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Shangguan Jing had a look of disapproval and said curtly, “Yueer, the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan has always been arrogant.

Now that theyve sent this letter, they should have malicious intentions.

If you go, you will suffer.”

In actual fact, judging from the other partys personality and working style… If Chu Liuyue really did what the letter said and went over personally, unimaginable humiliation was probably awaiting her.

He naturally couldnt bear to let her go and suffer this.

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “Ancestor, although Tuan Zi successfully broke through to become a red-gold heavenly phoenix later on, according to the rules, it has to make a trip back and acknowledge its ancestors since it has inherited this bloodline.

We previously had no time, but Tuan Zi and I had already decided to make a trip back when we were free.

Since their clan leader has already sent a letter to chase us, we should take this chance to go over.”

“I know what youre worried about.

Tuan Zi is my fiend, and I naturally wont agree to the other partys request to dissolve our agreement.

This trip is to tell them this clearly and legitimately.

If I dont go this time, they definitely wont let this slide.

Things will only become increasingly troublesome.

Chu Liuyues words made the few of them fall silent.

Actually, they knew that Chu Liuyue was stating facts.

As long as Tuan Zi was still a red-gold heavenly phoenix and followed Chu Liuyue, the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan wouldnt let this slide.

From this letter personally written by the clan leader, they could tell that they minded this matter way more than expected.

Nan Suhuai knitted his brows.

“But if you go this time, it will definitely be perilous.

Why dont… I reply to them and ask them to meet somewhere else.”

Chu Liuyue couldnt help but laugh out loud.

“Mentor, how is that consideredgoing up and apologizing”

However, Nan Suhuai didnt care as he coldly snorted.

“The ancient legendary fiends do have a distinguished status, but our Ling Xiao Academy isnt one to be trifled with.

How can we allow them to trample all over us!”

Previously, Miao Yao had directly barged into the academy and caused a huge commotion.

If not for Chu Liuyue retaliating later on and handling everything, Nan Suhuai wouldnt have let this slide.

Even now, he still had a grudge against the great phoenix dragon.

Now, it was the red-gold heavenly phoenixs turn!

It was really never-ending! It became increasingly worse!

“You can just stay in the academy.

I dont believe they will destroy the entire academy!”

Chu Liuyue knew that Nan Suhuai was thinking about her.

However, she really didnt want to give the academy more trouble at this time.

“Mentor.” Chu Liuyue paused and then said, “The academy has just experienced quite a big ordeal, and its a critical moment now.

Theres really no reason to push the academy to the limelight because of these things.”

During this period of time, she had been in an unconscious state and didnt know much about the outside world.

But as long as she thought about it, she could roughly guess it.

Million Wine Mountain was destroyed, and quite a few elders in the academy were injured.

At this point in time, Ling Xiao Academy couldnt suffer another ordeal.

Shangguan Jing thought for a moment.

“Ill accompany you.”

In this way, he could be assured to some extent.

Chu Liuyue nodded.

The other party clearly stated that they wanted to see her, but Shangguan Jing had a special identity.

Even if he followed her over, the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan couldnt say much.

This also wouldnt implicate the academy.

Nan Suhuai wanted to convince her further, but seeing Chu Liuyues persistent attitude, he couldnt help but sigh.

“Mentor, did they state the date and time” asked Chu Liuyue.

The red-gold heavenly phoenix clan had always been mysterious.

People only knew that they stayed on Godly Phoenix Mountain, but nobody knew the exact location.

Nan Suhuai boomed, “They gave you a month.

As for the location… Tuan Zi has the red-gold heavenly phoenix clans bloodline, so it naturally can find it.”

Chu Liuyue heaved a slight sigh of relief.

“Thats great.”

Time was rather sufficient.

She paused, and her expression turned solemn.

“I wonder… Where is Jun Jiuqing now I want to see him.”

“That Shangguan Yue really has nine lives,” said Yi Wenzhuo coldly as he played with the ashes in the incense pot.

A faint bitter fragrance spread throughout the air.

“Under such circumstances, she could actually survive it.” Originally, he thought that she wouldnt survive this.

“She has quite a few trump cards.

That Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed helped greatly in her survival.”

Jun Jiuqing stood behind Yi Wenzhuo.

He didnt have much of an expression and said lightly, “Youre right.”

Yi Wenzhuo paused and suddenly sneered.

“Chi Xiao Sword, Heavenly Square Cauldron, two legendary fiends… Any one of them would cause people to be filled with envy.

She alone occupied all of them.

Such luck is indeed heaven-defying; its no wonder she can summon her God Realm again and directly break through to become a true god a few years later.”

As he spoke, he turned to glance at Jun Jiuqing.

“As for you….

Back then, you originally could break through to become a true god, but you were suddenly delayed for a few years in between and cant succeed to this day.

Those people in the clan dont mock you any less in private because of this.”

He would never hide these things from Jun Jiuqing.

He wanted to let Jun Jiuqing know how cruel the world was!

If you dont become stronger, you will only be slaughtered! 

Jun Jiuqings eyelids drooped slightly.

“I know.

Ive made you worried these few years.”

“Luckily, youve already successfully broken through, so those people cant talk much anymore.” Yi Wenzhuo placed the items in his hands down.

“That Shangguan Yue does have quite a few treasures, but you have some as well.

You must carefully study the legendary weapons and techniques I gave you earlier.”


Yi Wenzhuo stared at him.

“Back then, I was the senior brother and was more experienced and capable than Nan Suhuai.

However, he eventually became the director! Now, all my hopes are pinned on you! You must beat Shangguan Yue! Ive already lost once, and I dont wish to lose again.

Do you understand”

Jun Jiuqing looked up, and his expression was nonchalant.

“I understand.”

Yi Wenzhuo gazed deeply at him for quite a while.

“Let me warn you—Rong Xiu is already ruined because of Shangguan Yue.


Knock knock! 

Before Yi Wenzhuo could finish his sentence, he suddenly heard knocks from outside.

At the same time, a cold voice sounded.

“Vice-director, Shangguan Yue is here to visit.”

“Why did she come here!” Yi Wenzhuos expression turned cold. When I was still in the academy a few years ago, Shangguan Yue rarely came over.

Now that she has suddenly come, there must be a problem! 

However, Jun Jiuqings gaze flickered. She… woke up 

Yi Wenzhuo squinted his eyes, stood up, and walked outside. I want to see what this Shangguan Yue plans on doing! 


The door opened, and Yi Wenzhuo saw Chu Liuyue—who was standing in the courtyard—instantly.

The strange thing was that there was nobody else around her.

She actually came alone.

Yi Wenzhuo sized her up and looked annoyed.

“Shangguan Yue Why are you here”

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly, and her gaze landed on the figure behind him.

“Vice-director, I came today to find Jun Jiuqing.”

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