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Chapter 151: Lonely and Unwanted

Two days later, the teachers and students returned to the academy, but they had lost their initial excitement and happiness.

This time, the chaos in Wan Ling Mountain had caused many injuries and deaths.

They were already very thankful to come back alive, let alone care about anything else.

The news quickly spread around the Imperial City and created a huge uproar.

Peach Garden.

The elders and teachers were gathered together, and the atmosphere in the meeting room was stiff.

After a long while, Elder Sun sighed.

“Uncle-Master is cultivating in seclusion these days.

Ill report to him personally and punish myself when he comes out.”

The crowd looked at each other and started to advise him otherwise.

“Elder Sun, this was an accident.

You cant blame yourself…”


Wan Ling Mountain has always been quiet for the past decades, and its not the first few times weve gone there to hunt for fiends.

Nobody wouldve expected that this time… Elder Sun, more people wouldve been injured or dead if you didnt ask us to evacuate in time.

You shouldnt blame yourself any further.”

Elder Sun waved his hands, indicating that they did not need to talk any further.

“Wrong means wrong.

I have to fix the situation.

Did you tabulate the injury and death count”

Wen Yan immediately said, “Ive settled it.

Not including the number of minor injuries, 57 people have serious injuries, and 14 people are… dead.”

Elder Sun slowly clenched his fists.

“Why are there so many I thought only ten died at first”

“Yes, only ten people died at first, but… Yeqing found the corpses of the two missing people near the foot of the mountain.”

“What about the other two”

Wen Yan looked at Elder Suns expression carefully and lowered his voice.

“… The other two are Chu Liuyue and Gu Mingzhu.”

How could they survive after the mountain collapsed They were also swallowed by the black flying pythons black hole!

Thus, they were also included in the death count.

Elder Sun was dazed when he heard the two names and kept quiet for a while.

“Inform their family members of the news.

Also, our academy will be fully responsible for this incident, so do your best in terms of compensation.”


Gu family.


A crisp slap broke the rooms silence.

Gu Mingfengs head turned to the side, and his face instantly swelled up.

“How did you take care of your elder sister Why is everyone okay, but she is dead Gu Mingfeng, you better clearly explain yourself today.

If not, dont think of leaving this house!”

The Gu family head, Gu Wenhui, was furious.

He felt that one slap was not enough, so he slapped Gu Mingfeng one more time.

Gu Mingfengs face was clearly marked with palm prints.

He expressionlessly glanced at Gu Wenhui before looking down.

Gu Wenhui was his so-called father.

However, Gu Wenhui only had Gu Mingzhu in his eyes.

To him, Gu Mingfeng was just an irritating obstacle.

“I didnt team with her.

I dont know how she died.”

“How dare you lie” Gu Wenhui was beyond furious as he kicked Gu Mingfengs chest and hollered, “She used her black Xuan formation crystal, but she didnt survive.

Who else but you knew that she had this trump card You already hate her normally.

Didnt you steal her item and push her to her death this time Why do I have such a b*stardly son like you”

The numbing feeling in Gu Mingfengs chest caused his face to turn pale.

Gu Wenhui used all his strength in the kick.

If it werent because Gu Wenhui was a Xuan Master and wasnt too physically strong, this kick might have taken Gu Mingfengs life.

“I dont know how she died,” repeated Gu Mingfeng mechanically.

“Besides, even Elder Sun couldnt save her.

Father, do you really think a black Xuan formation crystal could do the trick”

Gu Wenhui was so furious that he laughed.

“Great! Great! You even know how to talk back to me now! Your wings have hardened.

Why didnt you die instead”

Why didnt you die instead Gu Mingfengs eyelids harshly twitched, and he felt that a part of his heart was completely crushed. Hah… I shouldve known earlier.

What am I Im just a despicable stain in Gu Wenhuis heart.

This so-called father of mine is very willing to exchange my life for Gu Mingzhus.

What is his disdain for me based on Is it just because my mother had a lowly background Or is it because Im the product of Gu Wenhuis drunk actions

Gu Mingfeng wiped away the blood on his mouth and slowly stood up.

His gentle face was expressionless, but his entire body was cold to the point that it emanated a terrifying aura.

Gu Wenhui was even angrier when he saw Gu Mingfeng like this.

“Get lost! The Gu family doesnt have someone like you!”

Gu Mingfeng looked up.

“Since youre chasing me out, Ill listen to you.

From now on, I wont take another step into the Gu family, and I wont get in your way.”

Then, Gu Mingfeng directly turned around to leave.

Gu Wenhui slammed the table.

When Chu Ning heard the news, he was discussing important matters with Emperor Jiawen in the palace.

Since this situation was serious, Tian Lu Academy had sent someone over to report the news.

When Chu Ning heard the news, it was as though lightning had struck him.

He wasnt able to recover his senses for a very long time.

When Emperor Jiawen saw Chu Nings behavior, he could only sigh and allow Chu Ning to go home and rest for a few days.

Chu Ning did not know how he walked out of the palace.

He also didnt know where he went.

His surroundings seemed to be a blur, and there was only himself left between heaven and earth.

He had never felt his feet so heavy before, and every step he took was exhausting, even painstakingly difficult.

However, he did not dare to stop.

He was afraid that the pain and hopelessness would overwhelm him once he did.

As Chu Ning dazedly walked through the streets, someone quickly walked past him and accidentally bumped into him.

“Aish! Do you not know how to walk” That person cursed at him, but he immediately knew that he had offended someone important when he saw Chu Nings clothes.

Thus, he kept quiet and left.

When he left, he still said something to the people around him.

“… Yeah! Who wouldve expected Tian Lu Academy to have so many injured and dead people I heard that more than ten people had died!”

“Its really such a pity! All of them are rare talents!”

“Sigh, I heard that Chu Liuyue—who just entered the academy—also died.

She was a super rare talent!”

“Whats the point Shes dead, and shell never come back alive again…”

Chu Ning forced himself to stand up.

He then lowered his head and continued to walk forward.

Someone blocked his path.

Chu Ning slowly raised his head and took quite a while before he recognized the person in front of him.

It was Chu Yan.

His face was filled with curiosity and pity when he enunciated every word carefully as he said, “Big Brother, I heard that Chu Liuyue is dead.

Aiyo, what should a lonely and unwanted elderly person like you do in the future”


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