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Chapter 147: Chaos

Still in Rong Xius embrace, Chu Liuyue could clearly feel his heart beating and the breath on her forehead when he spoke.

He said he came precisely because it was dangerous.

He said this sentence so dotingly and naturally.

It is as if doing this is the right thing to him.

However, everyone cherishes their lives in this world, so who would willingly do so much for someone else He has even ignored the dangers, not caring about his own life.

Chu Liuyue suddenly grabbed his collar tightly and softly said, “… Rong Xiu, I really thought I was going to die.”

She had experienced the overwhelming and the helpless loss of hope once, and it was clearly etched in her memory.

She could never forget about it.

Once she thought of it, she would feel excruciating pain that even extended to her bones.

Rong Xiu did not dare to touch Chu Liuyues injuries and could only hold her waist carefully with one hand.

As he gently brushed her hair with the other hand, he lightly said, “Dont be afraid.

Im here.”

Chu Liuyue felt her tears well up, and her heart was sour and uncomfortable.

If someone also told her that they were there and not to be afraid…

The scorching pain spread throughout her body, and it was heart-wrenching.

She closed her eyes and leaned closer, resting her forehead on his chest.

Rong Xiu suddenly stopped in his actions.

“Rong Xiu, why me” asked Chu Liuyue in a low voice.

It wasnt the first time Chu Liuyue asked such a question.

However, this time was clearly different from the rest.

Rong Xiu kissed her forehead and closed in on her ear.

In a gentle and low voice, he said, “Youre worth it.”

The person in his arms did not say a word.

Rong Xiu pronounced every word clearly as he said, “I have a whole lifetime ahead of me to prove that youre worth it.”

She didnt believe me the first time.

She also didnt believe me the second time.

However, she will believe it one day.

Chu Liuyue still kept quiet.

Rong Xiu knew her character the best.

He also knew that she would not completely trust him in such a short period of time, but he had enough patience.

Rong Xiu suddenly said, “Hold me tight.”

Chu Liuyue guessed that he wanted to break free of the black hole, so she obediently grabbed his thin waist.

Even though she knew that Rong Xiu had been hiding his abilities all along, the other party was still a black flying python.

It was not easy to defeat.

She thought for a while and could not help but ask, “How confident are you”

Rong Xiu was about to say something, but he felt that the arm around his waist was especially soft and warm.

The person in his arms was at the prime of her life, exactly when a young woman blossomed.

He smiled lightly.

“Im confident, but I need time.”

Elder Sun saw everything that happened on the mountain.

His heart was thoroughly crushed.

The black flying python was insistent on killing Chu Liuyue and had even used its killer move.

Elder Suns back broke out into a cold sweat when he saw Chu Liuyue being swallowed by the python.

No! I must do something! Even though I have no chance of winning, I cant just watch as Chu Liuyue dies! Elder Sun clenched his teeth and held his breath to gather his focus.

His fingertips glowed with a silver light just as he was about to set up a Xuan formation.

Then, the skies suddenly changed again at this point.

A muscular fiend, as white as snow, suddenly appeared! It looked like a lion, but Elder Sun could not identify what it was.

It did not seem to exist in his memory… However, he could not deny that this was an advanced fiend.

It ran over from the horizon at lightning speed.

In the blink of an eye, it appeared in front of the black flying python.

When it saw the approaching fiend, hatred filled the black flying pythons eyes.

It looked like it had suppressed its anger for a very long time.

Xue Xue stared at it and was furious.

A few years ago, Xue Xue had come here and fought with this fellow.

Back then, the black flying python was still a sixth-grade fiend and was brutally tortured by Xue Xue.

Xue Xue did not expect that this fellow would actually lay its hands on Chu Liuyue a few years later.

It was asking for death!


Xue Xue roared angrily, shaking the forest.

All the fiends instantly felt an intense suppression and were petrified.

The fiend that suddenly appeared seemed to be even stronger than the black flying python!

The suppression on their bodies made them stay rooted to the ground, unable to move.

When the black flying python saw this scene, its blood boiled.

It swiftly whipped its tail towards Xue Xue.

Xue Xue quickly jumped around and avoided its attack in no time.

Xue Xue then appeared in front of the python and harshly slammed its paws against the black flying pythons head.


Blood flew everywhere!

The black flying pythons large body fell forward uncontrollably and landed loudly on the mountain.

A crack appeared on the mountain, and half of it collapsed.

Elder Sun was shocked. Are… these two advanced fiends fighting


Xue Xue closed in on the python and hit it once again before it could even stand up.

A slash of its claws directly cut away a large part of the pythons scales.

The black flying python painfully moaned.

The two forces intertwined in an intense battle.

Hong! Long! Long!

The large mountain started to collapse.

The countless fiends at the foot of the mountain started running for their lives.

The entire Wan Ling Mountain became chaotic.

Elder Sun wanted to take the chance to go forward but met with a bunch of golden-eyed demons.

They seemed to have been agitated as they went for Elder Sun carelessly.

They attacked as if they were putting their lives on the line.

Elder Sun knew that something was wrong when all the fiends seem to have gone crazy.

He battled with the golden-eyed demons, trying to break through the circle to save people.

However, these fiends recklessly held him back.

Elder Sun hurriedly looked up and saw that the black hole in the sky had suddenly exploded.

He was taken aback, and his face was as white as a sheet.

On the other side, Si Ting and the others were speechless when they saw the scene.

Mu Hongyu turned around and covered her mouth as her shoulders kept trembling.

“Theyre here!” A few teachers rushed over anxiously.

“Lets retreat! The fiends in Wan Ling Mountain have gone crazy! We need to leave now.”

“No! Liuyue is still there! She—” Cen Hu angrily shouted, but he fainted before he could finish his sentence.

A teacher carried him and commanded with knitted brows, “Take all of them away.

We cant stay here for long!”

Si Ting suddenly turned around and ran towards the woods.


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