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Rong Xiu tightly held her slim waist as if wanting to completely rub her into his arms and merge her with his bones.

He kissed her back as if he were struggling to suppress something.

It was only until he smelled the metallic taste that he finally let her go.

His gaze was dark and thick like the sea.

There seemed to be a layer of invisible force that wrapped around her.

After a while, he closed his eyes and hid all the emotion in them.


Once he said this, the thick cold aura around his body seemed to spread around.

A harsh and tremendous strength suddenly rushed out of his body!

Upon hearing this, the crowd looked in unison. This sound… actually came from Dong Huang Clock Tower! 

Rays of light silently appeared on the dark stone wall.

“This is…” Elder Bo Yan watched this scene in shock. Why did Rong Xiu suddenly summon the Qing Yun Ranking out of nowhere 

In the entire Ling Xiao Academy, other than the directors and special elders, only the top seeds on the Qing Yun Ranking could do such a thing.

Rong Xiu had been at the top of the rankings for a few years, so this was naturally not a huge matter for him.

However… Why did he suddenly do it now—

Rays of light danced around and overlapped each other.

As the light shone, the names appeared slowly.

This sudden scene caused many students in Qing Ming Square to fall into confusion.

“Why did Senior Brother Rong Xiu summon the Qing Yun Ranking”

“Wait! Other than the warrior list and the Armory Refinement list, why did the remaining two lists appear!”

“Out of the four rankings, he occupies first place on two of them.

Logically speaking, he can only summon those two.

Why did the remaining two appear together”

“What exactly does he want to do”

“Bo Yan, whats going on” Elder Hua Feng knitted his brows tightly and felt that something was amiss. With Rong Xius current abilities, it is reasonable for him to summon the four rankings.

However, the point is: Why now 

Elder Bo Yan kept quiet and didnt speak in a while.

He actually had a guess in his heart, but that thought was too ridiculous, so he instinctively denied it. If… If that is true—

The four rankings appeared on the four black walls of Dong Huang Clock Tower!

The names appeared tidily, and the few darkened positions at the top were especially obvious.

Two first-place positions and two second-place positions—they were all the same name, the name that was purposely erased.

Actually, the crowd had already found it normal.

After all, the Qing Yun Ranking had always been like this for the past few years.

Normally, nobody would even take another look at it.

Just when they looked up in confusion at the Qing Yun Ranking, a ray of golden light suddenly appeared! It was like a ray of light that suddenly pierced through the darkness and shone brightly!

“Look quickly! The name at the top of the heavenly doctor list looks like its going to appear!” Someone gasped in shock.

Actually, it wasnt just the heavenly doctor list.

The black seals on the other three lists were gradually dissolving.

It seemed like thick black clouds were gradually dissipating, revealing the true scenery hidden behind.

It seemed like something hidden at the bottom of the dark ocean surfaced bit by bit and became increasingly clear.

Everyone instinctively held their breaths and gazed at this scene without blinking.

That name had been sealed for a few years.

Not many people in the current Ling Xiao Academy had seen it back then.

To most of the students, it was just a rumor.

They were once curious and tried to find out, but they all silently gave up in the end.

It was just a name.

It wasnt that important whether they knew it or not.

But when they had the chance to see the name at this moment, their gazes and attention were all gathered on the Qing Yun Ranking in unison.

Who is the person that can stand side-by-side with Rong Xiu and hold a candle to him 

It was dead quiet between heaven and earth!

As the golden ray of light shone across, a name gradually appeared—it was as bright as day!

No last name, just a single word:Yue.

This name—which had once been intentionally erased—appeared in unison on all four lists!

Seeing this scene, quite a few people were dazed.

“Yue With no last name!”

“This name… Why would someone only use one word as their own name”

It was no wonder everyone felt it was strange.

In Ling Xiao Academy, the students had various identities.

Some had inconveniences and would regularly choose to use a disguised name.

It was like Chu Liuyue coming here and usingChu Yue as an alias.

Whatever name they wrote down during the admission test would be the name on the Qing Yun Ranking.

But no matter if it were a real name or a fake one, everyone had a first and last name.

There had never been a person with a single word as their name.

In the crowd, Luo Shishi stared at thatYue word with overwhelming emotions.

She turned around to look at Luo Yanlin and lightly asked, “Fourth Brother, is Shangguan Yues name also thisYue\'”

Luo Yanlin glanced at her and had a grave expression.

Then, he nodded.


If he said that he wasnt certain in the beginning, everything was placed clearly in front of him now. Shangguan Yue… is her! 

Actually, she had faintly guessed it.

Now that she had received an affirmative reply, she wasnt surprised.

However… “Is that her real name She had no last name”

Luo Yanlin shook his head.

“When she was in the academy, she used this name from start to end.”

Nobody knew what her last name was.

In the sky, Chu Liuyue slowly let go of Rong Xius hand.

The burning feeling appeared between her brows again!

She took a deep breath, and a rainbow flashed across the sky!

The Chi Xiao Sword was already in her hands! The next moment, she held the sword hilt tightly and raised it up high!

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