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Students and elders kept gathering at Qing Ming Square.

Many people clearly had not realized what was going on, and their expressions were dazed.

After seeing Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu, quite a few people were so shocked that their jaws dropped. We know Rong Xiu, but who is the woman next to him! She seems like she is 17 or 18, and her clothes are plain, but it doesnt hide her elegance. 

Her appearance was breathtaking, and her aura was exquisite.

As long as she stood there, she seemed to gather all the light.

Everything in the surroundings seemed to have dimmed… other than Rong Xiu!

Seeing the duos intertwined hands and their intimate behavior, almost everyone was taken aback. This is… Since when was Rong Xiu ever so close to a woman, and why does this woman seem familiar for some reason 

Chu Liuyue and the rest had just returned not long ago, and the elders were debating over her identity, so they didnt care about the academy.

The incident in Fangzhou City hadnt spread around yet, so everyone naturally did not know.

“Liuyue!” Not long after Mu Hongyu left Dong Huang Clock Tower, the elders gathered them again.

She saw Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue standing in the middle at first glance.

There was no choice as they were like cranes standing among a group of chickens.

They were too obvious.

Chu Liuyue was pulled back from her thoughts by this crisp sound.

She looked up, saw Mu Hongyu, and waved at her.

The surrounding people instantly made way.

Nothing was obstructing Mu Hongyu, so she walked over quickly.

Mu Hongyu hadnt seen Chu Liuyues familiar face in a long while.

Additionally, she couldnt properly talk to the latter in Fangzhou City, so she couldnt help but be emotional when she saw her now.

Originally, Mu Hongyu wanted to jump into her friends arms.

But before she moved, she felt a slightly cold gaze swipe past her body.

Mu Hongyu coughed and stood beside Chu Liuyue obediently and politely, not daring to take action.

“Liuyue, why did you come over without resting properly”

She didnt even have the time to change her clothes.

Chu Liuyue smiled.

“Something happened here, so I came over.”

Mu Hongyu thought that she was talking about the loud sound, so she nodded and glanced at Million Wine Mountain.

“Us too.

I wonder why the elders asked us to rush over”

She had just come to the academy not long ago, so she naturally wasnt clear about many situations.

Chu Liuyue paused.

“Lets wait here first.

The elders should be able to handle it.”

Mu Hongyu didnt doubt anything else and nodded.

On the other side, Luo Shishi, Luo Yanlin, and the others walked over.

Upon seeing Chu Liuyue, Luo Yanlins face instantly darkened.

Different from the others, he had already heard Luo Yanming and the rest talk about what happened outside, so he naturally knew that the so-called Chu Yue was actually Shangguan Yue—the Sky-Cloud Empires rumored princess consort!

That was Rong Xius woman!

After hearing about this, Luo Yanlins entire person became upset.

And now that he had seen Chu Liuyue in person, it was even harder to describe his complicated feelings. My own younger sister actually liked a woman… 

Originally, he had made up his mind and decided that if his sister really insisted, he wanted to askChu Yue what he thought.

Luckily, he hadnt done so! If not, he would be humiliated!

Luo Yanlin was angry, but upon deeper thought, it was all his younger sisters one-sided thoughts.

‘Chu Yue had always been restrained and well-mannered, and one couldnt fault her at all.

At the end of the day, he couldnt blame her.

Luo Yanlin could only silently swallow this anger.

My own sister wanted to fight with Rong Xiu for a person… Its agonizing just thinking about it! He took a deep breath in and glanced at Luo Shishi.

Luckily, Luo Shishi was already calm, and this was the only thing that comforted him.

On the other hand, Zhuo Sheng was being dragged by many people.

They asked what exactly happened in Fangzhou City and who exactly that beautiful woman was.

Zhuo Sheng was dazed from the questioning and loudly scratched his head.

“She Shes Chu Yue!”

Chu Liuyue clearly felt that the surrounding gazes were burning.

Luckily, her mental tolerance had always been strong, so she didnt take this to heart.

She stared at Million Wine Mountain.

If Rong Xiu didnt pull her back, she wouldve rushed over without restraining herself.

Besides, the surrounding people clearly didnt notice the severity of the situation at Million Wine Mountain.

Zhuo Sheng kept being questioned, and he was beyond frustrated, so he narrated the entire incident.

Of course, he picked theexciting points.

The crowd listened until they kept exclaiming and were shocked.

Almost everyones attention was gathered on Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu.

“I really didnt expect Chu Yue to be Shangguan Yue! So shes the princess consort that Senior Brother Rong Xiu personally picked!”

“No wonder Senior Brother Rong Xiu treats her so well…”

“Didnt they say that shes from outside the realm Her talent is too shocking—and t-that supreme Armory Refinement Master is actually her ancestor! With such a background, who would dare say that shes not worthy”

“…Am I the only one who has noticed that she broke through to become an intermediate stage-nine warrior from a beginner stage-eight warrior in just a few months…”

There was no choice.

Any one of these traits could cause people to be green with envy.

It happened too many times, and they just had to get used to it.

However, Chu Liuyue couldnt care about this now.

“Tuan Zi, did you leave any evidence behind in that fountain at Million Wine Mountain” she asked in her heart.

Tuan Zi was dazed for a moment, and its expression was hesitant.

“This… I… dont think so…”

Chu Liuyues eyelids twitched.

But right at this moment, a ripple suddenly came from the barrier outside the academy! At the same time, a low and tremendous dragon roar reverberated throughout the area! “Shangguan Jing—get out!”

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