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Everyone in the God Residence Realm knew that Baili Chun had been in seclusion for a few years and didnt make much noise.

They didnt expect him to suddenly appear today!

Has he come… out of seclusion However, Ling Xiao Academy doesnt seem like it has invited him for todays incident, right After all, the Sky-Cloud Empires His Grace, Rong Xiu, is right at Ling Xiao Academy! Additionally, Rong Xiu has already expressed that he is standing on the same side as Ling Xiao Academy. 

Why did Baili Chun suddenly come at this point Could it be that he… came to speak for Ling Xiao Academy 

The crowd had their own thoughts, but they didnt show it on their faces.

They got up and greeted him respectively.

Not to mention others, but Baili Chuns status was indeed quite high.

Even though he didnt have much actual power now… they had to give him face.

He was the Sky-Cloud Empires clan leader after all.

Elder Wen Xi also led people to welcome him and had a flattering smile on his face.

“So its Clan Leader Baili! Why are you here! We didnt manage to welcome you properly—its our fault.”

Baili Chuns movement technique was light, and there were no energy ripples around him at all.

The crowd was stunned when they saw him. It clearly seems like he has broken through again! 

Detecting the changes in the surrounding gazes, Baili Chuns originally depressed emotions became much better.

He knew very clearly in his heart that during the few years he was in seclusion, all the power had shifted to Rong Xiu.

The crowd would just think that he was a mere clan leader in name, and they werent fearful at all.

But luckily, his abilities had strengthened!

These people naturally had to look up to him.

Even if they thought about all sorts of things, they still had to treat him respectfully on the surface!

At any point, a harder fist was much more useful than anything!

Baili Chun stroked his beard, smiled, and said, “Elder Wen Xi, you dont have to be polite.

I came here uninvited because I was interested.

You can do whatever you want to do! You dont have to care about me!”

However, Elder Wen Xis heart was filled with ridicule. You speak easily! Originally, everyones positions were arranged.

Now that Baili Chun has suddenly come, I have to find an additional seat for him.

Besides, his status is important, and I cant really find a random chair for him to sit on at the side! 

After much thinking, Elder Wen Xi could only extend his long arm.

“Then… come up please!”

There were slightly more seats left on Ling Xiao Academys side as some of them were specifically left for the academy elders.

But now, they could only free up a seat.

Thinking of this, Elder Wen Xi glanced at the young man behind Baili Chun.

That young man looked like he was 27 or 28.

He had a slim figure and wasnt considered tall.

He was decked in a sky-blue cotton robe and had a white jade belt around his waist.

He looked ordinary with distinct features.

He didnt look… special.

But to be safe, Elder Wen Xi still asked, “May I know who this is—”

“This is Xiao Liu; he accompanied me on this trip.

You dont have to care about him; he can just stand behind me.” Baili Chun waved his hands as if he were nonchalant.

Elder Wen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. It seems like he is just a companion and not anyone important. 

“Youre too polite.

We have spare chairs here, and well add one for him.

Its nothing big.” As he spoke, Elder Wen Xi glanced at his subordinates.

There werent many important spaces but many ordinary chairs.

Everyone else in the other families had places to sit, so how could they let this young man stand on his own

A chair was quickly moved over and placed behind Baili Chun on his left side.

Baili Chun laughed, and the wrinkles near the corner of his eyes deepened.

“Xiao Liu, are you not going to thank Elder Wen Xi”

That young man instantly acknowledged it and gave his thanks respectfully.

“Thank you, Elder Wen Xi.”

Thats weird… I just gave this young man an extra chair.

Why does it feel like Baili Chuns mood and attitude have become much better Elder Wen Xi muttered in his heart. Probably because… he was treated with importance After all, this young man is his man.

Besides, there are so many people in the Sky-Cloud Empire, but Baili Chun only brought this one over.

He clearly liked him more.

It wont be wrong to take better care of him. 

Elder Wen Xi suppressed his doubts and smiled kindly.

“Clan Leader Baili, please sit down—the both of you! Bo Yan and the rest should be out real soon, and Rong Xiu—”

A sound was suddenly heard from the side!

The crowd looked up in unison.

Not far away, an opening appeared on the gigantic barrier outside of Ling Xiao Academy.

A few figures flew out from within—they were Elder Bo Yan and the rest!

Elder Wen Xi and the others heaved a sigh of relief. Theyre finally here! 

After this, the atmosphere became peculiar.

The people that didnt get to sit in time greeted Elder Bo Yan and the others.

At this point, everyone was very polite.

Elder Bo Yan had a smile on his face as well.

No matter what, they had to do the perfunctory work.

Elder Wen Xi reminded him, “Clan Leader Baili is also here.”

“What” Elder Bo Yan was taken aback and looked over in the direction he was pointing.

Indeed, he saw Baili Chun.

Isnt this person… in seclusion Why did he come out today and even come here An idea popped up in Bo Yans mind, and he smiled with even deeper meaning.

“Hahaha! Clan Leader Baili, what an important guest! Why did you have time to come over today”

I wonder if Rong Xiu knows.

Why didnt he mention it at all 

Baili Chun cupped his fists and smiled as well.

“I came so suddenly.

Elder Bo Yan, you wouldnt mind, right”

“Why would I! You brought honor to Fangzhou City by coming! Haha, please sit quickly!”

The two of them exchanged pleasantries.

In the square, it looked rather harmonious.

Finally, a sudden voice sounded and broke this thin illusion.

“Elder Bo Yan, were all here, but why dont we see Chu Yue Could it be that so many people cant even get him to come out!”

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