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Chu Liuyue turned around.

The person talking was Jin Di.

His expression was cold and stern, and his gaze was cunning like a poisonous snake that sent chills down ones heart.

Chu Liuyue sneered in her heart. Is this Jin Di bent on going after me In front of so many people, they cant directly snatch the Chi Xiao Sword, so they plan on taking other things 

Upon hearing this, quite a few people were energized.

Heavenly Square Cauldron—this was indeed one of the things they wanted to make clear the most during this journey!

The Chi Xiao Sword was a supreme Yuan instrument, and it was indeed precious, but it already had an owner.

This was the case unless Shangguan Yues soul was burned and extinguished.

Otherwise, even if others had this treasure, they couldnt use it.

It would have no meaning.

However, the Heavenly Square Cauldron was different—it was one of the top ten holy weapons in the God Residence Realm! With such a precious item around, the entire aristocratic familys status would move up another level!

Those clans with holy weapons could talk more confidently than the rest.

Hence, in comparison, they were more interested in the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue laughed.

“Would you believe whatever I say”

All these people werent nice to deal with.

It was impossible to try to solve this matter in two sentences.

Jin Di smiled in a contorted manner and cunningly.

“Youre indeed the Sky-Cloud Empires new princess consort.

Your thinking is indeed clear.

The Heavenly Square Cauldron is related to the Flood-Desert Northern Region, and it has great meaning.

Not only me—I believe everyone present wants to know about this more, right”

Some people nodded in agreement.

“Thats true.

Actually, everyone came over today to understand this matter.”

“Thats right.

Itll be great if everyone can peacefully settle this matter.

If you prove that you have nothing to do with this, well naturally apologize.”

As if seeing that Rong Xiu treated this princess consort specially, everyone was more polite when they spoke.

Their attitudes werent as oppressive as before.

Chu Liuyues brows moved slightly, and she didnt really take this to heart.

In the beginning, she was just a young man with not much background.

With such an identity, they naturally wouldnt care about her.

This was very normal in the God Residence Realm, and there was nothing much to be concerned about.

However, the key was how they should solve this Heavenly Square Cauldron incident,

She laughed lightly and said, “Im already very grateful that everyone is so kind and not holding the previous incidents against me.

Regarding the Heavenly Square Cauldron, I will naturally cooperate with the investigation.

Senior Jin Di, may I know how you want to do this”

Jin Di slowly straightened his body.

“To be honest, my Golden Wings Sect has a Heavenly Square Cauldron replica that we have been hiding for hundreds of years.

Rumors have it that when the real product appeared in the world, there were two other exact replicas.”

“The Heavenly Square Cauldron is very precious, so its spiritual.

Every time its presented to the world, it will divide a part of its force and form several replicas to mess with peoples vision and hearing.

Only those people who really have fate can obtain the precious item!”

“Its a pity that we, the Golden Wings Sect, dont have this luck and can only get the replica after a twist of fate.

But although this is fake, it luckily has a portion of the Heavenly Square Cauldrons aura.

If it meets the real item, it can arouse a strong reaction.” said Jin Di as he stretched his hand out and faced his palm upward.

A very tiny transparent square cauldron suddenly appeared in his hands!

Chu Liuyues eyes shrunk. That item is indeed exactly the same as the Heavenly Square Cauldron! 

“Shangguan Yue, if you really have a clear conscience, you can just hold this item in your hand.

If it has no reaction, it will prove that you dont have the Heavenly Square Cauldron! On the other hand—” Jin Di snorted and laughed.

His meaning was understood without being stated.

Nobody expected Jin Di to have such a move!

At that moment, everybody looked at Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue paused for a moment before nodding.


This move is indeed smart, and I have to accept it! However… there are some things that have to be asked clearly first. 

“The Golden Wings Sect indeed has a huge foundation and deep background to have such a treasure.” Chu Liuyue seemed to be praising him sincerely and genuinely.

“Even though its not a true Heavenly Square Cauldron, such an item is indeed considered a rare product.”

Jin Dis gaze was delightful.

“However… Why didnt you take this item out previously at the Flood-Desert Northern Region” Chu Liuyue changed the topic! “If you were willing to produce it then and directly identify that fake Heavenly Square Cauldron… quite a bit of trouble would be saved, right Perhaps it couldve even reduced quite a few injuries and deaths.

What do you think”

Chu Liuyue spoke as she knitted her brows slightly and shook her head as if filled with regret.

Jin Di was stumped.


Isnt this scolding the Golden Wings Sect for standing at the side and doing nothing!

“T-this item wasnt with me back then!” He avoided Chu Liuyues gaze, and his gaze was dodgy.

“After all, its a precious item, and it has been kept in the Golden Wings Sects ancestral hall.

How can I bring it along with me so casually”

This was rather laughable.

This item is indeed precious, but when everyone went to the Flood-Desert Northern Region, they indeed went for the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

When their people went, how could they not bring this item along to identify its authenticity He most likely only got this item recently.


The motive is naturally to go for me! However, I dont know where the Golden Wings Sect got the item from… Chu Liuyue thought to herself. There are really many people who want to go for me.

They have all gathered openly and secretly. 

Chu Liuyue stared at Jin Di for some time.

Jin Di was stared at until his humiliation turned into anger.

Then, he furiously stood up.

“What Are you guilty and dont want to be investigated!”

Chu Liuyues lips curled up.

“Senior Jin Di, why are you anxious Previously, I said that I would definitely cooperate with this investigation and questioning.

However, this matter implicates my reputation, so I naturally have to be more careful.”

Jin Di kept quiet and sat back down in a similarly rough manner.

“We will test and know whats the truth!”

This meant that he wanted to push everything to Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue nodded.


Jin Di was elated and immediately flung his hands!

That small, transparent square cauldron immediately flew toward Chu Liuyue.

Force gushed out of Chu Liuyues palm and quickly caught that item.

The squarish cauldron silently stood on Chu Liuyues palm.

It was entirely transparent and crystallized in a clear and pure manner.

Chu Liuyue judged it detailedly.

She found it very similar when she saw it from afar, but when she took a closer look at it, she could still notice the differences.

The average person couldnt tell, but she was most familiar with the Heavenly Square Cauldron and could identify it easily.

At this point, a ball of transparent fire suddenly formed in the tiny transparent square cauldron.

The Heavenly Square Cauldron in her body suddenly exploded with a sound!


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