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Everyone looked over with intense scrutiny and doubts in their eyes.

In comparison to Liang Shaokangs death, they cared about this more.

Black Demon Hole had a bad reputation in the God Residence Realm.

Even though they became more discreet these few years, it didnt change most peoples impression of them.

Hence, once they heard that Chu Liuyue was related to Black Demon Hole, the string in their brains instantly became tense.

Elder Bo Yan and the others looked over as well.

They didnt know what exactly was going on.

If Chu Liuyue couldnt clarify this, she would be surrounded and attacked!

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes slightly. My body has Black Demon Holes aura I only fought with the other party the previous few times, and I didnt do anything else.

Could that… be the reason why the so-called aura was left behind It shouldnt be! Ive never heard of another partys aura being left behind when fighting! 

She lightly said, “Lord Yao, please forgive me for not knowing what you mean.

I previously did have some conflict with people from Black Demon Hole, but thats it.

I dont know what the situation is for anything else.”

Elder Wan Zhengs expression changed slightly.

He couldnt help but ask softly, “Chu Yue, you once dealt with people from Black Demon Hole!”

Those people are all ferocious individuals.

If Chu Yue met with them, then—luckily, he is fine! 

It wasnt only Elder Wan Zheng.

Upon hearing Chu Liuyue say this, quite a few people in the surroundings were curious.

“People from Black Demon Hole havent come out in recent years.

Why did you, of all people, meet them” Yao Bin leaned his body forward, and his eyes were glued to Chu Liuyue with an extremely strong suppression.

“Do you have any witnesses or evidence for saying this!”

Witness Evidence Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue couldnt help but chuckle.

“Lord Yao, is there a need for me to lie about this”

Am I supposed to revive Shangguan Wan 

“Besides, them not appearing in public doesnt mean that they have never taken a single step out of their door, right From what I know, Black Demon Hole is formidable, and the entire clan is of decent scale.

Would they really obediently stay in their territory and not do anything for the past few years”

“Oh right, theres one thing I have to make clear to everyone—the person I dealt with is no longer part of Black Demon Hole.

As for who he exactly is, I have no idea.”

No longer from Black Demon Hole Then, how are we supposed to investigate it! 

Yao Bin suddenly said, “Chu Yue, my Purple Light Prefecture has fought with Black Demon Hole for many years, and were considered experienced.

I can confirm that you do have Black Demon Holes aura! If your conscience is really clear, do you dare to let me check!”

Chu Liuyues brows moved slightly.

Before she could speak, she heard Rong Xiu nonchalantly asking from the side, “Lord Yao, may I know how you plan on checking”

Yao Bin glanced at Rong Xiu and knew that he had the intention to stand up for Chu Yue. But if we dont investigate this matter clearly, I wont let it rest! Our Purple Light Prefecture wont easily let go of anyone who has relations to Black Demon Hole! 

Yao Bin retrieved something from his hand—it was a thumb ring that was entirely carved from purple jade.

It was crystal-like and iridescent.

When rays of light flowed through it, one could faintly see something slowly flowing inside.

An unignorable suppression exuded from it!

“This thumb ring can sharply detect Black Demon Holes aura.

If Chu Yues body has anything related to Black Demon Hole, it will definitely be forced out.

If he doesnt have it, then everything will be as per normal.” As Yao Bin spoke, he looked at Chu Liuyue.

“Chu Yue, do you dare to do this”

Even though accepting such a check in public was rather humiliating, this was, without a doubt, the sharpest and swiftest clarification method.

Speaking so much was no better than checking his body and proving it himself.

Chu Liuyue paused for a moment and nodded in agreement.


Anyway, my conscience is clear, so what is there to be afraid of 

Rong Xiu looked at her.

Seeing her determined expression, his thin lips moved slightly, but he didnt say anything in the end.

Yao Bin stood up and walked to the middle.

He said to Chu Liuyue, “Please come up.”

The two of them stood about ten steps apart.

Yao Bins expression became much more serious.

He raised his hand and immediately closed his eyes.

That thumb ring flew out from his hand and went straight for Chu Liuyue.

Very quickly, it stopped above Chu Liuyues head.

A whirring sound was heard!

Purple light instantly shone down like a waterfall, enveloping Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyues body was instantly completely covered by the purple light curtain! Instantly, there seemed to be countless sharp and cold blades scraping past her body!

Chu Liuyue furrowed her brows slightly.

But luckily, this pain wasnt very strong, so she endured it.

Everyone waited with bated breath.

Yao Bin stared at her closely without blinking.

Time seemed to pass extremely slowly.

Suddenly, a strange ripple came from the Cosmic Ring on Chu Liuyues hand!

That purple jade thumb ring spun rapidly, and the surrounding light seemed to be like water currents, forming a vortex around Chu Liuyue and letting out a sharp whir!

Yao Bins expression became harsh! There indeed is something wrong! 

Seeing this scene, the crowd was taken aback.

Some already couldnt hold themselves back and leaned forward, terrified that they would miss something. We wouldnt know if we didnt investigate, but once we did… This Chu Yue is indeed problematic! 

Elder Bo Yan and the rest exchanged a glance and saw the shock and strangeness in each others eyes. Didnt Chu Yue previously say that he had nothing to do with Black Demon Hole Now this…

Chu Liuyue looked down.

A ray of white light suddenly flashed across her mind!

Right! How did I forget about that wooden plaque

Previously, she had walked around leisurely with Luo Yanming and Zhuo Sheng in Fangzhou City.

At that time, she met a middle-aged man at a ground stall in the city.

That man was the soul that pursued her relentlessly! And that incident was when she obtained a wooden plaque from the other party—that was Black Demon Holes wooden plaque!

Black Demon Holes totem was clearly imprinted on it!

After forcing the other party to retreat, she had once thought of destroying that wooden plaque.

But after much thinking, she still put it aside.

She didnt expect it to give her such trouble today!

The whirring sound became even more shrill!

There seemed to be an invisible force digging toward that Cosmic Ring, wanting to force the wooden plaque out! But after some time, there were no signs of breaking open that Cosmic Ring.

Yao Bin knitted his brows tightly. Why is this Cosmic Rings defense so high! 

Chu Liuyue also suddenly thought of this, and her heart skipped a beat. This is Rong Xius Cosmic Ring; its also the symbol of His Graces status! It is normal that it can defend against Yao Bins strength, but to others, it might—

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