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This was the thing Chu Liuyue wanted to know the most now.

No matter if it was connecting her to Black Demon Hole or revealing that the Heavenly Square Cauldron was with her… These matters were extremely secretive.

All along, she had been very meticulous, terrified that something would leak.

This was because she knew too well that if word got out, she would be in a lot of trouble.

But she didnt expect that despite being so careful, someone still schemed against her! She thought that she had hidden it very well, yet she didnt know that someone was already staring at her in the dark!

Who exactly is the other party And how much do they know Chu Liuyue couldnt be sure. I have too many secrets with me.

Revealing any one of them would cause a huge commotion! According to my current abilities, it would be very hard for me to deal with these problems… 

Elder Wen Xi was dazed for a moment and shook his head.

“I dont know yet.

It seems like those aristocratic families all found out about it overnight.

Bo Yan has already sent someone to check, but…”

It would be weird if they could find out about it.

The other party clearly came prepared, so why would they make a mistake on this small matter

“So it means someone sent this news to all of them at the same time” Chu Liuyue thought to herself.

“There might be this possibility, but… It should be like this.” Elder Wen Xi hesitated for a moment before expressing his agreement.

“The letters to all these aristocratic families seemed to have been sent at the same time.

If the rumors were spread amongst themselves one by one, their reactions wouldnt be so unified and fast.


Chu Liuyue smiled.

“The God Residence Realm is extremely large.

All the aristocratic families have their own territories and are very far away from each other, so it isnt easy for the culprits to tell all of them the news at the same time…”

Her black gem-like eyes had few hints of mockery. In order to defeat her, the other party has spent all their efforts. 

“Chu Yue, you…” When Elder Meng heard this, his expression turned grave, and his wrinkles were all creased together.

“Who exactly did you offend”

Why would the other party spend so much effort going against him 

Chu Liuyue touched her chin, spread her hands, and smiled slightly.

“Ive offended too many people.

I cant figure out who it is in such a short amount of time.”

“…” Elder Wen Xi and Elder Meng exchanged glances and had nothing to say to this. According to Chu Yues personality, he could do such a thing… But why can this kid still smile now! Does he know how severe these allegations are Whichever one is verified… Even if he is accused, he will never make a comeback! 

If everyone from those aristocratic families steps on Chu Yue once, it can cause him to stay in the 18 layers of hell and never make a comeback! Even if Ling Xiao Academy and Rong Xiu protect him with their all, it is no use! 

Chu Liuyue bowed respectfully to Elder Meng.

“Thank you for taking care of me during this period of time, Elder Meng.

Im very grateful.”

Elder Meng knew that she had made up her mind.

He looked at her with a complicated expression.

“You… be careful.”

The corner of Chu Liuyues lips curled up.

She nodded and looked at Elder Wen Xi.

“Elder, lets go.”

Why wouldnt Elder Wen Xi feel terrible But he had no other choice now, and they could only take it one step at a time.

He acknowledged and bade Elder Meng farewell before he left with Chu Liuyue.

Elder Wen Xi glanced at him and didnt object to it.

Instead, he felt more secure. It seems like Rong Xiu doesnt plan on just sitting by the side.

With the Sky-Cloud Empire supporting her, their situation will be much better.

It will make those people fearful to some extent. 

Those few people left quickly.

The door slowly closed and separated everything from the outside world.

There was dead silence in the area.

After a while, Elder Meng sighed and turned to go upstairs.

Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu followed Elder Wen Xi directly to Dong Huang Clock Tower.

This wasnt Chu Liuyues first time here.

During the few months she had been enrolled in the academy, she had come here more than most of the other students.

Of course, there was never something good.

It was like this every time, and it was even… worse than before.

The Chi Xiao Sword incident was at least considered an internal affair in the academy.

The elders took into consideration the fact that she was an academy student and didnt harshly pursue responsibility.

Besides, she had evensaved Rong Xiu back then.

She used her merits to pay for her wrongdoings, and this matter just passed.

But this time… All those aristocratic families pressured her from the outside.

How could it be settled so easily

When she entered the hall, it was totally solemn.

Elder Bo Yan sat at the front, and many important elders sat on both sides of him.

Elder Wan Zheng was naturally one of them.

“Hes here,” said Elder Wen Xi as he was at the front and continued walking in.

Chu Liuyue instantly felt that the gazes were materialized, and they suppressed her body heavily.

At that moment, even the surrounding air became sticky and cold.

Chu Liuyue still looked calm on the surface.

As she walked to the middle, she bowed to the crowd.

“Im Chu Yue.

Greetings, Elders.”

Rong Xiu stood beside her and was just half an arms length away.

Seeing that he followed over, Elder Bo Yan found it strange. Previously, I told someone to invite Rong Xiu over, but why did he come with Chu Yue and Wen Xi 

As if seeing through his doubts, Elder Wen Xi coughed and explained, “When I went to Fengmin Mountain, Rong Xiu was coincidentally there.”

The crowd then understood.

There was nothing weird about it.

Others couldnt go to Fengmin Mountain, but Rong Xiu could.

Elder Bo Yan nodded at Rong Xiu and pointed toward an empty seat that was specifically left behind.

“Its good that youre here too.

Rong Xiu, take a seat.”

That position was very close to Elder Bo Yan, which showed how highly he thought of him.

Clearly, they didnt treat Rong Xiu as a student.

Today, Rong Xius identity was the Sky-Cloud Empires His Grace!

Rong Xiu didnt decline it.

He acknowledged it, stretched his long legs, and walked over to sit down directly.

Elder Wen Xi glanced at Chu Liuyue worriedly before sitting on his own seat.

The door was closed.

Inside the spacious and elegant hall, it was so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

A layer of barrier was slightly shaking on the wall, which sealed the inside.

All the sounds and commotions here wouldnt spread outside.

“Chu Yue, did Wen Xi tell you about the current situation earlier” Elder Bo Yan straightened his body.

His pair of deep and experienced eyes stared straight at Chu Liuyue as he asked this with a deep voice.

Chu Liuyue nodded lightly.

“I roughly know about it.”

“Then, what do you have to say now” Elder Bo Yan held the chairs handle tightly with one hand.

“Do you have any relationship with Black Demon Hole And did you participate in the Flood-Desert Northern Region matters Additionally… Is the Heavenly Square Cauldron with you!”

Straightforward and brief, yet sharp questioning!

At that moment, the originally silent hall became even colder.

Countless pairs of eyes landed on Chu Liuyue as they all awaited her answer.

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly.

“I have nothing to do with Black Demon Hole, and I was also a victim in the Flood-Desert Northern Region.

As for the Heavenly Square Cauldron… Do you think I can still safely be alive if I have one of the top ten holy weapons”

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