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Yes, Im threatening you, so what

The reason she dared to come alone and negotiate with them about Tuan Zis return was that she had the biggest trump card—Tuan Zi was her legendary fiend in agreement! If her body and soul were destroyed, Tuan Zi would also meet its demise!

The opponent was strong and aloof.

She had only herself to rely on.

For this, she was willing to risk her own life directly!

“To be honest, Tuan Zi and I have known each other for a while.

We have gone through life and death many times and have long been like family.

If it cant continue to be with me in the future, then Ill definitely feel very sad about it.” Chu Liuyue caressed Tuan Zi with a sad expression.

“At that time, I might be so sad that Ill die right away.”

Upon hearing this, Tuan Zi immediately raised its head and frantically rubbed her face. If she is dead, I dont want to live anymore either!

“You! You!” Yi Zhao finally erupted out of anger and pointed his trembling finger at Chu Liuyue.

“Youre insolent!”

How dare she threaten me with death! Isnt she behaving like a hooligan! This woman is so shameless!

Having lived for thousands of years, Yi Zhaos joy and anger had always been indistinguishable.

But at this moment, he was about to be driven mad by Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue bowed slightly and said humbly, “Youre being too polite.”

No matter what, my motive for coming here today is to let Tuan Zi continue to follow me openly.

If he disagrees Then, I can only show my trump card and fight to the death. 

I wanted to talk about it at first, but the other party didnt give me a chance at all.

Since thats the case, I dont have to give them face anymore. 

He who is down needs fear no fall.

Since I only have this life as a bargaining chip, I am going all in!

In fact, there was another important reason why Chu Liuyue dared to do this—she was sure that the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan valued Tuan Zi very much and would never let it fall.

After receiving the letter from the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan, she felt something was wrong.

Her arrival here helped her to finally understand where that weird feeling came from.

With the red-gold heavenly phoenix clans strength, she wouldnt be taken seriously at all.

In their opinion, a red-gold heavenly phoenix who had already contracted with the human race should also be stained.

They didnt care even if she was from the same race and were even full of disgust for her.

However, they actually wrote a letter to Nan Suhuai, asking her to come personally to apologize and cancel the contract with Tuan Zi.

Although the letter seemed to be lofty, Chu Liuyue knew what they meant if they were willing to write this letter—the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan wanted Tuan Zi to return to them!

Having reached this point and after seeing Tuan Zi open the barrier of Godly Phoenix Mountain so easily, she felt even more confident.

She had already said all the unpleasant things, but they still had yet to kill her directly.

Wasnt it all for Tuan Zi

Therefore, even if they hated her to the core, they would never kill her!

“Shangguan Yue! Youre going overboard!” Elder Yi Gong couldnt help but cry out! I have never seen anyone dare to be so arrogant in front of us!

Chu Liuyue raised an eyebrow.

“Ive already said everything I have to say.

Instead of scolding me here, you might as well seriously consider my proposal.”

Whats done is done.

Why should I be afraid of being scolded 

Yi Gong choked, and his face turned red and white.

Chu Liuyue didnt bother to pay attention to him.

She turned her gaze slightly and looked at Yi Zhao again.

Yi Zhao was the one who had the most right to speak.

Smiling gently, she added, “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, if you dont remember what I just said, I can repeat it for you again.


Yi Zhaos eyelids twitched fiercely.

“Enough! Ive never been dizzy to such a point yet!”

Chu Liuyue obediently kept quiet.

She supported Tuan Zis butt and patted it appeasingly. Tsk, they are scaring Tuan Zi.

Cold silence ensued in the hall.

The two parties entered a stalemate.

After a while, Chu Liuyue pinned her stray hair behind her ears, and her red lips slightly parted.

“Clan leader Yi Zhao, can we renegotiate now”

Time slowly trickled past.

Everyone who gathered together outside Godly Phoenix Hall gradually became restless at this time.

“Shangguan Yue has been inside for a long time, right Why hasnt there been any movement until now”

Although they were outside and couldnt see the situation inside… When Chu Liuyue crossed over and was brought directly into Godly Phoenix Hall, the Heaven and Earth Force within Godly Phoenix Halls radius fluctuated.

So although they didnt see anyone, nor did they see the red-gold heavenly phoenixes, they knew they were already here.

“Thats right.

Didnt they just ask the woman to come over to apologize and then terminate the contract This shouldnt take long, right”

“Its hard to say.

Who knows how long it will take to terminate the contract We dont have much experience, do we”

“With the clan leader and several elders here, it stands to reason that it wont be too difficult, right Could there be something else, or… Is it that Shangguan Yue disagrees”

“Tsk, so what if she disagrees What else can she do”

“Hmm… Ive heard that Shangguan Yue is quite capable.

Miao Yao of the great phoenix dragon clan had chased her down at Ling Xiao Academy before, but he still returned disappointedly in the end! Im thinking that this woman really has a few tricks up her sleeves…”

“Hmph, Miao Yao was too arrogant and only suffered a loss because he didnt check properly.

How can the clan leader and the elders be like him Besides, Shangguan Yue is now in the territory of our red-gold heavenly phoenix clan!”

How could the noble Godly Phoenix Mountain allow her to misbehave as a mere human god!

“Sigh, but I just heard that the new red-gold heavenly phoenixs bloodline power seems to be good Otherwise, the clan leader wouldnt be willing to spend so much effort to summon her back.”

“Youre right.

The ancestral ceremony is about to take place, and the clan leader summoned her at this time… Does it really have a deeper meaning”

“Its a bit early to say that, right It hasnt officially tested its talent yet, has it Anyway, the ancestral ceremony will clear everything up.”

Yi Ran on the side frowned upon hearing their conversation.

He raised his gaze slightly and looked at Godly Phoenix Hall. It is just a lowly existence that suddenly broke through from a Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant.

How could it be worth the trouble of the clan leader and the elders

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