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The crisp sound of bones shattering was heard.

Shangguan Jin casually threw Jin Di, and the latters body fell to the floor softly.

His eyes protruded out, and his face and head were bruised.

His head was also tilted to one side in a strange manner.

There were a few wounds on his neck, and the fresh red blood seemed to want to explode directly from underneath his skin!

His gaze had dissipated, and his expression was dazed.

He had no aura at all—he was clearly dead.

In the giant square, the air was as though frozen.

Everyone was taken aback! W-what… just happened This man actually directly killed Jin Di! 

When the remaining few people from the Golden Wings Sect saw this scene, they panicked.

“Second Master!”

They wanted to rush over, but the body was next to Shangguan Jing.

They were filled with fear, so they didnt dare to go near.

Hence, they could only stand afar and watch on anxiously and fearfully.

One of them finally mustered the courage and yelled, “Do you know who this is This is our Golden Wings Sect leaders only younger brother! Our sect leader will definitely not take this lying down!”

“What a coincidence.” Shangguan Jing patted his hands lightly as if he felt that they were stained with something dirty.

He then smiled faintly and said, “Coincidentally, I also think that killing him alone is not enough for revenge.”

The crowd was speechless. Listen! Are these human words It is fine if he kills one, but he even feels that it isnt enough Does he want to exterminate the Golden Wings Sect 

Once he said this, those few peoples faces flushed white.

Shangguan Jing took another glance at them and laughed.

“Dont worry; I wont kill you.

After all, someone needs to go back and report the loss.”

Besides, he felt that it was beneath him to directly handle these few people.

The crowd was speechless.

Chu Liuyue suddenly felt a lot of respect for her ancestor as she stuck up her thumb in her heart.

Rong Xiu leaned over and lowered his voice.

“So your temper was inherited from your clan.”

The ability to anger someone to death really couldnt be learned by any ordinary person.

His voice was low and melodious, and it even had a few hints of happiness now.

Mixed together with the hot atmosphere, it landed on her thin neck, causing her to feel ticklish.

She turned around and glared at him angrily.

However, she was overjoyed from seeing her ancestor, so her glance was also especially bright.

Her eyes were watery and charming.

Rong Xiu glanced at her red and soft earlobes as he chuckled softly.

“Yet, I like it.”

Then, he watched in satisfaction as the spread of red extended toward her porcelain-white neck.

This man then retreated in content.

His appearance was decent, and his gaze was watery.

He looked gentlemanly and peerless; it was as if he didnt say those words previously.

Chu Liuyue grunted lightly. With Ancestor around, well see how outrageous he can be. 

She retracted her gaze, and it swept past Jin Dis corpse.

The people from the Golden Wings Sect were such bullies, and they had recently offended her quite a bit.

However, she didnt expect that before she could retaliate, her ancestor had already taken action—and it was so simple and violent!

She had to admit… It felt good!

“It seems like you have all the courage in the world.

With such behavior, youre planning on completely falling out with the Golden Wings Sect” A voice suddenly sounded from the crowd.

The person speaking was the man in his thirties that had also questioned Chu Liuyue previously.

Compared to the other old foxes present, he was clearly much more impulsive and… rather fearless

At this point, his brows were tightly furrowed, and he had cold mockery in his eyes.

It was obvious that he didnt think Shangguan Jing could challenge the entire Golden Wings Sect alone.

Shangguan Jing glanced at him and suddenly laughed.

“You should ask the Golden Wings Sect this! Their ancestor doesnt even dare to go against me, yet theyre so eager and enthusiastic to do so!”

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