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Chu Liuyue followed her ancestor into the house.

Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows slightly, and faint smiling intent flashed across his thin lips. Previously, I only vaguely guessed this persons identity.

But compared to my expectations, it seems like he is even more… protective of Yueer.

However, this is fine.

With Shangguan Jing around, she should be more assured. 

“Rong Xiu.” Outside the barrier, Elder Wen Xi suddenly appeared and waved toward him.

“Bo Yan is looking for you to go over.”

Rong Xiu turned around to glance at the tightly shut door before nodding slightly.

Then, he raised his feet and followed Elder Wen Xi to leave.

Dong Huang Clock Tower, hall.

When Rong Xiu walked in, he saw the few elders present today.

Mu Hongyu was also around.

It seems like they want to ask about Yueer. Rong Xius thoughts changed, yet his expression didnt show it.

“Elders, may I know why you looked for me”

Elder Bo Yan looked at him and snorted lightly.

“Shes your own princess consort.

You dont know”

A few pairs of eyes looked over in unison.

The atmosphere froze for a moment.

Rong Xiu curled his lips into a half-smile.

“Originally, I thought you planned to ask after Yueer came over.”

“We want to, but Shangguan Jing doesnt want to let her go!” Elder Hua Feng rubbed his brows with a headache.

“Didnt he chase you out too”

Rong Xiu paused and slowly said, “Yueer naturally has a lot of things to talk about with her ancestor.

We have many days ahead, so we dont have to fight for this bit of time.”

The crowd was speechless. Fighting with her ancestor! It is really hopeless. 

“Sit down and talk.” Elder Bo Yan raised his hand.

“Its the same if you say some things clearly first.

When that girl comes over, we can pick some and ask in detail.”

One had to know their enemy to win every battle.

It was only until today that they realized they knew nothing about that girl!

Of course, they were so anxious mainly because they wanted to confirm a few things immediately.

Rong Xiu slightly nodded.


Elders, you can ask whatever you want to know.”

With him saying that, the few people present didnt know how to speak.

After keeping silent for a moment, Elder Wan Zheng was the first to speak.

“Rong Xiu, Shangguan Yue… Other than this name, does she have any other identities”

Once he said this, the crowd instantly tensed up! Countless pairs of eyes landed on Rong Xiu!

The atmosphere within the hall instantly changed!

“Really” Elder Bo Yan leaned his body forward and asked rather anxiously, “What kind of identity!”

Rong Xiu paused for a moment.

“Its a long story…”

“Talk about it slowly! Say it bit by bit!” The few elders were clearly very concerned about this.

At the side, Mu Hongyu widened her eyes slightly, and her brain was filled with confusion.

Ever since she was called over, she felt that something was amiss. The elders… dont seem to care for Liuyue ordinarily.

Every one of them here has important statuses.

It seems rather inappropriate for me to be here. 

“Then, Ill start talking from the beginning.

If I leave out anything in between… Mu Hongyu, please add on later,” said Rong Xiu calmly.

“Huh Oh! Oh, okay!” After being called out suddenly, Mu Hongyu was taken aback and instinctively nodded.

The few elders gazes scanned Mu Hongyus body.

They also called her over because they could tell that she had an extraordinary relationship with Shangguan Yue.

Anything they could ask was information.

The crowd calmed down and waited patiently.

Rong Xiu thought for a moment.

“Yueer has another name—Chu Liuyue.”

Chu Liuyue sat opposite her ancestor.

Shangguan Jing sized her up in detail and said with heartache, “Look, my Yueer has been so tired recently that she became slim.

Was it especially hard on you during this period of time”

The words were heartwarming.

Chu Liuyues heart felt warm, and she shook her head.

“Thank you for your concern, Ancestor.

It hasnt been hard on me.”

Shangguan Jing had a face filled with disagreement.

“All those people had bullied you all the way to Ling Xiao Academys entrance.

You still say that it wasnt hard on you If it were someone else, Im afraid—only my Yueer is so outstanding to be able to handle them.”

Guts, bravery, intelligence, capabilities! She didnt lack any of them!

“Ancestor, I actually asked the academy for their help to invite them over.

During this period of time, there had been many rumors about me, so I thought of doing so to settle all the trouble at once.” Chu Liuyue narrated the entire incident to her ancestor briefly.

After hearing it, Shangguan Jing sighed deeply.

After some time, he then said, “Its all my fault for coming so late.”

If I could come earlier, Yueer wouldnt suffer so much.

She was alone, yet she had to think of how to handle these people.

None of them were easy to deal with. 

Chu Liuyue shook her head, and her eyes shone.

“No, Ancestor.

You being able to come was the biggest surprise for me.

You havent mentioned it.

How exactly—”

Shangguan Jing knew that she wanted to ask about this the whole time and didnt hide it.

“What you guessed previously was right.

That place is indeed a tomb I prepared for myself.”

Chu Liuyue was stunned. Prepared… for yourself This…

“I left the Tianling Dynasty back then and came to the God Residence Realm.

In the Flood-Desert Northern Region, I unwittingly received some strong warriors legacy and broke through to become a supreme Armory Refinement Master.”

“At that time, I was still arrogant.

After breaking through, I decided to go around and challenge quite a few supreme Armory Refinement Masters.

I beat all of them without failing.”

Speaking of his glorious days, Shangguan Jings tone was very calm.

His pair of old eyes were calm and experienced as if they could contain many things.

However, Chu Liuyue was secretly shocked. What kind of strong ability does that need

“At that time, I was considered to be basking in the limelight, so I was naturally more proud until…” Shangguan Jing paused.

“Until I met the great phoenix dragon later on.”

“Great phoenix dragon” Chu Liuyue was suddenly dazed.

“I heard some rumors previously.

They said that you… fought with the dragon clan below the great phoenix dragon…”

However, they didnt say that her ancestor directly went against the great phoenix dragons!

Shangguan Jing snorted coldly.

“That bunch of old fogies loves their reputation so much! If everyone knows that they lost to me, wont they be humiliated!”

Such a short sentence contained too much information.

Chu Liuyue was so shocked that she was at a loss for words. It turned out that the great phoenix dragons fought with Ancestor back then, and the key point is that the party who lost was the great phoenix dragons! 

“Before the battle, I knew that it wouldnt be good, so I prepared my tomb in advance.

Later on, it was proven that my decision was very accurate.

I used this method to preserve my Holy Body.”

Speaking of this, Shangguan Jing couldnt help but smile delightfully.

“Actually, that rumor is half-true.

Those who came to surround me were indeed nine red and white azure dragons.

But other than them, there was also a great phoenix dragon!”

However, they hid the existence of the great phoenix dragon.

“After a tough battle, I swiftly decided to die with the nine dragons and suppress them! They cant escape in a thousand years! Only that great phoenix dragon escaped in the chaos!”

Chu Liuyue was overwhelmed from listening to this, and she couldnt help but ask, “Ancestor, why would they treat you like this”

They were ancient legendary fiends after all, so why would they do such a thing where they bullied the minority

Shangguan Jing coughed.

“Its nothing much.

Its just that… they discovered that I planned to use some great phoenix dragon bones to refine a weapon…”

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