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Quite a few people secretly exchanged glances. What exactly is this Baili Chun thinking Just now, Rong Xiu clearly said that he wants to send this father-daughter duo off.

Yet, he jumped out to stop him Is it worth pitting himself against Rong Xiu just for Jiang Zhiyuan Anyway, Jiang Hetian is already dead.

Why should he save Jiang Zhiyuan 

However, Rong Xiu seemed to have expected this scene.

He wasnt shocked or angry as he calmly questioned Baili Chun.

“Clan Leader, youve seen everything that happened just now.

Jiang Zhiyuan is guilty! Besides, as the Sky-Cloud Empires His Grace, cant I kill a criminal”

Baili Chuns lips moved.

“Jiang Hetian was the one who made a mistake! Jiang Hetian was also the one who wanted to kill Shangguan Yue! Yuan Yuan just fought with her twice altogether! Besides, Shangguan Yue isnt really injured! On the other hand, Yuan Yuan was defeated and severely injured.

Her life is also in danger!”

“Anyway, Jiang Hetian is already dead.

According to what you said, the Jiang family has a new master.

If so, Yuan Yuans identity as the Jiang familys Big Missy wont be like before!”

“Her Yuan meridian is broken.

She has also painfully lost her father, and shes already in a perilous situation! Even so, youre not willing to let her off” The more Baili Chun talked, the angrier he got.

At the end, his tone was a strict interrogation!

On the other hand, Rong Xiu looked normal.

After waiting for Baili Chun to finish talking, he then smiled and said, “Thats what you want to say”

Baili Chun was stumped and whipped his sleeves harshly.

Rong Xiu lightly nodded.

“If youre done, Ill say a thing or two.

Jiang Zhiyuan knew everything Jiang Hetian did, so shes not considered innocent.

If not, she wouldnt have initiated the two previous battles and used her trump card the moment she took action.

She lost to Yueer because shes not good enough and is weak.

Why did it suddenly become her reason to be let off scot-free”

“As for her identity as the Jiang familys Big Missy Jiang… She shouldve realized that she would have such a day when she wanted to attack Yueer.

Besides… she has always treated herself as the Sky-Cloud Empires Big Missy Jiang, right As for the identity of a mere Jiang familys Big Missy, she didnt think much of it.

Even if shes not, she wouldnt feel bad.”

“She should be punished for doing something wrong! You want me to pity her, but why didnt you think about how much Yueer had to suffer alone when she was surrounded and attacked by all of you” He wants me to let Jiang Zhiyuan go, but who will let my Yueer go 

Rong Xius tone was nonchalant, yet it had a stern murderous intent to it.

Chu Liuyues heart seemed to be hit by something as a sweet feeling spread from her aching spot.

She tilted her head and looked at Rong Xiu.

His side profile was smooth and perfect.

At this point, his jade-like chin was slightly tense, and the depths of his phoenix-like eyes were filled with tumbling anger.

Chu Liuyue lightly heaved a sigh of relief.

At that moment, it seemed like all the anger and hatred had silently disappeared.

No matter what, this man will always be by my side, sheltering me from the storm and protecting my all.

This is already sufficient. She took a step forward, walked to Rong Xiu, and held his hand.

The moment their fingertips touched, Rong Xiu instantly held her hand.

His fingers went through the gaps between hers, and after a small touch, they held each others hands tightly.

His hand was dry and warm, and the temperature seemed to have warmed the bottom of her heart.

Chu Liuyue instantly felt much more secure.

Baili Chun was stumped to the point he couldnt say anything.

Seeing their intimate behavior and their interlocked fingers, he finally realized how important this woman was to Rong Xiu!

Rong Xiu loved this woman! It was even to the extent where she was more important than him!

Not to mention Jiang Zhiyuan… Even if any other woman in the world came down, they wouldnt be able to fight for this princess consort position!

If it were in the past, Baili Chun might be able to use some forceful methods to pressure Rong Xiu into obeying him.

However, there was clearly no such chance now.

Rong Xiu killed Jiang Hetian in front of him on purpose! This was his warning!

Baili Chun couldnt hold it in. I was in seclusion for a few years, and the entire world has changed! Rong Xiu has long left my control! Now, the only thing I can do is protect Jiang Zhiyuan! 

“Yuan Yuan did something wrong.

You can punish her, but you cant kill her! I will never agree to that!” Baili Chuns attitude was very persistent.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes, and doubt flashed across her heart. Baili Chun cares about Jiang Zhiyuan too much, right He even pitted himself against Rong Xiu because of her Rong Xiu has already clearly stated the reason for wanting to kill Jiang Zhiyuan, yet hes behaving like this… Even if he did bring Jiang Zhiyuan up, there shouldnt be much of a fight about such things, right Unless… he has a reason as to why he cant give up on Jiang Zhiyuan! 

As the Sky Cloud Empires clan leader, he has experienced all sorts of thunderstorms.

Something that could make him act in this manner… A faint guess appeared in Chu Liuyues mind, and she knitted her brows.

Rong Xiu already said, “If you dont want me to kill her, you have to give me a reason, right”

Baili Chuns face turned white.

“Theres no reason! No means no! Im the clan leader.

Do I not even have the right to preserve ones life!”

This was rather unreasonable and illogical.

Rong Xiu wasnt anxious, and his thin lips curled up slightly.

He turned around and looked at Chu Liuyue as he smiled gently and said, “Yueer, did you know that in the Sky Cloud Empire, there are two ways one can be saved from the death penalty if theyve committed such a crime”

Chu Liuyue cooperatively revealed a curious look.

“What two methods”

Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows slightly.

“The first method: this person has made huge contributions to the Sky-Cloud Empire and used his results to make up for his sins! Another…”

He paused.

“Would require that person to have the bloodline of the Sky Clouds Empire eldest descendant.

She can be saved then!”

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