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Rong Xiu smiled slightly, and his thin lips curled up into an extremely faint smile, yet the depths of his phoenix eyes were nonchalant.

“Greetings, Clan Leader.”

He lightly nodded, but even though he was greeting, his entire aura wasnt reduced at all.

This made his elegant, distinguished, and peerless manner even more obvious.

In front of Baili Chun, he didnt lose out at all.

Baili Chuns heart sank. After not seeing him for a few years, the current Rong Xiu is even harder to handle than back then.

I can even recall Rong Xius youthful appearance when I chose to go into seclusion back then.

In the blink of an eye, that young man actually turned into another person and became a huge power holder today! I still underestimated Rong Xiu!

“Clan Leader, I didnt know you came out of seclusion.

I didnt hear the news.” Rong Xiu chuckled.

“If I knew, I would definitely come forward to welcome you personally.”

Baili Chun suppressed the overwhelming emotions in his heart.

“It just happened two days ago.

I originally wanted to send you a message to tell you, but I later heard about the incident here, so I decided to come forward personally.

I thought wed meet eventually, so I didnt trouble them any longer.”

“I see.

Clan Leader seems to have broken through again after coming out of seclusion this time I really have to congratulate you.”

This sentence finally made Baili Chuns expression loosen up.

He grunted and pulled at the corner of his lips.

“This cant compare to the sudden improvements you made the past few years, Your Grace.”

However, this wasnt him being polite.

After exiting seclusion, he specifically asked Yu Jing and the rest a few questions.

Among them included questions about Rong Xius current ability.

But in actual fact, Yu Jing and the rest didnt have much understanding of this.

That was because Rong Xiu didnt spend a lot of time in the Sky-Cloud Empire in the last few years.

And every time he came back, it was basically in a hurry.

So how would they know

It was just an occasional and rough guess.

But even so, it wasnt hard to guess Rong Xius basic abilities.

After being taken aback, although Baili Chun was unhappy, he could only accept it.

Rong Xiu was originally a genius that appeared only once in a thousand years, so it was normal for him to have such a cultivation speed.

Others couldnt be envious at all, including him.

Rong Xius gaze lightly swept past the young man at the side, but it was cold and as harsh as a blade.

Jiang Zhiyuans heart tightened.

Without raising her head, she could already feel Rong Xius gaze wrapping her as if he could directly see through her.

She guiltily hung her head even lower. My face is disguised.

My figure and even my aura were hidden by Baili Chun specifically as well.

Logically speaking, there shouldnt be any loopholes…

“Who is this Why havent I seen him before” Rong Xiu spoke up and asked slowly.

Baili Chun knitted his brows.

“Xiao Liu—I just promoted him from below.

I saw that he had quite a lot of potential, so I decided to bring him around.

There are so many people in the Sky-Cloud Empire, Your Grace.

You might not have seen every single one of them, right”

Rong Xiu suddenly laughed.

“Youre right.

Its definitely not an ordinary person that can gain your liking.

My eyesight is probably bad, and I actually didnt realize such a person existed in the past.”

As long as he had seen them before, he recognized every single person in the entire Sky-Cloud Empire—even if it was a humble servant.

And this person… Rong Xiu smiled and retracted his gaze.

Without that oppressive gaze, Jiang Zhiyuan instantly heaved a sigh of relief in her heart.

A gush of coldness attacked her.

Then, she realized that her back was drenched in cold sweat.

She secretly gritted her teeth. Rong Xiu just looked at me twice.

Why am I so useless… I just hope that he cant see anything! 

Originally, Jiang Zhiyuan wanted to take the chance to look at the charming face.

After all, they hadnt seen each other in a long time.

But at this point, Rong Xius sentences made her feel very guilty, and she naturally didnt dare to move around casually.

She simply looked down, stood at the side, and didnt dare say another word.

Baili Chun smiled in a fake manner.

“Your Grace is busy, so you naturally dont have time to care about this.”

There were secret ripples between the duo.

Quite a few people looked over with complicated gazes, and their minds were active. It seems like… the two people with the most power and status in the Sky-Cloud Empire arent on good terms 

They heard that back when Rong Xiu was found and returned to the Sky-Cloud Empire, this Clan Leader Baili was very against him entering the clan.

He even suggested punishing Rong Xiu in the harshest manner on several occasions.

Those punishments would be hard to tolerate even for decent cultivators, let alone Rong Xiu, who was still a child back then.

If it werent because Rong Xiu took the initiative to summon the Extreme God Sundial and his shocking talent was tested out, he wouldve really died there.

This was also the reason why Rong Xiu and Baili Chuns relationship wasnt good.

This was especially so now, when Rong Xiu held great power, and his one sentence could summon the entire Sky-Cloud Empire.

Baili Chun had no more power in his hands and was only aclan leader in name.

How could the two of them stand each other

“Please rest first.

Ill go over.” Rong Xiu seemed to ignore Baili Chuns clear and secretive mockery.

After politely bowing to him, he turned around to leave.

From start to end, he had a distinguished pride that one couldnt pick out a flaw.

Seeing the tall and fit figure leave, Baili Chun was stifled.

Thinking back, they wanted to settle Rong Xiu directly.

But as he displayed outstanding talent, they still chose to let him stay after much discussion.

At that point, he actually didnt really care about Rong Xiu.

Even if his mother was the eldest daughter of the Sky-Cloud Empire, his fathers background was lowly.

With this background, he was destined to be unable to raise his head in the Sky-Cloud Empire in his entire life.

But later on, things started progressing out of his control.

It was only until Rong Xiu fought with his life and ascended the position of His Grace that he shockingly realized that he had completely underestimated this young man!

But at that time, everything was too late.

Hence, he could only accept the fact that Rong Xiu became His Grace.

However, he still misjudged Rong Xius ambitions and capabilities.

It was only until he exited seclusion that he realized he had never seen Rong Xiu clearly before.

All the previous matters were small tricks from Rong Xiu! Knowing this earlier, I shouldve just killed him back then! But what is the use of regretting now Baili Chun clenched his teeth and had a harsh expression.

On the other end, Rong Xiu seemed to be completely unaffected and directly sat beside Chu Liuyue.

“Hey, Rong Xiu, your seat is here—” Elder Bo Yan glanced at Rong Xiu from the corner of his eyes and pointed at the seat next to him, reminding the latter.

Rong Xiu leaned back and smiled slightly.

“Its the same no matter where I sit.”

An idea popped up in Elder Bo Yans mind, and he didnt continue insisting. Rong Xiu really… spends a lot of effort on Chu Yue. 

Chu Liuyue also turned around.

She blinked lightly. Originally, Rong Xiu and I should respectively sit on each side of Elder Bo Yan.

But now, it became me sitting in the middle of Elder Bo Yan and him.

Invisibly, the two powers surrounded me in the middle.

This is… clearly showing their support for me! 

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