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As they spoke, these few people seemed like they wanted to barge in directly.

However, the elders had already strengthened the academy barriers, and they couldnt break it.

After a few failed attempts, they finally realized that the matter had spiraled out of their control!

Chu Liuyue looked up lazily and glanced at them.

“Me going against you and you chasing after me relentlessly is different, right”

Not only did Miao Yao directly force the person to Ling Xiao Academy, he even used extraordinary methods to barge in!

I havent even taken into account what Miao Yao did to me! 

“The bet hasnt ended yet.

If you want me to stop now, it will count as him automatically surrendering,” Chu Liuyue said slowly.

Her lips had hints of a smile as if she were saying an interesting joke.

The few people in the skies were instantly stumped.

Actually, they were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If they let the situation continue, nobody could tell what the final ending would be.

Hearing Miao Yaos voice, he seemed to be tortured.

But if we surrender now… what should we do if Miao Yao blames us Also… we dont know how it to explain to our clansmen! 

“Shangguan Yue!” Miao Yao also heard Chu Liuyues voice, and he raged even more.

“Im here.

Senior, if you have something to say, just say it directly,” said Chu Liuyue with a smile.

Miao Yao was about to be angered to death.

Originally, he thought that Shangguan Jing was already shameless, but he didnt expect Shangguan Yue to be even more shameless than her ancestor. At this time, she can still say such words nonchalantly! 

Miao Yao held it in again and again and finally hollered, “The bet has ended!”

Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly as if she found it strange.

“It has ended”

“Immediately! Right away!”


Did I win this round” asked Chu Liuyue leisurely.

Miao Yao was stumped.

After a temporary silence, he finally answered, “Just consider that youve won!”

Chu Liuyue revealed a genuine and delightful smile.

She then raised her hands, and the sea of silver and red fire rapidly extinguished, forming light rays that flew back to her.

Finally, they silently entered her body.

The entire process was as smooth as water.

Before the crowd could react, they saw the fire—which had been intensely burning—immediately dissipate.

Miao Yao, who was trapped within, finally revealed himself.

“Pfft!” Low laughter could be heard from the quiet Qing Ming Square.

Once this laughter sounded, it was suppressed quickly.

However, all sorts of suppressed laughter could be heard everywhere from the crowd.

The crowd tried their best to hold it in, but the pairs of eyes looking at the skies looked like they were laughing at something, revealing their true inner thoughts.

Miao Yao was originally in a situation that caused him to suffer painful and unbearable torture.

Suddenly, a ray of light flashed across his eyes, and the fire disappeared!

He was dazed and then realized that he had escaped from the fire.

Following this, he heard laughter coming from below.

Almost instinctively, Miao Yao rapidly glanced below.

With this look, he met countless pairs of eyes staring at him with varying expressions.

He clearly saw the ridicule and mockery!

Detecting Miao Yao looking over, quite a few people averted their gazes.

However, how could Miao Yao not understand their expressions and reactions

They are clearly laughing at me! Miao Yaos eyes turned red, and he was enraged! Without looking, he knew how disheveled he looked at this moment!

The fire had left countless scars on him! Patches of black were burned on his originally iridescent and beautiful scales, and some more severe parts had curled up.

The great phoenix dragon clan thought highly of their corpses and their scales as well.

He grew these dragon scales with much difficulty.

Now… they were completely ruined by Shangguan Yue!

Miao Yao suddenly turned around and shot Chu Liuyue a deadly gaze.

“Shangguan Yue! You… are good!”

However, Chu Liuyue didnt seem to hear the threat in his voice as she nonchalantly asked, “Thank you for the compliment, Senior Miao Yao.

Since the bet has ended, and Ive won, all the previous incidents… We can let bygones be bygones, right”

It was fine if she didnt mention this, but once she did, Miao Yao was so angry that his entire body trembled. She actually has the cheek to ask such a question! She injured me into this state but haS no sense of remorse or guilt at all! 

“With todays bet, the grudge between Shangguan Jing and my great phoenix dragon clan is cleared! And… I will let you off for using the corpse!” Miao Yao said every single word harshly.

Every word seemed to be squeezed out from the cracks of his mouth with deep hatred and anger!

“These matters have ended, but my dragon scales are burned and ruined.

This wont be so easily settled! Shangguan Yue, you better think of how to solve this! If not—”

“This cant be considered my fault, right” Chu Liuyue interrupted Miao Yao.

She smiled, but her eyes were filled with nonchalance and frost that didnt seem to melt in a thousand years.

“Everything earlier should be considered within the bet.

When we made the bet earlier, you only said that I had to receive three moves from you in order to win.

But you didnt say that… I couldnt retaliate, right”

Miao Yao was stumped.

He didnt say this, but that was because he never thought that she would have the chance to retaliate!

Miao Yao stared at her closely and suddenly sneered.

“Ill take it as you being capable.

You can even make up a God Realm…”

He suddenly turned around and glanced at Elder Meng.

“Meng Xian, youre really good to her.

You can even bear to give her a God Realm!”

Elder Meng laughed out loud.

“This is originally her God Realm! Why cant I bear to do it”

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