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“You dont know your limits!” Miao Yao circled them in midair and couldnt help but sneer.

He was shocked and did feel strange.

He risked activating his bloodline power to kill Shangguan Yue, but he did not expect her to actually summon the tribulation the moment he took action!

Looking at the terrifying commotion in the skies, coldness flashed across Miao Yaos eyes.

No matter how powerful he was, he was still inferior to the heavens.

Now that the Heavenly Tribulation had descended, he couldnt fight against it and could only stand at the side and watch.

Even the Heaven and Earth Force he was supposed to control had already broken free from the restraints and gathered toward the lightning.

However, this was nothing urgent.

The horrifying suppression from the tribulation was only stronger and not weaker compared to him!

Shangguan Yue is on the brink of death.

She cant even endure the first lightning bolt, not to mention the golden tribulation. Thinking of this, Miao Yao felt much better.

After admiring Shangguan Jing and the others expressions, he started waiting for the delighted ending.

Even though he only executed the third move halfway, as long as the ending was what he wanted, nothing else mattered.

The only thing that caused him to feel strange was Rong Xiu.

Since just now, the others were all worried about Shangguan Yue, and Shangguan Jing even wanted to go up personally and endure everything for her.

Only Rong Xiu was still standing rooted to the spot.

At this point, his eyes were closed as golden fire danced on his fingertips in a bright manner.

It didnt seem different from before.

The faint light shone on Rong Xius face in a half-dark and half-light manner.

The demonically handsome face was calm.

Miao Yao looked for quite a while but really couldnt figure it out.

Hence, he swiftly retracted his gaze.

Rong Xiu stood quietly in midair as if he was frozen.

The winds howled in the surroundings, blowing his sleeves and making windy sounds.

A black ray of light faintly appeared in the fire on his fingertips!

The first bolt of lightning, which had a shocking aura, harshly struck the fountain! At that moment, the fountain water sprayed everywhere.

It was suddenly silent in the earth and sky.

Almost everyones gazes were gathered here.

In Qing Ming Square, there were gradually all sorts of discussions.

“Sky… Once this lightning bolt strikes down, shell be handicapped, if not dead, right Previously, she suffered so many injuries and was hanging onto her last breath.

How can she possibly endure this attack”

“I think its hard as well!”

“What a pity.

Shes so talented, and she even has two legendary fiends! If there werent these accidents today, she would definitely have a bright future! Sigh—”

“But why did she suddenly summon the tribulation out of nowhere Does she want to take a gamble After all, if she could break through to become a legendary warrior, she might be able to completely endure Miao Yaos third move…”

“Shes just an intermediate stage-nine warrior! It is more understandable if shes a peak stage-nine warrior.

How can she directly cross such a big gap and become a true god Even a three-year-old kid knows that its impossible!”

“Theres not much use even if shes a peak stage-nine warrior.

When a great phoenix dragon activates its bloodline power, the Heaven and Earth force is completely in its control.

Unless one can successfully break through and become a true legendary warrior, it would be to no avail.”

“I think she was really driven to a corner…”

Everyone had different attitudes but had the same outlook about the ending—Shangguan Yue is really finished this time! 

The lightning bolt struck the fountain.

After an intense impact, it gradually recovered its calmness.

Seeing the unaffected water surface once again, Elder Bo Yan and the rest exchanged glances. This… Where is she No matter if shes injured or… Why is there no reaction at all 

At first glance, it seemed like that bolt of lightning was directly absorbed by the fountain.

Elder Wan Zheng hurriedly took out his jade plaque and took a look at it.

Back then, he had once left an aura in Chu Liuyues jade plaque.

Originally, it was used for communication, but now, it was his only way of confirming her life or death.

Detecting that the aura was still around, Elder Wan Zheng forcefully suppressed his uneasiness and continued waiting.

However, such leisurely time didnt last for long.

That was because the second bolt of lightning struck right down!

Then, it was the third! Fourth!

Many lightning bolts struck at the same time!

From afar, people almost doubted how such a small fountain received so many lightning bolts but showed no signs of breakage!

The stones at the edge of the fountain had many scars, but they didnt break at all.

On the other hand, the surrounding ground seemed to be unable to endure the explosion of the terrifying force as cracks appeared.

Like spiderwebs, it was frightening to watch.

Shangguan Jings heart ached unbearably.

At one moment, he couldnt hold it back anymore and looked up.

The sea of lightning in the skies was still dazzling.

The number of lightning bolts inside didnt decrease at all.

So many had clearly struck just now! Shangguan Jing faintly tasted the metallic taste in his mouth.

If it were normal times when Chu Liuyue tried to break through to become a true god as a demigod and had summoned such a terrifying tribulation, he definitely would be over the moon.

That was because it represented her limitless potential in cultivation, especially… when there was the golden tribulation!

He had journeyed the world for so many years and had only heard of such an existence in rumors.

All those who could summon the golden tribulation were top elites, but now… Shangguan Yue was only an intermediate stage-nine warrior!

As time passed, the chaotic discussions slowly disappeared.

Countless lightning bolts struck down, but the fountain didnt move at all.

It was without a question what this meant!

Miao Yao snorted.

“Shangguan Jing, it seems like you have to send off your descendant today—”

He hadnt finished his sentence when a figure suddenly rushed out from the fountain!

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