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Once this was said, the venue fell silent for a moment.

Elder Wen Xi sized Chu Liuyue up in shock and realized that her surrounding aura was indeed much stronger than before!

“You… broke through!” he muttered in disbelief. Didnt this kid say that he wasnt feeling well a few days ago At that time, Elder Meng also looked very worried, which caused me to feel uneasy for a few days.

But not only did his injuries recover, he even broke through in the blink of an eye! 

As Chu Liuyue had the Yuan instrument given by Dugu Mobao that specifically hid ones aura, Elder Wen Xi and the rest couldnt detect her current cultivation level even when standing near her.

Chu Liuyue said rather embarrassedly, “I just broke through to become an intermediate stage-nine warrior.”

Actually, she could continue breaking through.

In the pagoda, she seemed to have entered a mysterious and peculiar state.

The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force kept entering her body, and it merged with her veins and bones at an extraordinary speed.

The entire process was natural and smooth.

Chu Liuyue was determined and didnt allow any accidents to happen this time.

She smoothly broke through to an intermediate stage-nine warrior.

After that, her body didnt stop absorbing that force.

Chu Liuyue knew very clearly that if she continued cultivating, she could basically successfully break through to become a peak stage-nine warrior.

On the one hand, she already had a Tianjing Yuan meridian now and had outstanding talent.

On the other hand, she originally had memories and experience in this aspect, so she could directly break through on her own without any guidance from others.

But after some thought, she still decided to pause.

Any cultivator had the wish to become stronger, and Chu Liuyue wasnt an exception.

However, she had always been very meticulous in this aspect.

She felt that her recent speed of breaking through was a little too fast.

Even if it was mainly because she encountered some unexpected events in between, she was still very careful.

“But…” The corner of Elder Wen Xis lips twitched. Is this phrasing really suitable! 

But looking at Chu Liuyues genuine appearance, he couldnt say anything to retort her. This kid… This kid is essentially a maniac! Didnt I already know it since the first day he entered the academy! 

On the other hand, Elder Wan Zheng quickly accepted this fact.

“Hahaha! You are indeed my—Wan Zhengs disciple!”

Elder Wen Xi glanced at him deeply. Can you not be so quick to accept it Even if stranger things happen to your disciple, you will feel that its normal, right!

The calmest one was Rong Xiu.

Chu Liuyue had stayed at Fengmin Mountain these few days, so he knew that she wanted to try to break through again.

This wasnt a difficult task for her, but what surprised him was that she didnt even break through to become a peak stage-nine warrior and even…

She probably didnt have enough time… Rong Xius expression changed.

“Forget it, forget it.

Lets not talk about this first.

Its getting late, and those people are already waiting outside.

Lets quickly go over!” Elder Wen Xi reacted and hurriedly urged them.

Chu Liuyue slightly nodded, and the corner of her lips curled up.


Her eyes dazzled like the stars, and she looked relaxed and leisurely as if she didnt realize what kind of trouble was waiting for her.

Elder Wen Xi sighed in his heart. No matter what, we have to protect this kid!

“Chu Yue!” Just when the few people were rushing toward the outside of the academy, a familiar voice sounded.

Chu Liuyue stopped in her tracks and looked over.

Those few people were rushing over from the opposite mountain.

Luo Shishi, Luo Yanming, and Zhuo Sheng were all familiar people.

The most important thing was that there was a face she hadnt seen in a long time.

Chu Liuyues heart tingled, and the corner of her lips curled up.

“Hongyu, why are you here”

Even though she did come out a few days ago, she went directly to Dong Huang Clock Tower.

After discussing with Elder Bo Yan and the others, she directly returned to Fengmin Mountain, so nobody told her about Mu Hongyu coming to the academy.

Now that Chu Liuyue suddenly saw her, she was very surprised.

Mu Hongyus almond-like eyes lit up, and she hurriedly rushed over.

She originally wanted to go over and give Chu Liuyue a huge hug, but when she reached the latter, she suddenly recalled that Chu Liuyue had come here with another identity.

Hence, she hurriedly stopped in her tracks.

However, her happily dancing manner was clearly seen by the surrounding crowd.

“Ive been here for a few days! However, youve been staying at Fengmin Mountain the whole time, so we didnt meet.” Mu Hongyu spoke emotionally as she sized Chu Liuyue up.

“How have you been these few months in the academy”

She had mostly heard about those incidents and couldnt help but be worried.

Chu Liuyue couldnt help but lightly knock against her forehead.

“Do I look like Im not okay”

Anyone could tell that these two people were very close.

Luo Shishi pressed her lips together and felt an ache in her heart. I have never seen Chu Yue this comfortable and casual with any woman.

Is Mu Hongyu… indeed different Such a Chu Yue is quite different from the polite and well-mannered one I know. 

Luo Yanming glanced at his own relative from the corner of his eyes and sighed in his heart.

However, he also heaved a sigh of relief. Outsiders can see it the clearest.

Chu Yue clearly doesnt like Luo Shishi and only treats her as a friend.

Now that things havent gone south, it is best for her to give up. 

Seeing that Chu Liuyue could still joke, Mu Hongyu felt much more secure.

“I knew you could definitely do it!”

Chu Liuyue looked at her and suddenly asked strangely, “You broke through to become a stage-nine warrior”

“Yeah! Before I came here, I broke through at the Red—home.” Mu Hongyu stuck her tongue out.

“Mentor and the rest sent me here.”

Chu Liuyue instantly understood. It seems like Diwu Zhangze and the rest helped her. 

While she was surprised, Chu Liuyue couldnt help but sigh emotionally. With such a physique and talent, others cant be envious of Mu Hongyu.

I managed to break through to become a peak stage-nine warrior in such a short time because of all sorts of fateful twists.

However, Mu Hongyu just cultivated with Diwu Zhangze and the rest at the Red Moon Desert for a few months to successfully break through and become a stage-nine warrior.

If word got out, many people would be envious. 

“Chu Yue, Hongyu, if you want to catch up, why dont you do it later” Elder Wen Xi couldnt help but interrupt.

“The time…”

Chu Liuyue smiled and nodded.

Although she wasnt worried that she would be late, she didnt want to put Elder Wen Xi in a difficult spot.

“Youre right.

Hongyu, Ill go first then.

You can wait for me in the academy.”

However, Mu Hongyu suddenly took a step forward.

“Chu Yue, I want… to go with you!”

She faintly knew what was going on outside and was very worried.

At this point, she didnt want to let Liuyue face it alone.

It was fine even if she just stood beside her.

Elder Wen Xi knitted his brows.

“This isnt—”

“Okay.” Chu Liuyue nodded lightly and agreed to Mu Hongyus request.

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