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Over a hundred silver strands of sword aura suddenly flew out! The entire Million Wine Mountain was instantly covered!

The sword aura flew out and harshly pierced into the ground! The white frost rapidly spread around and suddenly stopped moving forward.

The countless strands of sword aura around Million Wine Mountain formed a gigantic cage, completely sealing that strange, harsh, and cold air! Other than the sword aura, everything was normal.

Inside the sword aura, the liveliness was extinguished.

In the blink of an eye, the trees and plants on Million Wine Mountain had already withered, and some even became burned and crinkled.

At first glance, it seemed like the last bit of vitality was sucked away.

Chu Liuyues figure moved, and she went straight for the fountain!

“Yueer!” Intense uneasiness suddenly surfaced in Shangguan Jings heart!

The instinct from his bloodline immediately made him gasp in shock! However, he was currently quite far from Chu Liuyue and couldnt stop her.

Chu Liuyues figure was like a red sword that pierced right into the fountain!

Once her feet landed on the mountain covered in frost, Chu Liuyue immediately detected a gush of cold air surging up from the bottom of her feet.

It instantly covered her entire body!

Chu Liuyue lightly exhaled, and it instantly formed a ball of mist in the cold air.

As there was a special barrier, Million Wine Mountain was normally warm like spring throughout the year.

In her impression, it had never been this cold before.

Chu Liuyue surveyed her surroundings and finally looked at the fountain in the middle.

At this point, the strange pattern on the fountain was three-quarters completed.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly.

Then, she held the Chi Xiao Sword in her hands tightly.

On the sword body, a ball of fire rapidly spread across! Half of it was red-golden, and the other half was transparent!

The scorching heat and the cold gleam intertwined! It reflected the sinister sword light!

Now, she had already broken through to become a true god.

She held the supreme Yuan instrument tightly and could naturally unleash even greater power.

The sword aura that was just unleashed could only be maintained for a very short period of time.

If one really wanted to solve the problem, it had to be done from the roots.

It would naturally be this fountain!

Chu Liuyues sword harshly pierced the middle of the fountain!

A crack finally appeared on the thick ice!

The two fires intertwined and crazily rushed down from that opening! Then, Chu Liuyue held the sword hilt tightly and used her force to spin it!

Tiny cracks instantly appeared by the edges of the opening!

The pattern—which was about to be completed below the ice—was suddenly slashed in the middle, and it was crushed.

A terrifying coldness emerged on the Chi Xiao Swords body! The burning fire slowly started to extinguish, and white frost quickly appeared on the sword tip!

Of these two fires, one was the fire from the red-gold heavenly phoenixs bloodline, and the other was the karmic fire in the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

No matter which it was, it would definitely be a top strength in the world.

But they were rapidly on the losing side when they clashed with the coldness in the fountain!

This showed how formidable it was!

As Chu Liuyue pushed the force in her body, she held the Chi Xiao Sword tightly and pierced it in deeper.

Finally, an opening appeared on the ice layer.

Chu Liuyues body jumped up! Her figure immediately disappeared beneath the ice layer!

Everything happened too quickly.

When Chu Liuyues figure entered the fountain again, the crowd then recovered their senses.

“What is Shangguan Yue doing She actually went in!”

“That fountain is very strange.

Im afraid it would be dangerous for her to go over…”

“I currently have just one thought—so shes the one with her name erased on the Qing Yun Ranking! Its no wonder… Its no wonder!”

“But this isnt right! Didnt they say that Shangguan Yue is only seventeen years old this year A few years ago, she should still be a young girl.

How could she be the legendary one”

“But the name on the Qing Yun Ranking has already appeared, and she even summoned that God Realm.

Who else could it be if not her”

The crowd was confused and filled with doubts.

Too many things had happened today, and every single one of them had a huge impact.

One couldnt accept it, and now, they had become numb.

Miao Yao looked at the fountain below in shock.

Chu Liuyues figure had already been swallowed by the icy water, and it disappeared without a trace.

On the edges of the broken opening, there was red-golden fire and transparent fire quietly burning.

From outside, one could only see the silent water surface below the opening.

Perhaps it was because the sky was too dark, or there was another reason, but it was black below the water surface.

One couldnt see it clearly.

Shangguan Yue… just went down like that! Miao Yao had also made contact with the previous coldness, and he could clearly feel that the strength it contained was shocking.

Even though Shangguan Yue is a true god, she will be as good as dead if this goes on.

Even if she has that strange God Realm, she cant retaliate! With this thought, Miao Yaos accumulated vengeance was released by quite a bit.

“Since this matter has ended, Ill bid farewell,” Miao Yao said.

Actually, he wanted to stay here and watch the commotion.

After all, he had suffered so much from Shangguan Yue previously.

He could only feel relieved if he personally watched her being tortured.

It was a pity that his current appearance was too disheveled.

He didnt want to stay here for another minute.

Elder Bo Yan and the others were focused on Chu Liuyue now, so how could they care about him

“Senior Miao Yao, stay safe on your way.

Youve walked this road before, so were not going to send you off.” Elder Bo Yans tone couldnt be considered polite.

Miao Yaos expression changed slightly, but he still held it in.

His body glowed.

The next moment, he transformed into a purplish-golden scale.

The academy elder opened the barrier and was excited to send this plague away.

The moment that scale left the academy, the barrier closed again!

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