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Without thinking, Chu Liuyue immediately retreated! However, that scale did not disappear and kept approaching her!

It was extremely fast, and one couldnt even see its traces.

They heard a few ear-piercing sounds in the air, and black cracks appeared in mid-air!

It showed its formidability!

Chu Liuyue moved her legs and retreated again! At the same time, her body glowed with a golden light, and the pure gold armor quickly wrapped her body!

She was curvy and tall.

Even though she was wearing a mans disguise… After her figure was exposed, she didnt intentionally cover her figure.

The previous her might seem youthful, but today, she seemed to have fully grown up as her every move and action was charming and elegant.

That scale flew over directly.

Chu Liuyue bent her waist and her body instantly folded at an unimaginable angle.

The scale brushed past one inch away from her body, scarcely making through!

Chu Liuyue could even feel the terrifying aura on her face, and it hurt!

The next moment, she straightened her body, turned around, and raised her bare hand.

A red-golden fire suddenly rose from her palm, which quickly formed a fire wall around her!

The fire burned intensely, and the surrounding temperature instantly increased! It seemed like the air was burning as well!

At the same time, a clear shriek spread across the area!

A gigantic figure clad in red and gold—which contained an intense fire—appeared in front of Chu Liuyue! It was Tuan Zi!

It was as if the tremendous suppression that came from a space and time far away almost crushed this space!

Tuan Zis appearance finally caused the scale to stop in its actions as it just floated in midair quietly, not willing to move back at all.

It seemed to have fallen into a stalemate with Tuan Zi.

Seeing this scene, the crowd in the academy was stunned.

“T-thats the rumored ancient legendary fiend—red-gold heavenly phoenix”

“Those rumors are actually true… Shangguan Yue really made an agreement with a red-gold heavenly phoenix! An average person wouldnt even be able to personally see a red-gold heavenly phoenix in their lives, yet Shangguan Yue could make an agreement with one… I cant even be jealous of her…”

“Her red-gold heavenly phoenix seems to have broken through from a red-tailed phoenix, right Nobody has such luck! Doesnt Liu Yintong have a red-tailed phoenix too However, it really cant be compared to Shangguan Yues…”

“Whats with that scale It appeared so suddenly and ferociously!”

They heard the crowd in the academy discussing softly.

The faces of Elder Bo Yan and the others in midair were filled with shock, and they took a while to react.

The scale that suddenly appeared was definitely extraordinary! It just easily broke through Rong Xius barrier!

“A scale of this color… Could it be—” Elder Bo Yan suddenly thought of something and gasped!

Chu Liuyues eyes focused and stared tightly at the scale.

Red-gold heavenly phoenixes and great phoenix dragons were the top two ancient legendary fiends.

From the past till now, these two clans had completely opposing stances, and their competition was very intense.

Of course, other clans didnt even have the right to participate in this fight.

Hence, only after Tuan Zi appeared did the arrogant and domineering great phoenix dragon scale pause for a moment.

It was fearful of Tuan Zi.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes slightly.

Even if she was standing behind Tuan Zi and couldnt see its current expression, their hearts were connected.

Without any additional words or actions, they knew what each other was thinking.

She had never seen Tuan Zi this meticulous and careful.

Its personality was playful, and after it broke through to become a red-gold heavenly phoenix, it was even more carefree.

Its distinguished bloodline could almost allow it to crush all the other fiends easily except… the great phoenix dragons!

“Yueer!” Just as this place was falling into a stalemate, Shangguan Jings body flashed and returned.

He glanced at that scale floating quietly before Chu Liuyue, and his heart sank. This item was extremely sensitive, and it could actually detect that the corpse was with Yueer! This time, it would be hard to explain it—

Just as the crowd descended into chaos, an earth-shattering dragon roar suddenly sounded from above their heads.

Everyone was stunned and hurriedly looked up.

In the sky not far away, a few figures floated in midair.

Blocked by the academys barrier, they couldnt enter, but they could see the situation within the academy clearly.

“Who is in charge of the barrier! Who allowed them to go up!” Elder Bo Yan berated angrily.

Outside Ling Xiao Academy was a gigantic barrier.

Normally, everyone came in from the main entrance at the side.

And the area above was extremely sensitive—nobody could casually approach it.

The defensive powers here were basically the strongest.

Elder Hua Fengs heart suddenly skipped a beat.

“Bo Yan, Im afraid its not our people who didnt fulfill their duties, but… Theyre too strong! The man at the front is… a great phoenix dragon!”

Originally, Elder Bo Yan did not discover it.

Through this reminder, he immediately looked over.

With this look, his heart instantly sank. Purplish-golden scale… Dragon roar… If it isnt a great phoenix dragon, what else could it be! Then…

He suddenly turned around. That scale should be the great phoenix dragons But why did they target Shangguan Yue 

Coincidentally, Elder Dan Qing also anxiously rushed over at this moment.

His face flashed white.

“Bo Yan, our people couldnt stop them! The great phoenix dragon clan is indeed too strong, especially the person at the front, who is the famous Miao Yao!”

Actually, many people didnt know this name.

After all, it happened a thousand years ago.

If one didnt specifically go to find out about it, an average person wouldnt know so much.

However, they knew the few wordsgreat phoenix dragon!

At this time, the crowd in Qing Ming Square was stunned beyond words. Great phoenix dragon… It hasnt appeared in a long, long time, right Why did it suddenly appear today! And once it did, it rushed straight for Ling Xiao Academy! 

Thinking of the series of events that happened earlier, it wasnt hard to guess that the great phoenix dragons true goal this time was Shangguan Jing and Shangguan Yue.

Didnt they just settle the aristocratic families problems in Fangzhou City A day hasnt passed yet.

How did they offend this great phoenix dragon!

Elder Bo Yans thoughts whirred, and he knitted his brows tightly. This great phoenix dragon came at the wrong time! 

His figure flashed as he moved forward and cupped his fists toward Miao Yao and the rest in a very polite manner.

“So its Senior Miao Yao that came a long way here.

Weve been bad hosts—please forgive us.”

Miao Yao just glanced at him lightly before looking at Chu Liuyue.

A cold smile crept onto the corner of his lips.

“That item is with you”

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