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This was a short and sweet sentence, yet it decided these two peoples deaths!

After a moment, Jiang Zhiyuan softly asked in disbelief, “Your Highness, what did you say”

Rong Xiu raised his eyes slightly, and the depths of them were filled with harsh murderous intent.

“What, are your ears not working now”

Jiang Zhiyuans face flushed white, and her body trembled.

Her knees then went soft, and she almost fainted directly.

Baili Chun immediately said, “Your Grace, your decision is too impulsive! Even if you dont care about their lives, you should think about Fairy Water Mound, right They—”

“Jiang Hetian doesnt care about them himself.

Why should I care” Rong Xius expression was nonchalant as he interrupted Baili Chuns words.

Baili Chun was stumped, and as he thought about Rong Xius sentence, he felt increasingly uneasy. What exactly does that mean! 

“Clan Leader, you just came out of seclusion, so there are some things you might not know.

Let me explain them to you now so that they can also die in the know.” As Rong Xiu spoke, he smiled slightly and gazed at Jiang Hetian.

An invisible suppression crushed down!

When Jiang Hetian met that pair of eyes that seemed like bottomless pits, his entire person felt naked, and he felt as though he was seen through!

“Jiang Hetian, as Fairy Water Mounds Master Jiang, you should be loyal to the Sky-Cloud Empire.

However, you had ill intentions and colluded with outsiders.

You wanted to harm the princess consort, and the evidence is clear! In the past, I took into consideration the fact that Fairy Water Mound has followed the Sky-Cloud Empire for many years, so I was very kind toward you and even gave you many special privileges.

But now, youve committed too many sins.

The Sky-Cloud Empire definitely doesnt allow any people who commit treason!”

Jiang Hetian was guilty, but he didnt give up. Rong Xiu has long wanted to remove us! His current words are just legitimate excuses! 

He clenched his teeth.

“Your Highness, since you said that the evidence is clear, do show it to us! I, Jiang Hetian, have never done anything to betray the Sky-Cloud Empire! I—”

Just as Jiang Hetian was about to argue, he saw Rong Xiu take out a letter suddenly.

When Jiang Hetian saw that familiar letter, his heart skipped a beat, and his voice trailed off.

Rong Xiu picked that letter up and was seemingly smiling.

“Jiang Hetian, do you recognize this letter”

Jiang Hetian averted his gaze.

“I-I dont… Ive never seen this letter!”

“You havent even opened it to look at its content.

How do you know that you havent seen it”

Jiang Hetians forehead broke out into a cold sweat.

“I-I just feel that this letter is very foreign, s-so I havent seen it before…”

The corner of Rong Xius lips curled up slightly.

He opened that envelope and took out the letter within.

It was a thin piece of paper that was slightly yellow and rough.

When the sun shone on it, it reflected golden light.

The black handwriting on it was like flowing water—very charming.

“If you dont recognize the envelope, you should recognize Fairy Water Mounds special mesona Xuan paper, right”

Mesona Xuan paper was a type of paper made from burning mesona.

As its quality was superior, it could be preserved for a thousand years, and this mesona could only be found in very few areas.

Fairy Water Mound was one of the places where mesona grew.

This was also a huge advantage for them.

Normally speaking, ordinary people had no right to use mesona Xuan paper.

Even if it were Fairy Water Mound, only the eldest descendants of Fairy Water Mound could use it.

Jiang Hetian was naturally one of these few people.

“…Mesona Xuan paper is given as gifts every year, and weve given much of it away.

This paper doesnt prove much…” Jiang Hetian was still defending himself, but his voice had become guilty, and his face had turned pale.

Anyone could tell that there was a problem.

Rong Xiu smiled faintly.”Yeah, just the mesona Xuan paper naturally cant prove anything.

The key is… the words on it are Master Jiangs personal handwriting!”

“Impossible!” Jiang Hetian suddenly looked like his Achilles heel was hit, and he started to protest violently! “Thats definitely impossible!”

Actually, when he saw the letter, he recognized it as the one he had replied to Dantai Chen with.

However, why would this item be with Rong Xiu 

At this point, Jiang Hetians first reaction was to deny it upon hearing Rong Xiu say this. I was very careful when I replied and purposely put quite a bit of effort into it.

The handwriting on the mesona Xuan paper shouldve immediately disappeared after being read.

Even if someone took this letter, its contents wouldnt be discovered.

Yet, Rong Xiu said that there was handwriting on it… It is most likely fake! 

As if guessing what he thought, Rong Xiu flicked his wrist, and that piece of paper then flew to Jiang Hetian.

“Look closely.

Which word isnt written by you!”

Jiang Hetian initially didnt believe it, but when he saw the undamaged and original letter, he immediately felt like he had fallen into an ice hole.

Every line—every word was written clearly!

This was indeed the letter he replied to Dantai Chen with, and it was undamaged!

“In this letter, you said that the Sky-Cloud Empire left you in the lurch and that your relationship with us has ended, so theres nothing to hesitate about.

You said that you would personally cover during todays meeting and pull Yueer down from her position as princess consort! You would even kill her if you had the chance!”

“Besides, you also said that if Yueer didnt admit her identity, you would invite the other party to be your witness… You really spent so much effort preparing it.” Rong Xiu didnt speak fast, and his voice was calm and nonchalant as if he were curtly sharing a story.

However, his every word was like a heavy hammer that slammed on Jiang Hetians heart bit by bit.

This caused Jiang Hetian to collapse!

He became a mess, and his entire brain was muddled.

He wasnt sure why such a thing happened.

This letter should be with Dantai Chen! And after he read it, the handwriting shouldve long disappeared without a trace.

Why was it preserved in such a complete manner! The key is that Rong Xiu produced this letter! What exactly went wrong Suddenly, Jiang Hetians heart sank. If this letter is with Rong Xiu, then Dantai Chen…

“If you dont admit it, I can also invite this person over to prove it in front of you,” said Rong Xiu as he raised his brows and smiled faintly.

“However, Im not too sure if he has the life to last until then.”

His every single word was nonchalant yet as sharp as a blade—icy and cold!

Jiang Hetian had no doubts about the authenticity of Rong Xius sentence. He says that the person is with him, so he definitely is! If not, this letter wouldnt have landed in his hands! 

“I am one with my wife.

You intentionally schemed against her, which is treason! You and your daughter colluded together, and you shouldve been executed long ago.

What more can you say to defend yourself”

As Rong Xiu spoke, he put away that letter.

Then, he raised his hand, and a golden fire jumped on his long and white fingertip.

“Fifteen minutes are up.

Since you cant come to a conclusion, I will decide for you!”

The golden fire flew out! It instantly turned into a cage and trapped Jiang Hetian!

The fire burned intensely, and Jiang Hetians translucent body instantly became distorted!

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