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Jiang Zhiyuan was already injured when she came out from the Flood-Desert Northern Region.

Even though she had been recuperating at the Sky-Cloud Empire during this period, she hadnt fully recovered.

To come here this time and fight with Chu Liuyue, she even took the Delusional Fragrance Pill without regard for the consequences, causing her Yuan meridian to break and her body to be severely damaged.

She was originally hanging onto her last breath, and Baili Chuns final strike was the last straw that crushed the camels back.

Baili Chun didnt intend to actually kill her, but his strike was too strong, and Jiang Zhiyuan couldnt resist it.

The crowd fell silent.

They were all speechless when they saw this scene.

Jiang Zhiyuan lay on the floor, and a large pool of blood appeared below her body.

Her head looked up at a strange angle—her body could no longer move, so she could only forcefully look at Baili Chun in this manner.

Her eyes protruded out, but her gaze dissipated, and her face was filled with bloodstains and injuries.

One could even see the veins on her forehead and neck.

Even if she was dead, one could still see how hopeless and desperate she was before she died.

But at that time, she had no strength to do any useless retaliation or struggle.

After a temporary silence, soft discussions silently spread across.

“Tsk, he struck really harshly… he directly took Jiang Zhiyuans life away! No matter what, he personally raised her beside him for a few years.

He really had no feelings for her at all…”

“This was an illegitimate child that came from god knows where.

Why would he be merciful I think that Baili Chun clearly did it on purpose!”

“Thats true.

If I were him, I wouldnt have any face to come out!”

“Its even humiliating enough to have a child out of wedlock.

In the end, it wasnt even his… This is enough for me to laugh at him for a year! Haha!”

“Shh, be quiet! Baili Chun has heard it.

Didnt you see how his expression changed”

“So what If he could do such a thing, why cant others talk about it Could he come over and shut all our mouths Besides, in a few days, this matter will spread across the God Residence Realm.

There are so many people and so many mouths—how could he stop them all”

The people present had extraordinary statuses.

Even though they were rather polite to Baili Chun, it didnt mean that they were really afraid of him.

This was especially so because the Sky-Cloud Empires power was in Rong Xius hands, and it didnt have much to do with Baili Chun.

Couldnt they see that he could not even call a heavenly doctor after such a long time This already stated too many problems.

Besides, the show of Jiang Zhiyuan using her blood to acknowledge her kin had completely tarnished Baili Chuns reputation.

Baili Chun clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth.

The veins on his forehead also throbbed, and his wrinkles trembled slightly.

It was enough to see that he was on the verge of explosion.

He glanced at Jiang Zhiyuan, then turned around to leave without any hesitation. If I see Jiang Zhiyuans face again, I will only recall those humiliating matters! 

Upon seeing this, Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows slightly.

“Clan Leader, are you leaving”

Baili Chun stopped in his tracks.

“I have something on.

Ill go back first.”

His voice was hoarse as if he were suppressing something.

Rong Xiu raised his chin.

“Then, Jiang Zhiyuans corpse…”

“Settle it with her father!” Baili Chuns tone suddenly became frustrated as he hastened his steps and quickly left.

It seemed like mentioning Jiang Zhiyuans name would dirty his mouth.

Rong Xiu seemed calm and nodded with a smile.


Have a safe journey.”

Baili Chun didnt even respond as his figure flashed, and he disappeared on the spot!

Baili Chun left, and the Jiang familys father and daughter were dead.

However, the crowd could ruminate about todays incident for a long time.

For a Jiang Zhiyuan, the Sky-Cloud Empires Clan Leader Baili would risk pitting himself against Rong Xiu and admit in public that he had an illegitimate daughter!

This was a lifelong stain for someone from a top-tier aristocratic family! Baili Chun risked it all for his only descendant.

But after much trouble, he realized that she wasnt even his descendant! Wasnt this too laughable!

After being in seclusion for a few years, he finally came out.

In the end, before he could even throw his weight around, his reputation was completely tarnished!

Rong Xiu turned around and looked at the people from Ling Xiao Academy.

“Sorry, I dirtied the academys floor.”

Elder Bo Yan smiled and turned to say to the people behind him, “The few of you, go and clean it up.”

Two elders stepped forward and quickly brought Jiang Zhiyuan and Jiang Hetians bodies to the side before rapidly cleaning the floor.

Rong Xiu glanced at the sky.

“Ive already informed the Jiang family.

In a while, they will come over.”

The crowd smacked their lips. The Jiang family is very far from here.

How could they rush over in such a short time, unless… Rong Xiu had long given this command! He had clearly made preparations to take these two peoples lives before today! 

Originally, everyone came for Chu Yue, but who wouldve thought Rong Xiu successfully used this chance to clean his household!

This man was still extremely young, but he was very meticulous and unfathomable.

It was as if everything was in his control!

The crowd had already feared him when he took theYour Grace position, and he was known to be ruthless.

But it was only today that they realized they still underestimated Rong Xiu!

His thinking, his talent… He was an elite in all aspects!

Such a person really couldnt be underestimated!

Chu Liuyue turned around, took a deep breath in, and bowed to Elder Bo Yan and the rest.

Elder Hua Feng hurriedly said, “Hey, k—girlie, what are you doing”

Chu Liuyue smiled apologetically.

“Im very sorry for using a fake identity to come into the academy and lying to the elders and my schoolmates.”

Elder Hua Feng rubbed his hands.

“Aiya, what does this count for! Actually, not everybody uses their real identities in the academy! You didnt do anything wrong, so why should you apologize”

There were too many people who wanted to study at Ling Xiao Academy.

People came from all walks of life and had various identities.

There were quite a few that changed their names and identities.

However, Chu Liuyues incident was just blown up a little bigger.

Strictly speaking, it wasnt a major mistake.

Elder Bo Yan stroked his beard, nodded, and said, “Thats right.

As long as you dont do anything against the principles, the academy wont pursue such matters.

Besides, youve also contributed greatly to the academy during this period.”

She also got into countless troubles, but this naturally couldnt be said now.

“No matter if youre Chu Yue or Shangguan Yue, youre still the academys student.

The academy… will protect you.” As he spoke, Elder Bo Yan surveyed the surroundings.

His hint was very obvious—their Ling Xiao Academy didnt care that Chu Liuyue hid her identity, so other people shouldnt utter a word!

Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief and felt grateful.

But at this point, a rather sudden voice sounded, “Youve clarified the Black Demon Hole incident.

We can also pass over the issue of you hiding your identity, but theres one thing you havent said clearly.

Shangguan Yue, is the Heavenly Square Cauldron with you!”

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