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Suddenly, the wheel with green and white colors overlapping each other turned slowly in the opposite direction.

In the middle where the pieces connected, a clicking sound was heard.

Upon closer hearing, it sounded like the teeth of the wheels closing together.

The wheels were joined together in a very intricate manner.

As the wheels turned and intertwined, a shocking suppression was formed!

The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force started rapidly gathering on this side! With one at the front and another at the back, it actually formed two energy vortices.

“Hiss… Its rather rare to be able to merge two holy forces in such a perfect manner… It seems like this young man isnt completely useless…”

“Someone that Baili Chun has his eyes on is indeed extraordinary… However, there still seems to be a gap between the two forces, so it cant be considered that theyve merged perfectly.”

“I think so too.

This person looks like hes in his twenties.

If hes a demigod… he isnt super talented.

Chu Yue opposite him is only 17, right Hes already a stage-nine warrior…”

“However, isnt it obvious who will win in this match”

This was a match that had nothing to do with their talent but their current combat skills!

There seemed to be a ball of fire in Jiang Zhiyuans heart that kept surging up, and it seemed as if it would explode from her chest in the next moment! Ive heard enough of such words! So what if hes more talented Before he becomes a true warrior, hes still trash! Today, I will take revenge for the new and old grudges together! 

“Go!” Jiang Zhiyuan hollered!

That gigantic wheel immediately started pressing toward Chu Liuyue! It didnt travel at a fast speed, but it was very normal and stable.

It seemed like it was overly leisurely, but wherever the wheel went past, space collapsed as large black holes appeared!

It showed how formidable this strength was!

Before it reached her, the winds howled crazily!

Chu Liuyues clothes flew with the wind, and her hair danced around!

She squinted her eyes slightly. The closer I am, the more I can feel the shocking strength between the overlapping wheels.

Once Im dragged into it, even my corpse wont be left behind! However, this is a competition where we have to determine a winner, so why did he execute such a killer move from the very start The young man that Baili Chun specifically brought over seems to have deep enmity and even murderous intent toward me! 

Chu Liuyue flicked her wrist, and a bright ray of blue and golden light flashed across!

The crowd felt that their vision went blurry as they saw an extra sword in Chu Liuyues hand.

That blue-golden light was from the sword sheath.

Chu Liuyue held the sword sheath with one hand as she raised her other hand and slowly clutched the thin, ice-cold sword hilt.

The surrounding force was urgent like a water current as the feather at the end shook slightly.

Chu Liuyues expression slowly darkened, and she held her breath in.

Her black, gem-like eyes—which seemed as deep as deep water in the sapphire lake—seemed to glow with a cold gleam.

Vague murderous intent silently stirred in the dark night.

Unknowingly, it wrapped the surroundings!

There seemed to be an invisible barrier around her that separated her from the outside world.

It was as if no matter what happened outside, she wouldnt be affected at all.

At this point, she still seemed calm and composed!

A few people secretly exchanged glances. This Chu Yue doesnt seem that simple…

Meeting that pair of ice-cold eyes, Jiang Zhiyuan instantly felt chills run down her spine! Indescribable terror rose from the bottom of her heart!

She clenched her teeth and tried hard to calm down as she suppressed her wildly beating heart. What should I be scared of! How strong can a stage-eight warrior be! Im currently two whole levels higher than the other party! Hes just putting up a front! 

Thinking like this, Jiang Zhiyuan felt much more at ease.

Chu Liuyue unsheathed her sword!

A water-colored ray of light cut through the sky!

“Thats—” Those with sharp eyes had a change in expression as they immediately sat up straight! They stared at that sword closely.

Everyone present was a strong warrior, so what good thing had they not seen before Their eyes were all very sharp.

The moment Chu Liuyue whipped out the Chi Xiao Sword, someone immediately felt that it was amiss.

“This is that legendary weapon that Golden Wings Sect and Ling Xiao Academy were fighting for in Ancient Feather Abyss”

“Thats the one! At the Flood-Desert Northern Region previously, Chu Yue also used this sword to slash open the mysterious spaces door! But… the aura of the sword didnt seem to be so shocking back then!”

“However, it is indeed the same sword! And didnt Jin Di previously suspect that its actually a—” Supreme Yuan instrument! 

Such aura, such suppression… How can a royal weapon have it! 

Even though everyone had heard of this news before, not many people took it to heart.

That was because a supreme Yuan instrument hadnt appeared in the God Residence Realm for way too long.

Additionally, they all knew of the background behind this Yuan instrument.

In the beginning, the Golden Wings Sect and Ling Xiao Academy fought for it.

In the end, something happened, and Jin Lei died.

Meanwhile, Chu Yue became the owner of the Yuan instrument due to a freak combination of factors.

If it were truly a supreme Yuan instrument, could Ling Xiao Academy actually bear to give it away!

However, they didnt expect that Ling Xiao Academy was actually willing to do so!

With Rong Xiu and the rest putting in a good word, the elders also didnt really pursue the matter with Chu Liuyue! Hence, she took away a supreme Yuan instrument just like that!

Ling Xiao Academy was still not the same as these aristocratic families.

Hence, when the crowd saw Chu Liuyue holding the Chi Xiao Sword, they finally realized it and were taken aback.

“I said it long ago!” Jin Di stared at the Chi Xiao Sword tightly, and his eyes were bloodshot.

Although Chu Liuyue had used the Chi Xiao Sword in public before, she just held it casually and didnt showcase its true power.

Additionally, everybodys attention was elsewhere at the time, so they didnt really take it seriously.

It was only when Chu Liuyue planned on officially taking action that they realized they had made such a huge mistake!

However, it was too late to regret it now! They couldnt publicly snatch the items of Ling Xiao Academy students in their territory, right

However, there were still some people who had active minds.

Jiang Zhiyuan also saw it and couldnt help but feel jealous.

Baili Chun did give her decent items, and she was very satisfied at the start.

However, how could they compare to a supreme Yuan instrument

This Chu Yue has an unknown background and is very arrogant.

He is indeed very annoying! I dont even know what the academy and Rong Xiu see in him. 

Suddenly, Chu Liuyue threw up her sword sheath.

In mid-air, it drew a bright light.

The next moment, Chu Liuyue held the sword with both hands and went on her tiptoes!

Her figure instantly flew out—she looked very fit!

She jumped up into the air and raised the sword above her head!

The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force suddenly gathered toward the Chi Xiao Sword crazily!

Instantly, heaven and earth lost their color! The entire ground shook!

Even the force that was surging toward the Green Sky Hot Sun Wheels was suddenly stopped by the invisible suppression.

The force suddenly changed direction and went toward the Chi Xiao Sword at a faster speed!

“What!” Jiang Zhiyuans heart skipped a beat! How could the supreme Yuan instrument be so domineering! 

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