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Elder Bo Yan was stumped, and struggle flashed across his eyes.

Quite a few elders knitted their brows and looked over doubtfully. What Hearing what Yi Wenzhuo said, was the directors departure back then really related to Girlie 

“Vice-director, this matter doesnt have a conclusion, and everything is just a conjecture.

You dont have evidence, yet you concluded this so casually.

Im afraid its not appropriate, right” Elder Bo Yan clenched his hands slowly in his sleeves.

“Not only will Yueers reputation be damaged once word gets out, even the directors name will also be implicated.

So… you must be careful with your words!”

“Evidence” Yi Wenzhuo squinted his eyes and suddenly smiled, clearly disregarding his words.

“Its such an obvious matter.

What evidence do I need”

“Before the girl came back, the academy was peaceful.

But ever since she came, the academy erupted into chaos.

Its a total mess! How much has the director done to clean up her mess Even until she wanted to leave, the troubles didnt stop!”

“If this matter really has nothing to do with her, then how do you explain the directors disappearance after she left the academy These few years, there was no news of her or the director! They didnt even send a letter back in between! He thinks very highly of the academy.

If its not because of something or someone he cared more about, how could he just leave and not come back once in the past few years”

And that Shangguan Yue was the disciple he doted on the most!

As Yi Wenzhuo spoke, he suddenly lowered his body slightly and leaned over.

He stared at Elder Bo Yan closely and lowered his voice.

“Besides, when he handed the academy to you, did he really not tell you anything”

Yi Wenzhuo said this with gritted teeth.

That was because he was also in the academy back then, but the director passed the power of the academy to Elder Bo Yan, directly passing over the vice-director!

This was akin to publicly slapping him! This was also the incident that greatly agitated Yi Wenzhuo, causing him to directly leave the academy.

During the few years after that, he didnt care or ask about what happened to the academy.

Anyway, he had no power to control the academy, so why should he be worried If it werent because he heard that Ling Xiao Academy got into trouble again and again, in addition to Jun Jiuqing inviting him back, he wouldnt be willing to come back either.

The veins on the back of Elder Bo Yans hands popped up, but he still looked calm.

Then, he lightly said, “The director just told me to take good care of the academy.

He didnt say anything else other than that.”

Yi Wenzhuo felt disdain and didnt believe him either as he looked up, took two steps back, and widened the distance between him and Elder Bo Yan.

He then flicked his clothes as if he wanted to flick away something dirty.

Elder Bo Yan acted as if he didnt see it at all.

“Since he said so, you should do it.

If you dont activate the Heaven-Locking Formation, do you… have other ways to completely solve the problem in Million Wine Mountain”

Yi Wenzhuo sneered, and his eyes were filled with mockery. Not to mention Bo Yan… Even if all the elders in the academy work together, they couldnt possibly handle the current situation! If the director comes back, we might have a tinge of hope.

However, who knows where he is now 

“Since this matter happened when we were taking care of the academy, we should take full responsibility for this.

If something happens, I will be responsible.” Elder Bo Yan had always been soft-tempered and calm, but only people who knew him knew that his bones were tough.

If not so, the director wouldnt be able to rest assured in passing the entire academy to him.

“You—” Yi Wenzhuo didnt expect Elder Bo Yan to go against him at this time.

“Then, we have to see if you can bear the responsibility!”

“If he cant bear it alone, then… What if Im included” At the side, Elder Meng suddenly spoke lightly.

Yi Wenzhuo was shocked.

“Elder Meng You…”

Elder Mengs seniority was high, and he had an extraordinary status in the academy.

Even he had to respectfully call himElder Meng. Hence, although Yi Wenzhuo was frustrated at this point, he didnt dare to go against Elder Meng directly.

“Elder Meng, you also want to let them do whatever they want ridiculously Just because of a girl—”

“Hah.” Elder Meng didnt seem to have the patience to hear Yi Wenzhuo talk and shrugged his shoulders.

“I even helped the girl guard her God Realm for a few years.

Because of this, I didnt leave Fengmin Mountain the entire time.

Wenzhuo, according to what you said, Im being even more ridiculous”

Yi Wenzhuo was stumped.

He could scold Elder Bo Yan, but he couldnt talk back to Elder Meng.

“Anyway, you havent paid much attention to the academy matters for the past few years.

Now that youve let go of it, just let them handle it.” Although Elder Meng was smiling, his words were very rude.

Yi Wenzhuos face darkened, but he could only suppress his anger.


Just spoil those people! When things develop to a state they cant handle, Ill see if they can be so righteous! 

The surroundings fell silent again.

The originally nervous atmosphere became even colder and stiffer because of Yi Wenzhuos return.

Jun Jiuqing glanced at Million Wine Mountain, and coldness flashed across his eyes.

Then, he looked up slightly at Rong Xiu in mid-air.

At this point, the golden barrier around Rong Xiu had already faded away.

His expression was calm and nonchalant.

Jun Jiuqing used his will to speak.

A mosquito-like voice gently floated into Rong Xius ears.

“Thats how you protect her”

Upon hearing this, Rong Xiu finally retracted his gaze and looked over.

The two men exchanged glances.

At that moment, it seemed like sparks flew, and the murderous intent was everywhere!

Rong Xiu squinted His eyes slightly.

Jun Jiuqings thin lips curled up into a cold smile.

“From the beginning till now, you indeed havent made any improvements at all.

Originally, I thought that with the previous experiment, you would definitely learn your lesson.

But now, it seems like Ive overestimated you.”

Even I knew to think of all sorts of methods to stop her from coming back.

As a result, I even specifically took Chu Ning away and placed him somewhere that was miles away from Ling Xiao Academy.

I did all of that because I didnt want her to come back again.

What a pity… Not only did she come back… but she has even recalled all the matters from before! The return of her God Realm is the best evidence! 

As Jun Jiuqing spoke, he coldly glanced below.

Million Wine Mountain was about to explode… The golden barrier couldnt even last for long!

Chu Liuyue, who was within, would be the first to be hit!

If something still happens to her this time, I dont believe that Rong Xiu has the ability to help her reincarnate again! 

These words were critical.

Jun Jiuqing thought that Rong Xiu would rage, but it didnt happen.

The latter just paused for a moment as if he was thinking deeply about his words.

Then, he smiled slightly.

A clear and low voice clearly entered Jun Jiuqings ears.

“Shes my woman.

Whatever she wants to do, Ill just accompany her.”

At most, shell reincarnate. 

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