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Hearing this, the few elders standing outside the barrier had a slight change in expression. Who exactly is this person that can speak with such dominance! 

Shangguan Jing is a top supreme Armory Refinement Master in the God Residence Realm, yet they were so rude to him 

The moment Elder Dan Qing rushed over, he met such a scene and couldnt help but knit his brows.

“Senior Senior.” He flew to Shangguan Jing, quickly sized up the few people outside the barrier, and was secretly shocked. They do look like the dragon clan, but why does the color of the scales look different 

He cupped his fists.

“Im Ling Xiao Academys Elder Dan Qing.

May I know what you are here for”

However, that elder on the opposite end just glanced at him and rapidly retracted his gaze.

That gaze was cold and nonchalant as if he were looking at an ant.

He clearly disregarded Elder Dan Qing.

Anger surged up Elder Dan Qings heart.

Although his status in the academy wasnt as good as Elder Bo Yan, it wasnt considered low.

Even the people from top-tier aristocratic families were courteous when they saw him.

I have never seen such a disrespectful person! I know that the dragon clan has always been arrogant, but this is too much! 

“Everyone, you didnt inform us in advance and just barged over here, making such a scene in front of Ling Xiao Academys entrance.

Isnt this too much” Elder Dan Qings face darkened.

That elder finally glanced at Elder Dan Qing again.

His nonchalant face had a hint of frustration.

“Who are you How dare you question me like this”

Elder Dan Qing was about to retort when Shangguan Jing stopped him.

The latter then smiled and said, “This is between the two of us.

Why implicate others”

Once Elder Dan Qing heard this, he instinctively felt that it wasnt good.

In Fangzhou City previously, there were so many people around, and he didnt even treat them nicely.

But the incoming person was so arrogant now, yet there was no anger on his face at all.

His tone was even polite.

This… The other partys identity was probably more shocking than expected!

“Shangguan Jing, dont say all those useless things! Even if you hide in Ling Xiao Academy this time, I will still take your life easily! If you have the guts, immediately come out.

If you hide inside, I will feel embarrassed for you even if you dont find it cowardly!” The incoming person had a fiery temper and spoke directly.

His words were filled with anger.

However, Shangguan Jing didnt seem to be angry as he laughed out loud.

“Miao Yao, it has been so many years, but your tone is as cocky as before!”

Leave me with my full corpse He has to have the ability to kill me, Shangguan Jing, first! 

Hearing this name, Elder Dan Qing was dazed for a moment. Miao Yao… Why is this name so familiar… 

Suddenly, he was taken aback! He suddenly widened his eyes and looked at that man outside the barrier! Miao Yao! Isnt that the one with the name in the great phoenix dragon clan 

Rumors had it that a thousand years ago, an aristocratic family obtained a great phoenix dragons dragon egg by chance.

They secretly brought this dragon egg back, wanting to forcefully make an agreement with it.

It was a pity that before they could take action, they were discovered by the great phoenix dragon clan.

That time, the great phoenix dragons only sent out three people.

Miao Yao was one of them!

Even though it was just a second-tier aristocratic family, it was quite capable back then.

The family even had two legendary warriors around, so it was even stronger than some desolated top-tier aristocratic families.

If they could make an agreement with that great phoenix dragons dragon egg, they might be able to elevate themselves.

It was a pity that they had lost this chance forever.

Miao Yaos group of three only used one day and one night to completely exterminate their entire family! The news spread around and stunned the entire God Residence Realm.

Great phoenix dragons were one of the top two ancient legendary fiends, and they were always mysterious to the crowd.

Many people might not even have the chance to meet a great phoenix dragon in their lives.

That was also the reason why the names of Miao Yaos group of three became representative of the entire great phoenix dragon clan ever since then.

Elder Dan Qing had never thought that he could meet this legendary character personally! He never expected to be in such a circumstance! Why did Miao Yao suddenly come over and want to kill Shangguan Jing! It seems like they have had grudges against each other for such a long time.

What is going on 

Miao Yao sneered.

“Youre cunning and ruthless! Back then, you tricked everyone and escaped an ordeal.

Today… you wont have the chance!”

I definitely wont make the same mistake again! 

Shangguan Jing spread his hands.

“I know you want that corpse, but… Its not in my hands now!”

“Youre lying!” Miao Yao didnt believe his words at all.

“Back then, you spent all your effort hiding the corpse.

If its not with you, where can it be!”

“A thousand years have passed!” Shangguan Jing suddenly raised his voice.

“Everything has changed! You know how the Flood-Desert Northern Region is now, right For the past thousand years, Ive been hibernating.

How can I control what happened and what I lost”

“If you dont believe me, you can search my body!” Shangguan Jing spoke and was about to directly raise his leg and walk forward!

“Senior Shangguan!” Elder Dan Qing hurriedly walked forward and blocked his path.

“This matter is important.

You must think it through!”

The great phoenix dragon clan came over so fiercely.

Who knows if they will directly take action if Shangguan Jing goes out This person is still in our Ling Xiao Academy now.

How could something happen to him 

Miao Yao stared closely at Shangguan Jing as if he wanted to see something from his face.

However, the two of them were old foxes, and one had deeper thoughts than the other.

Nobody could guess anyone.

“Shangguan Jing, if your conscience is clear, you can come out directly! I have my own methods to check if the skeleton is with you! If that item is really not with you, well let this incident go! However, if we find out something… Dont blame us for being ruthless!”

Miao Yao was too lazy to speak nonsense.

He had already given Ling Xiao Academy face by not directly rushing forward, breaking the barrier, and dragging Shangguan Jing out.

Nobody knew how enraged he was when he found out that Shangguan Jing was still alive!

The next moment, he heard Shangguan Jing say swiftly, “Okay!”

The people present were taken aback.

Elder Dan Qing wanted to stop him again.

“Senior Shangguan, this—”

“They came here for me.

It has nothing to do with Ling Xiao Academy and you guys.

You dont have to be involved in this,” said Shangguan Jing with a smile.

“Besides, my conscience is clear.

What is there to fear”

As he spoke, he looked at the elder in charge of the barrier.

The two elders exchanged a glance and finally hesitated as they opened the barrier.

Shangguan Jing stepped out!

The two parties fell into a stalemate.

Shangguan Jing spread open his arms.

“You can check if you want!”

Miao Yao coldly snorted.

“Lets see how long you can be this stubborn!”

As he spoke, he closed his eyes and crossed his hands before him.

Then, a purplish-golden light blossomed in his palms.

A purplish-golden translucent scale floated up!

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