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Chapter 146: Rong Xiu

“Something seems to be wrong there.” Elder Sun noticed that the black flying python suddenly stopped for a while after flying toward the mountain.

It looked really weird from afar.

“Ill go over.

You must be careful here,” reminded Elder Sun before he quickly left for the mountain.

Mu Hongyu dazedly looked on, and her eyes were red.

“I-if it wasnt for us, Liuyue wouldnt have…” She choked on her words and could not continue on; her tears kept falling.

She had always been strong and competitive.

She also never cried in front of others as she thought it was too cowardly.

However, she no longer cared about that at this point.

The guilt and sadness had overwhelmed her like the seawater at this point, making her unable to breathe.

Cen Hus face was also very pale.

He could only walk to the side and harshly punch the tree trunk.

Gu Mingfeng was the calmest one.

“Shell be fine.”

When the few of them heard that, they turned to look at him.

Mu Hongyu could not help but ask, “Really Mingfeng, why are you so sure”

Gu Mingfengs gaze was light, and he did not say a word. Why did a girl, who is so intelligent and decisive when killing, allow herself to be in a passive position Her abilities are definitely way greater than what we saw earlier.

She really is too mysterious.

Its like she knows everything.

Hasnt the fact that she completely and safely withdrew herself after offending the Crown Prince and the Chu family proved her abilities

He had some unknown confidence in her at the bottom of his heart, even though he did not even know where the confidence came from himself.


They just had to wait.

Si Ting looked at him, and a dim glow flashed across his narrow and sharp eyes.

He then retracted his gaze and looked at the mountain as his hands in the sleeves gradually formed fists.

He also knew that Chu Liuyue had hidden her abilities, but… that was a seventh-grade black flying python! What must she do to escape unscathed

Elder Sun silently inched in closer and quickly reached the foot of the mountain.

As he was afraid of attracting attention, he did not dare to fly in the air and could only hide in the woods.

Even though he was not discovered, the bottom to the middle of the mountain was completely occupied by fiends.

If he continued forward, he would definitely be discovered.

While looking at the sea of fiends in front of him, Elder Sun was secretly anxious.

The entire mountain was surrounded, and it was impossible for him to enter from the outside.

Not mentioning the black flying python, it would be hard for him to fight off all these fiends if they went for him at the same time.

However, Chu Liuyue and the rest were still there.

He found a hidden place with a clear view, and he looked at the mountain again.

From here, he could clearly see the scene at the top.

However, just one look at it had made Elder Suns heart skip a beat.

Chu Liuyue and the black flying python were going against each other amidst the chaos in the mountain.

The black flying python curled up into a ball and kept on flinging its strength around crazily.

It looked petrifying.

On the other end, Chu Liuyue seemed to want to leave, but her leg was held back by another person.

Elder Sun took a closer look and discovered that that person was Gu Mingzhu! What is she doing Since she is already there, why didnt she leave with Chu Liuyue Why does she want to hold her back It looks like she isnt helping Chu Liuyue, who is from the same school as her.

It looks like shes helping the black flying python instead.

Elder Suns blood boiled, and he wanted to rush over immediately. This Gu Mingzhu is really crazy!

Chu Liuyue wanted to kick Gu Mingzhu away, but Gu Mingzhu seemed to have steeled her heart.

She seemed very determined to hold Chu Liuyue back in exchange for a chance of survival.

Gu Mingzhu had already exhausted most of her energy during these few days of struggles.

However, this did not bring too large an injury to her.

Compared to Chu Liuyue, she was even better.

Thus, with Gu Mingzhus grit and determination, Chu Liuyue could not fling her away.

On the other side, the wound on the black flying pythons body kept expanding.

However, it could finally catch its breath when the water droplets energy depleted.

It looked up, its vertical eyes filled with vengeance and hatred.

Even Gu Mingzhu was frightened by it.

Fear grew in her heart, and she shouted even more anxiously, “I-Im helping you hold Chu Liuyue back.

C-can you let me off Im begging you!”

The black flying python endured the pain and roared.

Chu Liuyues ears buzzed as if a small mountain had suddenly put pressure on her shoulders.

The immense suppressive force made it hard for her to move.

Her heart sank.

The black flying python seemed to have recovered its energy.

It looked like it would crazily take revenge afterward.

Chu Liuyue had exhausted all of her energy at this point, so she could not fight back.

She looked down, and her gaze landed on the black flying pythons stomach.

It had a gigantic injury there, and its bloodied look was terrifying.

The wound was left behind by the water droplet earlier.

She secretly clenched her teeth. If… If there is another water droplet, I might actually win!

Just as the thought flashed across her mind, the black flying python suddenly moved.

This time, it did not move forward but flew into the air instead.

Its wings vibrated, and a strong wind came hurling over.

Then, it suddenly opened its mouth, and an ear-piercing shrill was made.

Chu Liuyues heart sank, and uneasiness overwhelmed her.

The next moment, the originally bright sky suddenly darkened.

A round black hole appeared on its head.

The surrounding clouds were rapidly drawn in.

As objects kept flying into the black hole, it kept expanding.

The black hole quickly became the size of the mountain.

After a while, the rocks on the mountain started shaking, also flying up while getting sucked into the black hole.

Chu Liuyues heart completely sank. This is the black flying pythons killer move—Swallowing the Sky! This move will exhaust its energy, so it clearly is planning to put its life on the line.

Chu Liuyue kicked Gu Mingzhu away and harshly stabbed the dagger into the nearby mountain.

A strong suction force began acting on them.

Gu Mingzhus body flew up uncontrollably.

At this point, she finally felt that something was amiss.

Once she was swallowed by the black hole, she would definitely die.

She hurriedly looked around and wanted to grab onto something, but it was too late.

“No! No! I cant die! Ive already helped you hold Chu Liuyue back! Why must you kill me”

Gu Mingzhu was anxious beyond words, and her shrills were sharp.

The black flying python did not even look at her.

It was completely uninterested in an ant like her.

Gu Mingzhu felt that the pressure on her body had increased.

She could not help but look up, discovering that she had already reached the black hole.

The inside was pitch black like a deep abyss.

Once she entered it, she could never escape.

Her face was as white as a sheet as she tried to escape.

However, her efforts were to no avail.

“No, no!”

The next moment, her body was completely swallowed.

It was as though millions of blades instantly slashed across her body.

“Ah!” A miserable cry reverberated throughout the mountains, but it quickly disappeared without a trace.


The dagger that Chu Liuyue stabbed into the mountain suddenly created a large crack, and her body uncontrollably slipped forward.

The black flying python roared once again.

The black hole in the sky started spiraling crazily.

The mountain beside Chu Liuyue suddenly collapsed, and she lost her anchor point.

The formidable force then instantly tugged her up towards the black hole.

Happiness flashed across the black flying pythons eyes.

As long as it killed Chu Liuyue…

Upon seeing the black hole getting increasingly closer, Chu Liuyue could even see the streaks of black forces intermingling right in front of her.

Her body was completely swallowed the next moment.

The devastating black color poured in from all directions.

Then, when the surrounding force was about to kill her, a white figure suddenly appeared.

A long, white hand pierced through the darkness and tightly held onto her.

That hand was as cold as ice, but Chu Liuyue suddenly felt very hot.

The scorching heat spread from the point of contact to her heart.

In the next moment, she landed into a warm and spacious embrace, separating her from the violent and terrible suction force.

She had not seen the persons appearance clearly.

However, the familiar cold fragrance reassured her unknowingly.

She could not help but raise her head.

“… Rong Xiu”

Though she could not see his face in the darkness, she was very confident that it was him.

The person who hugged her lowly chuckled as if he was elated.

Chu Liuyue could even clearly feel his chest vibrating.

“Yueer, your vision is really good.

You can tell that its me without even looking.”

Chu Liuyue felt her ears heat up.

One could not see a single thing in this darkness, but he still said that she hadgood vision. He was clearly mocking her.

If she was not overly familiar with him, how could she have recognized that it was him from a mere hand and hug

“Why are you here Its too dangerous.” Chu Liuyue then remembered that Rong Xiu actually entered the black hole together with her.

Rong Xius hands gently swept past her back, becoming very sticky. She must have lost a lot of blood.

It was as though something had harshly stabbed his heart when he paused in his actions.

“Its precisely because its dangerous that I need to come here.”


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