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Chu Liuyues facial expression didnt change.

She also didnt stop in her tracks and continued moving.

It was as if she didnt hear this and didnt have a special reaction to this name.

Baili Chun looked at Jiang Zhiyuan.

“Yuan Yuan, what are you saying Shangguan Yue isnt here.”

Jiang Zhiyuan tried her best to open her eyes and stared at that back in front.

Her heart was overwhelmed.

For some reason, that womans figure suddenly appeared before her just now.

The doubts she had forgotten for some time resurfaced again.

She still felt that this Chu Yue had a problem.

Hence, she suddenly called out, wanting to see the other partys reaction.

However, Chu Yue didnt look like anything was wrong.

“Clan Leader, I…” A ray of white light flashed across Jiang Zhiyuans mind! Thats not right! Since Chu Yue and Rong Xiu are close, there is no reason why he doesnt know Shangguan Yue, so why didnt he have a reaction when he heard this This coincidentally proves that there is a problem! 

“Chu Yue… i-is…” She clutched Baili Chuns sleeves tightly and made a sound with much difficulty.

At this point, the young man—who had walked a distance away—suddenly turned around.

“Clan Leader Baili, although you dont believe me now, I have to say some words in advance.

After ones Yuan meridian is broken, you must quickly guide the crazy force in the cultivators body out.

If you forcefully save it, it will cause even greater harm.”

Jiang Zhiyuans heart seemed to be blocked.

She stared at that young man tightly.

From above, the latters cold and nonchalant gaze seemed to have some hints of pity and sympathy.

“However, Big Missy Jiang has a distinguished background.

Even if she cant cultivate anymore, her future days will still be worry-free.”

This sentence finally crushed Jiang Zhiyuans last line of defense.

“Ah!!!” She yelled at the top of her lungs crazily.

Quite a few people knitted her brows slightly. What is she doing She clearly is incapable, yet she is about to go crazy here.

We didnt come here to see this! 

“Clan Leader Baili, I think you should bring her away as soon as possible.

If this carries on, Im afraid Jiang Zhiyuan cant hang on any longer, right” Someone spoke lazily.

Their words were filled with unconcealable annoyance.

Baili Chuns expression changed, but he couldnt throw his temper.

This was because he knew that the other people present thought in a similar manner.

He took a deep breath in.

At this point, somebody clutched his sleeves.

He looked down and saw that there were bloody tears in Jiang Zhiyuans eyes.

“Help me…” I dont want to become a good-for-nothing! 

In the past, she was like a princess! She was the best—she was the most outstanding one! She should get whatever she wanted and not be deserted like a dog in such a manner!

She had lost completely! Originally, she thought that she would have a chance to make a comeback today.

Who wouldve known that after a few rounds, she would be completely stepped on by those people!

If they directly crushed her at this point, she might not feel so terrible.

The most heartbreaking thing was that she once thought she had hopes of making a comeback, yet she was harshly sent to hell again!

Baili Chun was so anxious that his eyes turned red, and he had a grudge against Chu Liuyue.

“Dont talk first.

I will help you.

Grandpa wont let you suffer any grievances!” As Baili Chun spoke, he wanted to help Jiang Zhiyuan up after she recovered some of her strength.

The ground was already filled with messy bloodstains and couldnt be seen at all.

Chu Liuyue watched on nonchalantly from the side.

As if detecting her gaze, Jiang Zhiyuan suddenly looked up.

Her face still had clear tear stains, and her bloody eyes were filled with cold craziness.

Chu Liuyues brows moved slightly, and she vaguely felt that something was amiss.

“Yuan Yuan—” Baili Chun was about to bring her down when he suddenly realized that she was staring straight at Chu Yue.

He couldnt help but ask curiously, “What are you looking at”

Probably because she had used that Dragon Aura Pill, but the current Jiang Zhiyuan felt that her entire body had recovered by quite a bit.

She spat out a mouthful of bloody water and suddenly smiled.

“Clan Leader, you dont know yet… This Chu Yue is Shangguan Yue!”

Chu Liuyues eyes narrowed!

Upon hearing this, the surrounding people were stunned.

“Shangguan Yue Who is that”

“This name sounds familiar…”

“Hiss—isnt it the name of the princess consort that Rong Xiu chose previously”

“Its her! It cant be.

Is Jiang Zhiyuan foolish How can she say that Chu Yue is Shangguan Yue”

After a temporary silence, the crowd in the surroundings couldnt help but discuss softly.

Baili Chun clutched Jiang Zhiyuans hands tightly, and his expression was filled with shock.

“Yuan Yuan, what are you saying!”

Jiang Zhiyuan smiled miserably, and her expression was insane with a crazy hint of wanting to drag everyone down with her.

Actually, she wasnt sure either and just had this doubt in her heart the entire time.

Originally, she wanted to find a chance to check out Jishen Palace when she was in the Sky-Cloud Empire.

However, a whole series of events happened, and she didnt even get to see Shangguan Yue, let alone do anything else.

In the beginning, she didnt think of this.

But after thinking of whatever happened previously, she found it familiar for some reason.

Additionally, she found out that her Yuan meridian was broken and that she had become a good-for-nothing, so she had no consideration at all! Since Im already in this state, lets take a bet! Nobody can have a good life! 

“Chu Yue, do you dare to verify yourself in public!”

Countless pairs of eyes landed on Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue smiled, but her eyes had a tinge of coldness.

“Youre foolish.”

Then, she turned around and planned to leave.

However, Jiang Zhiyuan was relentless.

She used all the force in her body and screamed, “Youre scared! Youre guilty, arent you!”

Chu Liuyue didnt stop in her tracks and said lightly, “I dont have to care about your baseless accusations.”

But once she said this, a low and burly voice suddenly came! “Who said theres no evidence!”

Chu Liuyues heart tightened, and she looked up!

In mid-air, a figure rapidly approached—it was Jiang Hetian!

Why is he here! The crowd saw Jiang Hetian and had strange expressions. He came at such an appropriate time…

However, Jiang Hetian ignored those gazes.

He rapidly arrived at the square.

With one hand behind his back, he looked at Chu Liuyue and coldly smiled.

“Shangguan Yue, youre still putting on an act at this point!”

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