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Inside Godly Phoenix Hall, the atmosphere became colder and stagnant.

Yi Zhao stared at Chu Liuyue coldly and smiled angrily.

“The human race is really treacherous and cunning.”

For thousands of years, the nature of the human race has never changed!

Chu Liuyue didnt care about this kind of thing at all. If I didnt scheme, I wouldve already been stepped all over.

How could I be standing here and talking Therefore, I have the right to assume that the other party is praising my intelligence.

She said with a smile, “You flatter me.

In fact, I did this so that I could continue to let Tuan Zi be with me.

I know this matter is very difficult for you and the entire red-gold heavenly phoenix clan to accept.

Therefore, as long as youre willing not to terminate the contract and let Tuan Zi recognize its ancestors and return to its sect, Im willing to go through fire and water to do whatever you want.”

Chu Liuyue was very sincere.

This was originally the main purpose of her trip.

Yi Zhao stared at her for a while, then sneered.

“If you really want to do good for it, you should automatically terminate the contract.

Its a red-gold heavenly phoenix, a noble and powerful ancient legendary fiend! Dont you know that youll only drag it down!”

The strength of a legendary fiend in agreement was closely related to the owner.

If the owner was a good-for-nothing, then even if the fiend was an ancient legendary fiend, its combat effectiveness would be greatly limited.

“The red-gold heavenly phoenix clan generally has a lifespan of thousands of years.

If the bloodline power is strong and pure, it is even more unpredictable.

However, the human race… Even a god can only live for a few hundred years.

When you die, do you want it to fall with you” The look in Yi Zhaos eyes when he gazed at Chu Liuyue was unabashedly sarcastic.

“You say that it is for its good, but in fact, it is just for your own selfish desires!”

Every word and sentence was like a heavy stone falling! It was overwhelming and made people breathless!

After listening to him, the smile on Chu Liuyues face gradually dissipated.

She narrowed her eyes slightly, then raised her head and asked, “How can you be sure that Ill only be a burden to Tuan Zi”

Above the womans beautiful and refined face was a thin layer of frost, exuding an awe-inspiring cold air.

“It seems that you dont know me very well, so Im here to formally introduce myself to you.

I—Shangguan Yue—am a disciple of Nan Suhuai, who is the dean of Ling Xiao Academy.

I am also the descendant of Shangguan Jing—a supreme Armory Refinement Master—and the Sky-Cloud Empires Princess Consort! Of course, I know that none of these identities can enter your eyes, but you wont know what it means to have these backgrounds.”

Chu Liuyues eyebrows were stained with a bit of coldness and pride.

It was the pride in her bones, and it was also based on the confidence of her own strength!

“Ive just broken through to become a true god.

At the same time, Im already a King Xuan Master and a Physician.

Oh, other than that, Im also an Armory Refinement Master.

The Chi Xiao Swords sword soul was even refined by me personally.” Her tone was calm, and her voice was as clear as jade hitting each other.

Speaking of this, she suddenly smiled.

“Most importantly, Im only 17 years old.

Do you really think that Ill only be where I am now for the rest of my life”

Yi Zhao was dumbfounded for a while, but he didnt know how to refute her.

With the words Shangguan Yue just said… Even if he didnt look up to the human race, he knew that she was definitely already the best among the human race!

After a while, he finally spoke with a deep voice.

“Fine! Since youre so confident in yourself, then… Ill give you a chance!”

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