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The surroundings instantly became so quiet that one could hear a pin drop!

Everyone was stunned by this sudden scene. H-he took action! He directly took action.

This is too direct, right! 

The questioning man was also born in a top-tier aristocratic family.

Even though it was rather deserted and couldnt be compared to the Flying Star Sect, he still had the reputation of a top-tier aristocratic family, and everyone gave him face.

Who knew that this man—who suddenly appeared—would fight without speaking!

“You!” The man being hit was clearly dazed.

He coughed a few times and spat out a few broken teeth that were mixed into the fresh red blood.

He looked very miserable and disheveled.

“Master!” When the few people following that man saw this scene, they hurriedly rushed over and anxiously helped him up.

“Master, are you okay!”

Ye Lingran wanted to kick these few insensible ones to death! Do I look okay! 

But without these people supporting him at the side, he might not even stand stably now.

The earlier move came too suddenly and caught him off-guard!

And Shangguan Jings force was huge—he took action ruthlessly!

Half of Ye Lingrans face was still numb now, and every part of his body seemed to be harshly crushed by something! He was in so much pain!

Every time he breathed, there was pain in his chest.

Perhaps his bones were broken, and his organs were also damaged!

His hand trembled as he pointed at Shangguan Jing.

Meeting that pair of cold and nonchalant eyes, his heart unwittingly trembled.

His finger shuddered, and he retracted it.

However, the anger on his face didnt subside.

“You snuck an attack on me once we had a disagreement.

Thats too much!”

Shangguan Jing directly laughed out loud.

“What Sneak an attack”

“Of course, it was a sneak attack!” That man breathed intensely, his face flashing white and red.

“Everyone was talking nicely, yet you suddenly attacked.

Of course, thats considered a sneak attack! Even if Shangguan Yue is your clansman and youre anxious to protect her, you cant do whatever you want.

Thats too much of a bully!”

Shangguan Jing squinted his eyes and grunted.

“All these people seem to have seen clearly when I took action, and… I seem to be standing in front of you.

If you couldnt even see this, are you blind”

“You—” Ye Lingran never expected that not only was this person strong, but his skin was also as thick as a wall!

He spat out a mouthful of blood, and his heart was filled with vengeance. Ive been totally humiliated being beaten into this state in front of so many people! 

“There are so many people here, and weve been talking nicely since the start! Nobody casually took action, yet you—”

“Thats your problem.

What does that have to do with me” Shangguan Jing interrupted him in frustration.

Then, he raised his brows and surveyed his surroundings.

His gaze was as cold and stiff as a blade! “You didnt directly take action on Yueer, but which of you didnt bully her All of you are from aristocratic families, and you are reputable people.

In the end, all of you joined hands to interrogate a girl in her teens.

Even if you dont feel ashamed, I feel humiliated for you!”

This sentence successfully caused quite a few peoples expressions to change.

However, they couldnt say anything in retaliation.

Shangguan Jing glanced at Ye Lingran coldly.

“If you dont have that ability, dont yell around! Humiliating!”

Ye Lingran felt stifled.

His vision had patches of black, and he directly fainted on the floor.

“Y-you… What kind of a person are you to holler around here!” He said it by putting on a strong front.

No matter what status the other person had, his skills were apparent.

If he took action again just because he was upset…

Shangguan Jing lightly snorted.

“You dont have the right to ask me that question yet!”

Ye Lingran swallowed a mouthful of blood as his face flashed white, and his entire body trembled.

However, Shangguan Jing didnt care as he turned around and looked in another direction.

“Youre from the Golden Wings Sect”

He was naturally asking Jin Di.

Suddenly being pointed out, Jin Dis heart suddenly skipped a beat! He opened his mouth and was rather guilty.

“…T-thats right!”

Earlier, Ye Lingran was beaten into this state in one shot and couldnt even retaliate at all.

He is indeed frightening! Now that person is targeting me…

It was impossible if he said he wasnt nervous.

“What do you want to do!” Jin Di clenched his fists tightly.

Shangguan Jing tilted his head.

After thinking for a moment, he turned around and asked Chu Liuyue, “At the Flood-Desert Northern Region previously, it was this thing that kept targeting you and putting you in a difficult spot, right”

He was still in deep sleep back then, but he could faintly feel everything that happened inside and outside the gully.

Hence, he remembered Jin Di and… had quite a deep impression of him.

Once he heard Shangguan Jing say this, Jin Di immediately felt that something was bad. Did this person catch onto me since the Flood-Desert Northern Region So—

“Its him.” Chu Liuyue nodded softly, and the corner of her lips curled up slightly.

“Senior Jin Di has been very concerned about my matters.”

“Shangguan Yue, what nonsense are you talking about!” Jin Di was taken aback! Isnt this purposely causing trouble for me! 

“Huh I didnt speak nonsense.” Chu Liuyue looked innocent.

“From the Chi Xiao Sword to the Heavenly Square Cauldron, you… or should I say the Golden Wings Sect—have beenparticipating rather enthusiastically, right”

Participating They were just causing trouble!

Rong Xius thin lips curled up slightly, and he glanced at her. This girl became gutsy after seeing her ancestor.

She is getting better at setting traps for people… 

Originally, Jin Di wanted to defend himself.

Before he said anything clearly, he heard that man calling him to go over.

He gulped with difficulty.

“If you have anything to say, just do it.”

I wont go over! Wouldnt that be courting death! With what happened to Ye Lingran earlier… Even if all the people who came from the Golden Wings Sect are added together, we wont be his match! Then, why should I go forward and make myself uncomfortable! 

Shangguan Jings expression turned lighter, and his voice became colder.

“I told you to come over.

Did you not hear me!”

His every single word was filled with oppression.

They were like heavy hammers smashing onto ones heart, causing Jin Di to feel suffocated and uncomfortable.

Jin Di clenched his teeth.

“Actually, everyone just doesnt want to cause any misunderstanding.

Didnt we solve all those misunderstandings earlier We—”

Shangguan Jing was too annoyed to hear him talk nonsense.

He suddenly raised his hand and pressed his fingers!

Jin Di felt a huge force coming over.

The next moment, his body flew forward uncontrollably!

The harsh winds were like blades that scraped past his face!

Before waiting for him to react, his neck suddenly turned cold! Then, he relaxed and tightened!

“Argh…” Jin Di let out a short and painful moan before falling quiet.

Shangguan Jing strangled his neck and coldly asked, “Do you think Im as stupid as you”

Jin Di wanted to say something, but he couldnt even spit out a single word.

His face rapidly flushed red, and his veins popped out on his forehead.

Only his body was struggling.

It was a pity that Shangguan Jing was very stable like a mountain, and he was just wasting his efforts.

Shangguan Jing strangled him and surveyed the surroundings at the same time.

“All of you, listen up.

All the inheritance in the gully within the Flood-Desert Northern Region belongs to my Shangguan clan! If anybody wants to fight with Yueer… you will end up like him!”

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