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The silver and red sparks faltered lightly and silently covered half the sky! It was like a galaxy of stars that wrapped around Chu Liuyue.

She stood in midair with a straight back.

Her loose strands of hair flew with the wind, and she looked noble and honest.

She looked up at the golden tribulation.

The golden glow suddenly shone down! It instantly shot its way into the silver and red galaxy!

The two forces clashed with each other and started an intense battle! Silently, it made everyone feel much more pressured.

It was like a golden curved knife that tried to slash open the sea!

That golden curved knife was as sharp as ever, with a heavy aura.

However, the waters were tremendous as they silently absorbed and extinguished the sharp aura!

Gradually, that golden curved knife sank into the water and was refined until sparks came out.

Those sparks unwittingly went toward Chu Liuyue.

The moment they landed on her, they instantly hid themselves.

The heavy and tremendous strength entered Chu Liuyues body bit by bit.

Under the nourishment of such pure strength, her bones and veins underwent a huge change, and her aura started strengthening at a terrifying speed!

When she was previously in Million Wine Mountains fountain, she used the force within to break through directly and become a peak stage-nine warrior.

And with the tribulation nearing now, she had to absorb the tribulation strength to completely elevate her cultivation to the true god stage!

That golden tribulation wasnt an obstacle but her stepping stone to becoming better!

When Miao Yao saw the golden tribulation gradually being extinguished, his heart suddenly sank! Originally, he hoped that this golden tribulation could directly end Shangguan Yues life.

After all, her physical body couldnt withstand such force.

However, he never expected that she had a God Realm, and this God Realm was extremely strong! It destroyed everything in its path!

Even the Heaven and Earth Force surrounding the golden tribulation were taken by her! One had to know that even he couldnt do this!

Countless thoughts flashed across Miao Yaos mind messily. Didnt they say that Shangguan Yue is just a stage-nine warrior Where did this God Realm come from In this world, only real true gods can have a complete God Realm! 

This God Realm is hers.

Doesnt this mean that she is a legendary warrior! But when we fought previously, Shangguan Yues skills did seem to only be a stage-nine warrior.

And this time, she was clearly preparing to break through.

There is nothing to hide about such things.

She clearly has no reason—

Miao Yaos eyes were icy cold, but his heart didnt seem as calm as it was on the surface.

Now, he finally knew where the uneasiness came from.

As an ordinary stage-nine warrior, Shangguan Yue has too many precious items and capabilities that a warrior of her skill level shouldnt have! Why is there such a thing in this world She had a God Realm before she tried to break through to become a true god! 

Miao Yao couldnt help but turn around.

However, he suddenly saw a figure rushing toward him!

He instantly became alert! The incoming person is extremely strong! 

But after strengthening Fengmin Mountains barrier, Elder Meng—who rushed over—had no time to care about Miao Yao.

“Elder Meng, why are you here” Detecting the commotion, Elder Bo Yan and the rest finally retracted their gazes.

Elder Meng waved his hands and stared straight at Chu Liuyue.

“I came here to see Yueer Girlie!”

The others looked at one another.

Elder Mengs words confirmed their guesses! Even if they had already thought of this, they were still touched when they heard Elder Mengs definitive tone.

“Elder Meng, that—” Elder Hua Feng lowered his voice and glanced toward Miao Yao. Theres still some trouble here! Its fine if it were an ordinary person, but the other party has a distinguished status.

We cant make the situation too stiff.

Elder Meng then glanced at Miao Yao from the corner of his eyes and smiled.

“This is Yueer Girlies opponent, so she naturally has to deal with it herself.”

He meant that they didnt need to trouble themselves to handle it.

“Meng Xian!” Miao Yao suddenly raised his voice in an exasperated manner.

Elder Meng was at ease and didnt care.

Actually, he had once fought with Miao Yao a thousand years ago.

They both had neutral impressions of each other, and because of their statuses, they had neutral stances.

But now, Elder Meng was still Elder Meng.

Yet, Miao Yao had become someone that came to Ling Xiao Academy to fight with a student in her teens.

Elder Meng naturally looked down on him, even though this student was a little abnormal.

Thinking of this, Elder Meng chuckled and stroked his beard. These few years, I didnt dare to leave Fengmin Mountain to guard this God Realm.

Now, that girl is finally back! 

As Elder Meng watched, he silently shook his head. I was really careless.

There were so many hints previously, yet I didnt notice it at all! Other than herself, who else could enter her God Realm! 

The entire world was silent.

Almost everyone thought that there would be a huge commotion when this golden tribulation struck Chu Liuyues God Realm.

However, expectations were different from reality.

The two forces intertwined and silently killed each other.

The scene seemed to be delayed, and the crowd could easily capture every moment.

They could see the golden tribulation starting to dissolve bit by bit.

They could also see the silver and red galaxy that flowed with the wind.

They could even more clearly see the sparks circle around Chu Liuyue as they strengthened her bit by bit.

At some moment, Chu Liuyue clearly heard a crisp sound from her body.

At this moment, the God Realm seemed to detect the change in her aura as it turned around ferociously.

The tremendous waves completely swallowed that golden tribulation!

Chu Liuyue slowly closed her eyes, and her body glowed.

Even in the dazzling galaxy, she was as bright and eye-catching as ever.

The tribulations force kept entering her body.

Every part of her body was being ripped apart, yet they healed at an even faster rate.

During this continuous process, her body was evolving! Her aura kept strengthening!

Miao Yao finally panicked! If Shangguan Yue really breaks through to become a true god, then I will definitely lose this gamble! At that time, Ill be humiliated! How can I go back to face my clansmen then Not only did I not bring the corpse back, but I even lost to a teenage girl This teenage girl is trying to break through to become a true god! 

Miao Yao clenched his teeth.

Suddenly, he moved toward Chu Liuyue! I have to stop her! 

Detecting Miao Yaos movements, Elder Meng and the rest had a change in expression.

“Miao Yao, how dare you!”

That girl is at a crucial point in her breakthrough.

Once she is disturbed, she will—

The purplish-golden tail flung around!

The violent force instantly turned into a sharp icicle that went for the back of Chu Liuyues head!

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