

If something happens to him—

Chu Liuyue could never forgive herself if so.

For the longest time, she wanted to save her father but kept getting delayed by everything, dragging on until now.

But in actual fact, she could make it if she wanted to go!

Rong Xiu held her wrist.

“Where are you going to go now Do you even know where he is”

This sentence was like a bucket of cold water that instantly calmed Chu Liuyue.

She closed her eyes, and all the energy in her body seemed to be sucked away. Oh yeah.

I only know that Father should be in the God Residence Realm, but I dont know his exact location.

The only item that had a connection with Father was broken, and our last hint of hope is now gone.

How hard will it be to find him 

Rong Xiu hugged her and slightly patted her back.

He then lowered his voice, and it was filled with tolerance and gentleness.

“Dont worry.

Ive already sent someone to check secretly, and they should be able to bring us news soon.”

Chu Liuyue placed her forehead on his shoulders and nodded lightly.

“Rong Xiu, you—” Elder Meng just walked down the stairs and was about to say something when he bumped into this scene and lost his voice.

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