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Compared to that gigantic dragon tail, Chu Liuyues body was clearly much smaller.

The purplish-golden dragon tail had scales that flickered with a cold gleam and contained a harsh aura! Following this, countless rays of light flew out and surrounded Chu Liuyue!

From afar, Chu Liuyue seemed like she was trapped in translucent purplish-golden light.

At that moment, Chu Liuyues surrounding space seemed to freeze rapidly as if it were controlled by this force.

Even the force in Chu Liuyues body almost stopped flowing!

Chu Liuyues heart skipped a beat. This great phoenix dragons God Realm is so domineering! 

When Chu Liuyue met with the God Realms unleashed by other legendary fiends or cultivators, she could still move a little.

However, it was just wishful thinking in front of the great phoenix dragon!

It was extremely hard to move even a step.

Chu Liuyue crazily urged the force in her body, but it seemed to be to no avail after spending a lot of effort.

At this moment, the force in her body seemed like a lake surface that was completely frozen, and there were no ripples at all.

Gradually, her forehead was covered in tiny droplets of sweat, and her face turned slightly pale.

Miao Yao looked at her and sneered to himself.

“You dont know your limits!”

Why does she think the great phoenix dragon clan are ancient legendary fiends! When she agreed to the second condition, she shouldve already been prepared to die! This has just started, and she already has no way of retaliating.

There is no use in talking about what happens later. 

In front of their eyes, that gigantic dragon tail had already been flung at Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue could even feel the strong and harsh winds that were rushing toward her! It almost shredded her!

Suddenly, a barrier composed of red-golden fire appeared in front of Chu Liuyue! The burning temperature almost caused half the sky to heat up.

A burning smell spread around, causing people to be anxious.

With this clear sound, Tuan Zi spread open its wings and blocked Chu Liuyue, protecting her behind it! Its eyes didnt have the usual nonchalance and were filled with endless combat intent!

Its wings burned with a red-golden fire—it was a crushing sense of pressure!

When Miao Yao saw Tuan Zi appear, fear flashed across his eyes instantly, but he later sneered.

“On account of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan, Ill give you a chance.

If you move away immediately, Ill spare your life!”

Tuan Zi didnt speak as it flapped its wings and rapidly charged toward Miao Yao!

“Stupid thing!” berated Miao Yao coldly.

The relationship between the red-gold heavenly phoenixes and the great phoenix dragons had always been very peculiar.

Under most circumstances, the two parties would stay in their own lanes, and it looked very calm.

But in actual fact, the secret battles had never stopped.

Miao Yao was originally displeased with Tuan Zi, but he didnt want to cause a conflict between the two clans, so he gave it a chance to compromise.

It was a pity that the other party didnt care for it.

Then, he had nothing better to say! What can a mere, young red-gold heavenly phoenix do 

But right at this moment, a gigantic black figure suddenly appeared in mid-air! The harsh cold air spread around the world!

“The legendary three-eyed eagle!” When Miao Yao saw Zi Chen appear, deep hatred overwhelmed his eyes.

That was because he could detect a familiar aura from it! This legendary three-eyed eagle does have the great phoenix dragons corpse! 

Tuan Zi and Zi Chen worked together and took action at the same time!

A red-golden fire whip was flung out and wrapped around Miao Yaos dragon tail.

Miao Yao flung it angrily and directly got rid of it! “What a small trick, yet you dare to use it to shame yourself.”

He saw that the dragon tail was about to hit Tuan Zi!

Zi Chen immediately went forward and went past the dragon tail!

The extremely sharp claws harshly scraped past Miao Yaos body, letting out a sharp sound!

“Impudent!” Miao Yao raged as he turned around.

He originally wanted to catch Zi Chen, but Zi Chen was too fast, and it caught nothing.

Miao Yao looked down and saw a white mark on the dragon tail.

To the crowd, Zi Chens attack didnt cause Miao Yao to bleed, and it was simply like tickling him.

The difference in their skills could be seen easily.

However, this wasnt what Miao Yao thought.

The great phoenix dragons cultivation level was originally much higher than that of the legendary three-eyed eagle, and his ability was far above it.

Now that he was scratched, Miao Yao felt that it was utter humiliation!

He raged in his heart as he swiftly turned around.

Its figure then flashed before the dragon tail fell onto Zi Chen harshly!

With a low sound, Zi Chens body instantly flew out.

Zi Chen harshly slammed into Million Wine Mountain!

Mountain rocks instantly flew everywhere as black feathers flew up, and there were many bloodstains.

Zi Chen struggled to get up, but it realized that it had broken quite a few bones.

In some areas, its blood and muscles overlapped, and one could even see the broken white bone jutting out.

It was extremely frightening!

The crowd watched on fearfully.

In their impression, the legendary three-eyed eagle was already considered a very powerful legendary fiend.

This was especially the case with Chu Liuyue, who made an agreement with the legendary clan leader.

Zi Chen was a top legendary three-eyed eagle! However, such a legendary fiend couldnt even take one move in front of a great phoenix dragon, let alone Chu Liuyue!

Elder Wan Zheng and the rest watched on at the side as they wiped their sweat.

After flinging Zi Chen away, Miao Yao placed his attention back on Chu Liuyue.

At this point, Chu Liuyue was still struggling to circulate her force.

Bits of force flowed out of her dantian and headed toward the shield and the Chi Xiao Sword!

“Even if they help you, its just a waste of their efforts.” As Miao Yao spoke, the dragon tail was flung out again! This time, it was much faster than before!

Before the crowd could even see it clearly, they faintly saw a purplish-golden glow flash across the air! The next moment, that terrifying force was closing in on Chu Liuyue!

The red-golden fire surrounding Chu Liuyue was shattered by this strong wind! Her figure was completely exposed to Miao Yao!

At this point, Chu Liuyues vision went blurry.

Tuan Zi blocked Chu Liuyue and took this blow!

“Tuan Zi!” Chu Liuyue yelled.

Tuan Zis body was similarly flung away.

Even though red-gold heavenly phoenixes and great phoenix dragons were ancient legendary fiends of the same level, Tuan Zi had broken through not long ago.

No matter its force or experience, it couldnt be compared to Miao Yao.

Before Chu Liuyue could check on Tuan Zis injuries, she suddenly felt a gush of cold wind attacking her from the front!

She looked up and saw that the dragon tail was close to her head!

She reacted swiftly and raised her black shield, completely covering her own figure!

The dragon tail hit the shield harshly!

Chu Liuyues entire arm instantly turned numb! The blood in her body overturned as she suddenly vomited blood.

The warm and fresh red blood landed on the black shield before disappearing without a trace.

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