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At the same time, Fengmin Mountain.

On the top floor of the pagoda, Elder Meng—who was sitting cross-legged—suddenly widened his eyes and stared at the floating door in shock!

A mysterious yet powerful strength was currently gathering as faint yet bright light outlined the strange pattern bit by bit.

The starry sparks gradually covered the entire door.

Inside the door, there seemed to be something crazily smashing around, almost about to break through the door!

A tremendous and harsh aura instantly overwhelmed him!

Elder Meng suddenly stood up! “Girlie is back!”

Other than that girl, who else can cause such a commotion 

He rapidly turned around, ran to the window, and looked outside.

This look caused him to be immediately taken aback.

He saw that the sky was gloomy above the many mountains.

The dark clouds tumbled, and the fierce winds howled.

Rays of silver snake-like lightning rapidly gathered in the clouds and almost burst out! Those lightning bolts intertwined and swam around, almost illuminating the entire night sky!

“Thats… Million Wine Mountain” Elder Meng gasped.

The strength of Fengmin Mountains barrier was comparable to the one outside the academy.

Additionally, as the door had been faltering lately, he spent more time and effort guarding it.

These were also the reasons why he didnt notice whatever had happened outside previously.

Now that he suddenly saw it, he was extremely stunned. Million Wine Mountain is in trouble! But wasnt it fine before Why did it suddenly—

Suddenly, his gaze focused, and he saw the large purplish-golden figure in midair. Great phoenix dragon! 

At this point, shock could no longer describe what Elder Meng was feeling. I only spent a little more time on the door during the past two days, and so many things have happened outside! 

The knocks behind him became increasingly intense.

Elder Meng turned around and furrowed his brows tightly. If that girl really has come back, I should open the door.

However, I dont even see her figure, and I feel very uneasy.

According to the agreement made with the girl when she left, she would personally come to the pagoda and take away the item that belonged to her.

But now…

A unique pattern gradually formed in the middle of the large door.

As they were rather far away, Fengmin Mountains commotion didnt attract the attention of the students in Qing Ming Square.

However, Elder Hua Feng and the rest were panicking. Only very few people know what Fengmin Mountain contains.

Normally, it is fine.

Why did all the problems appear together 

Elder Wan Zhengs figure flashed and went straight for the fountain.

“Ill bring her out!”

That fountain is extremely dangerous! If she stays there the whole time, Im afraid—

A lightning bolt struck down! It landed right in front of Elder Wan Zheng!

Elder Wan Zheng was shocked and hurriedly retreated! He simultaneously set up a barrier before him!

Violent thunder spread in all directions!

Elder Wan Zhengs barrier shook intensely.

Then, in the blink of an eye, a crisp sound was heard—the barrier shattered!

Elder Wan Zheng retreated again and barely avoided it.

But even so, his sleeves were still ripped apart by the aftershocks of the terrifying force!

Upon seeing this scene, quite a few people were secretly shocked.

“This lightning strength is so formidable!”

“Elder Wan Zheng is a true god warrior.

If its hard for him to even defend against that lightning bolt, it just shows how strong it is! Im afraid its different from the lightning we trigger when we produce or refine our own Yuan instruments.”

“Its indeed different.

Havent you realized The color of the lightning bolts in the sky seems to be different from ordinary ones!” Someone said this, which immediately caused the crowd to look up.

This included Elder Bo Yan and the rest, and this look caused them to be taken aback.

“Wait a minute! The lightning is actually… golden”

It was clearly daytime, but the dark clouds gathered as thunder brewed, causing the entire area to be in a mess.

In the sky above Million Wine Mountain, there was a vortex caused by clouds gathering.

The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force kept being dragged in, and lightning bolts appeared continuously in the depths of that vortex, even forming a sea of lightning!

A sea of bright silver almost caused them to be unable to open their eyes.

If one took a closer look, they could see a bright spark of gold flashing across the depths of the lightning sea from time to time! However, this spark of golden wasnt very obvious inside.

If one didnt take a close look, they wouldnt notice it.

“The rumored golden lightning… Who summoned the Heavenly Tribulation” Elder Bo Yans gaze was rather dazed.

When cultivators tried to break through… If their cultivation level was high enough, they would trigger a weather phenomenon and summon lightning bolts.

The more lightning bolts there were, the stronger the cultivator was, which proved that the cultivator was very talented and had a bright future.

However, not every breakthrough could trigger such a huge commotion.

Normally speaking, this would only happen when one was preparing to break through as a stage-seven warrior and a legendary warrior.

“Shes an intermediate stage-nine warrior, so she naturally cant summon the God Foreseeing Tribulation…” muttered Elder Hua Feng softly.

Then, he suddenly widened his eyes.

“Is she breaking through to reach the God Realm!”

However, there were two levels in between an intermediate stage-nine warrior and a true legendary warrior—peak stage-nine and demigod!

One had to know that when one broke through to become a demigod, such a weather phenomenon wouldnt be triggered!

Just as he said this, countless lightning bolts flew down in unison from the sea of lightning! Their target was Chu Liuyue, who was in the fountain!

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