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Jiang Zhiyuans tears suddenly stopped, and she stared at Rong Xiu strangely in shock. Test What test 

“Your Grace, are you still doubting Yuan Yuans identity” Baili Chun also knitted his brows as if very displeased. Ive already admitted it personally and said clearly that Jiang Zhiyuan is my biological granddaughter! Saying this in front of so many people has already humiliated me.

If it werent true, why would I do this 

Rong Xiu smiled and said, “Clan Leader, dont misunderstand.

Im just doing it by the book.

After all, it concerns the Sky-Cloud Empires legitimate bloodline, so we naturally must be more careful.

After all, we can only allow her to openly go back to her ancestors after weve confirmed her bloodline, right”

Jiang Zhiyuan not only had to face his questioning but also the entire Sky-Cloud Empire! Just a few sentences naturally couldnt convince others.

Baili Chuns anger was reduced a little.

After some thinking, he finally nodded.

“Yuan Yuan is severely injured, and her body is very weak now.

Be careful when youre doing it.”

Rong Xiu raised his brows slightly.

“Its just a bloodline test; its very simple.

You dont have to worry.”

Baili Chun didnt reply and gazed at Jiang Zhiyuan instead, patting her hands lightly.

“Yuan Yuan, hold it in for a while.

Well go back later.”

In the past, he cared about his face and could only bury this incident at the bottom of his heart.

But now, to protect Jiang Zhiyuan, he could only do this.

Regardless of what others said, he didnt care anymore.

I never expected myself to have such a huge secret! The eldest missy of the Sky-Cloud Empire… Even if I cant be the princess consort, I wont be bullied with this identity! Jiang Zhiyuan was touched.

“Grandfather, youre so good to me!”

Baili Chun was satisfied when he heard this.

He smiled and said, “Youre my only family member.

If Im not nice to you, who should I be nice to”

Chu Liuyue watched from the side, and the corners of her lips curled up. This grandfather-granddaughter duo acknowledged each other really fast, especially Jiang Zhiyuan, whose mental strength is really quite decent.

She just watched her own father die; then, she passionately called Baili Chun her grandfather.

It seems like she is really ecstatic to be able to smile so brightly, and this is before her fathers corpse has turned cold.

It is also just a short distance away. 

But after some thinking, it is understandable.

It is a bright future again after a perilous situation.

Anyone else would be happy as well, right

“Clan Leader, please make way,” said Rong Xiu.

Baili Chun then took a few steps back.

Jiang Zhiyuan mustered her courage and looked at Rong Xiu.

However, her gaze no longer had the previous fear and cowardice. So what if Im not the Jiang familys Big Missy! From now onward, Im the Sky-Cloud Empires eldest descendant! 

Jiang Zhiyuan was much more confident, and it seemed as though her bodily pain was also reduced.

“Your Highness.”

Rong Xiu closed his eyes and raised his hand.

Golden rays of light shot out from his palm and gathered in mid-air.

Then, a circular, grayish-white stone—about the size of a palm—appeared in front of him!

A golden fire burned across and formed an intricate needle in the middle!

Chu Liuyue watched on from the side and was rather surprised. Such a small stone looks extremely similar to the Extreme God Sundial I saw that day.

There are 12 numbers on it and one needle.

Perhaps this is an item to test the Sky-Cloud Empires bloodline 

As if detecting her gaze, Rong Xiu slowly opened his eyes, smiled, and glanced at her.

He patiently explained, “This is the Extreme God Sundials child sundial.

Its specially used to test the intensity of the Sky-Cloud Empires bloodline.

The higher the number, the purer the bloodline.”

The purer the bloodline, the higher ones status in the clan.

It was indeed related to the Extreme God Sundial, but the latter could test everyones bloodline power, while this one could only test the Sky-Cloud Empires.

Rong Xiu pushed his palm forward, and the sundial slowly flew forward, stopping before Jiang Zhiyuan.

“You just have to place your hand on it.”

This item didnt require one to circulate their force.

As long as one placed some blood on it, they could rapidly get the results.

Jiang Zhiyuans hand was covered with blood, and she could just place it on top, which saved quite a bit of trouble.

Jiang Zhiyuan stared at that child sundial and was nervous and excited.

She had seen this child sundial before, but she never expected herself to have such a day!

She held her breath in and carefully placed her hand on it.

The moment it touched, the child sundial let out a whir!

Jiang Zhiyuans heart seemed to be tightly clutched, and she stared at it without blinking.

The Sky-Cloud Empires disciples normally had a result ofsix orseven. The slightly more outstanding ones could be aneight.

If one could hitnine, they would have extraordinary status and treatment in the clan!

I wonder how high she can be tested… Baili Chun was also watching. Even though the woman I was with back then was average, my bloodline power is high.

Hence, she shouldnt be greatly affected.

Besides, from Jiang Zhiyuans previously outstanding talent, she should at least be aneight. 

Time slowly trickled past, but the golden needle on the child sundial didnt have any movement.

Jiang Zhiyuan was confused.

She looked at Baili Chun and felt uneasy.

Baili Chun said, “Yuan Yuan, try with your other hand.”

Jiang Zhiyuan followed, but this time, the needle on the sundial still stopped at its initial location.

How did this happen Baili Chun was about to walk forward.

“This thing is spoiled—”

Jiang Zhiyuan clenched her teeth and decisively placed both her hands on it. I dont believe that I cant move this sundial! 

The moment Jiang Zhiyuan stretched her hands over, the sundial suddenly moved back!

That golden needle broke with the sound! A ray of light then flashed across, and the sundial returned to Rong Xiu!

Rong Xiu looked at the side and said in a seemingly smiling manner, “The sundials needle automatically broke, which means that it has touched an external clans bloodline.

Clan Leader, Jiang Zhiyuan… doesnt seem to have our Sky-Cloud Empires bloodline! Im afraid… you got it wrong, right”

Who knew whose illegitimate child Jiang Zhiyuan was!

Baili Chuns expression changed drastically!

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