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The crowd was taken aback.

They originally thought that the matter had ended, so they didnt expect this to happen!

Not continuing with their interrogation is already considered taking a step back and making a compromise.

Why is this Shangguan Jing so relentless

It was rather inappropriate for them to work together to target Shangguan Yue, but everyone did so to explain matters.

Nobody really planned on taking it out on the child.

Besides, these people had quite high statuses.

How could they line up one by one to apologize to a girl

Even though thisgirl was the Sky-Cloud Empires princess consort now and also Shangguan Jings most doted descendant, they could just do it symbolically.

How could they actually do it!

Shangguan Jing had long expected that they wouldnt agree to it.

“Hey, didnt you say just now that when this matter was investigated, youd apologize to my Yueer Are you… going back on your words now!”

The crowd exchanged glances. We just spoke casually.

How could it be taken seriously This Shangguan Jing clearly doesnt understand it, and he is bent on serving justice to his precious one.

However, we really cant do such a thing.

What should we do if word gets out! Our reputations would be tarnished! 

After a temporary silence, Yao Bin took the initiative to step forward and speak.

“Mu… Senior Shangguan, it is indeed our fault for this incident.

I also have a part to play in what happened previously.

Why dont I represent everyone to apologize to… M—Shangguan”

Perhaps he had just recalled Rong Xius reminder, but he didnt say out the few wordsMissy Shangguan.

After finishing this sentence, Yao Bins back was filled with cold sweat.

The light breeze blew over coldly.

On the one hand, it was Shangguan Jing.

On the other hand, it was the Sky-Cloud Empire.

Both sides couldnt be offended!

Shangguan Jing glanced at him lightly.


But before he could finish his sentence, Chu Liuyue suddenly pulled his sleeves.


Hearing this, Shangguan Jing hurriedly turned around, and his originally stern and cold expression instantly broke into a bright smile.

“Whats the matter, Yueer”

Seeing how fast his face changed, the corners of the crowds lips twitched. You can have double standards, but this is too much, right! After turning his head, he has two completely different faces! 

Chu Liuyue blinked.

“Ancestor, I feel that Master Yaos suggestion isnt bad.”

Yao Bin instantly felt that he had been saved, and he looked at Chu Liuyue gratefully.

He didnt do this completely for himself.

He mainly didnt want the situation to become too awkward.

It would be for the best if they could solve todays matter peacefully.

If Shangguan Yue was willing to step up and mediate the situation, giving both parties an out, it would save quite some trouble for everyone.

Shangguan Jing squinted his eyes.

“Yueer, is that what you really think”

Chu Liuyue smiled.


Actually, what Master Yao said is right.

Everyone is gathered here today just to clarify some matters.

As for me… I did cause quite a few people to misunderstand, so its not bad… that I have this chance today to clarify in front of everyone.”

Shangguan Jing had a doting gaze.

“But you suffered so many grievances this time—”

He felt upset that he wasnt able to help vent her anger.

In the past, Yueer had suffered a lot.

She finally managed to return to Tianling and take back everything that belonged to her.

In the blink of an eye, she came to the God Residence Realm and was surrounded and bullied by so many people again.

If it were someone else, their mentality wouldve long crashed.

Chu Liuyues heart felt warm as tears welled up in her eyes.

She smiled very brightly.

“Dont I have you”

And Rong Xiu and the academy. 

Actually, all these people were standing on her side and helped her the whole time!

“Ancestor, Im already elated that you could come back.

I dont feel wronged for anything else.” Rather than wasting time calculating it against these people, it would be better to chat with Ancestor. 

Shangguan Jing looked at her, and his heart ached.

But in the end, he still lightly ruffled her hair.

“Okay, Ill listen to you for everything!”

Ye Lingran suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

He felt his knees go weak, and he almost collapsed to the ground.

The servants at the side hurriedly helped him up.

Shangguan Jing saw him from the corner of his eye and snorted. Its frustrating to even take another look at him! 

The other peoples tense emotions relaxed quite a bit. Luckily—luckily, the matter didnt develop to its worst… 

Yao Bin took a deep breath in, walked a few steps forward, and cupped his fists.

“Shangguan Yue, we believed in rumors previously and randomly guessed, so we misunderstood you and even caused you so much trouble.

Im really sorry for that.

Here, I—Yao Bin—will represent everyone and solemnly tell you: were sorry!”

His tone was very sincere.

On the one hand, he did feel that he had misunderstood Chu Liuyue.

On the other hand, he wanted to try his best to repair their relationship with Shangguan Jing.

Hence, he took out his utmost sincerity.

Others might feel that it was beneath them, but Yao Bin felt that an apology wasnt worth much.

It would be best if Shangguan Jing could forget about this incident.

Even if he couldnt do so for now, it would be good to have a start.

Chu Liuyue smiled and bowed in return.

“Master Yao, youre too kind.”

There was clearly someone secretly planning these matters.

Who she really wanted to target was the mastermind, not these bunch of executors.

Hearing Chu Liuyues reply, Yao Bin felt much more relaxed.

Suddenly, Shangguan Jing—who stood at the side—raised his brows.

“Thats it”

Yao Bin shuddered and hurriedly looked at Shangguan Jing.

At the very least, he was still Purple Light Prefectures master and had been in the God Residence Realm for so many years.

Thus, he did have pretty good eyesight.

He immediately understood what Shangguan JIng meant.

“Oh… right, right! A-and… That… No matter how you put it, we were in the wrong first! Just this apology isnt enough to repair the damage weve caused you.” As Yao Bin spoke, he produced a sandalwood box from his purple thumb ring.

That box was palm-sized, but it was very intricate, and its engravings were detailed.

On the outside, it even glowed with a faint layer of light, clearly not ordinary.

As he passed the box to Chu Liuyue, he explained, “This is the blood-cloud spiritual ginseng that I previously obtained.

Its a small gift—”

Chu Liuyues eyes brightened up.

Blood-cloud spiritual ginseng! Rumors said that it could make a dead mans corpse come alive.

Its medicinal effects were very strong yet gentle, so it didnt have many side effects.

This item was extremely precious, and even Ling Xiao Academys Medicinal Valley didnt have it.

If Jiang Zhiyuan had such an item just now, half her life mightve been saved.

Chu Liuyue glanced at her ancestor rather hesitantly.

“This… Master Yao, youre too kind…”

Yao Bin pushed it forward.

“What does this count for Its just a small item—quickly accept it! If not, it means that you dont accept my apology! We wont feel good either, right”

Shangguan Jing nodded.

“Its their kind intentions after all.

Just accept it.”

Chu Liuyue could only accept it withmuch difficulty. “T-this is really too much…”

Shangguan Jing looked up at the other spectators and suddenly laughed.

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