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The transparent square cauldron in Chu Liuyues hand was filled with tiny cracks!

Her heart sank, and she immediately suppressed the Heavenly Square Cauldron in her body! However, this connection was intimate, and there seemed to be countless lines surrounding it.

It couldnt be blocked completely!

The next moment, the small cauldron suddenly shattered!

The shards flew everywhere—they turned into multiple sparks and flew in all directions!

Jin Di immediately stood up and pointed at Chu Liuyue angrily.

“The Heavenly Square Cauldron is in your body!”

Once he said that, the crowd was stunned! At that moment, everyones attention was gathered on Chu Liuyue with varying expressions!

Jin Di suppressed his shock, raised his voice, and berated, “Everyone saw it personally just now, right! That replica suddenly exploded in Shangguan Yues hand! If she doesnt have the real Heavenly Square Cauldron with her, such a big reaction would definitely not occur!”

Under the crowds watch, the evidence was concrete!

“Shangguan Yue, how can you still deny it this time!”

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. I see… 

She hadnt seen this so-called replica beforehand.

Although she knew there might be a reaction, she didnt expect it to be so sudden.

She didnt have any time to prepare before everything happened! Additionally, so many people had seen it.

Even if she wanted to explain herself, it would be hard!

Countless gazes landed on Chu Liuyue like a physical one.

The Heavenly Square Cauldron is related to her.

Doesnt it prove that she mightve long known about what happened in the Flood-Desert Northern Region 

On Ling Xiao Academys side, Elder Bo Yan and the rest were dazed. Didnt she previously say that the Heavenly Square Cauldron was one of the ten holy weapons and that it had nothing to do with her What is going on now! 

Jin Di was relentless and sneered.

“What, you dont dare to talk anymore Werent you very righteous just now Now—pfft!”

Before he could finish speaking delightfully, his voice trailed off as if someone suddenly strangled his neck.

Then, he let out an urgent, short, and painful gasp.

The crowd turned around and saw that Jin Dis face had turned the color of a pigs lung.

His hands were weakly holding his neck as if he were struggling to hold onto something.

Upon closer look, they could faintly see that a golden line had flown to Jin Di at some point and tightly strangled his neck!

He wanted to struggle free from this.

Golden line… Quite a few people looked at Rong Xiu in shock.

“Noisy.” Rong Xius voice was clear and cold.

His expression was nonchalant, and it sent a chill down ones spine for some reason.

This man had a natural distinguished nature in his bones.

Just by standing there casually… He didnt do anything, but he was still noble, and others could only look up to him.

Some people present could clearly sit side by side with him, and in terms of seniority and experience, they were much better than him.

However, Rong Xiu never lost out when it came to aura.

Even Jin Dis heart skipped a beat when he met those cold and deep phoenix-like eyes as he swallowed the curses that were about to leave his mouth. This Rong Xiu… could even humiliate my own clan leader in public and even silently change the owner of the biggest Fairy Water Mound under him! He isnt someone to be trifled with! In this world… there is probably nothing he wouldnt do! 

Jin Di swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva with much difficulty, and he stammered, “I-I just want to help everyone check clearly…”

Perhaps he was threatened by Rong Xius formidable aura, but his voice became much softer.

“Rong Xiu, what he said is right.

Everyone came for this today, and now that weve found some clues, wont it be too inappropriate if we just leave it as that” Someone spoke.

This wasnt to help Jin Di but to help themselves.

Now that the Heavenly Square Cauldron was proven to be with Shangguan Yue, they wouldnt let this be no matter what!

“Yeah! Jin Di is more agitated, but this matter has to be solved, right”

“Rong Xiu, the Sky-Cloud Empire previously didnt openly participate in the Flood-Desert Northern Region, but you were there as well.

This matter has something to do with you too.

Besides, Shangguan Yue is your princess consort.

If you keep protecting her, it doesnt seem rather appropriate, right”

“Everyone, calm down.

We can talk about this properly!” Someone eased the situation.

“Shangguan Yue hasnt said anything yet, okay! Everyone, lets just listen first!”

The corner of Chu Liuyues lips curled up at an extremely faint angle.

This sounded neutral and justified, but it was still forcing her togive an explanation in actual fact.

Rong Xiu squinted his eyes slightly, and his surrounding aura suddenly froze!

He hated other people threatening him the most!

Right at this point, a gentle and warm hand suddenly stretched over.

Rong Xiu looked back and met Chu Liuyues bright smile.

She lightly scratched his thick and powerful palm as her eyes curved.

“Let me explain this matter.”

This move seemed to be scratching Rong Xius heart in an itchy and numbing manner.

His brows moved slightly as he silently held her dishonest hand back.

After staring into her stubborn and determined eyes for a while, he then lightly nodded.

“If you want to say it, then do it.

If you dont want to, its fine.”

He said lightly and clearly, “Why cant my Sky-Cloud Empires princess consort want a holy weapon”

That was unreasonable, arrogant, and domineering!

Quite a few peoples expressions changed slightly. Rong Xius words have a threat to them, and it seems like he is bent on protecting Shangguan Yue to the end! 

Chu Liuyue blinked. This man… 

Her appearance was breathtakingly beautiful.

It seemed like an entire galaxy was contained within her eyes.

With just one look, one would instinctively be charmed and immersed in it.

She leaned in closer and gestured for Rong Xiu to lower his head.

Rong Xiu lowered his body and leaned his ear close to her lips.

She smiled and lowered her voice.

“My man is so good.

Ill naturally be obedient and not cause trouble for him.”

As she spoke, her lips opened and closed as a moist and sweet warmth spread to his earlobes.

Half of Rong Xius body seemed to warm up as the anger suppressed in his heart disappeared without a trace instantly.

His entire mind and eyes only had this person beside him.

His hand tightened comfortably and was quickly loosened, turning into a slight caress against the back of her hand.

Then, he straightened his back.

The crowd was stunned. Wasnt he filled with anger previously Why did he change into another person after two sentences from Shangguan Yue What did Shangguan Yue say 

However, they could see one point—Rong Xius change in emotions was indeed closely linked to this woman!

The crowd became even more fearful.

Chu Liuyue coughed lightly, looked around carefully, and said, “The Heavenly Square Cauldron is indeed with me, but different from everyones guesses, I didnt get this item from the Flood-Desert Northern Region.

In actual fact, it had already acknowledged me as its owner a few years ago!”

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